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Fall tablescape and dining décor

Fall tablescape and dining décor

I’m totally ready for fall time, but not fall weather. Fall sweaters and cute boots, yes! Fall rain, wind, and dark skies, nope. And while I love and admire fall décor, I rarely get into myself. However, at a recent visit to my favorite local farm, Bauman’s Farm and Garden, I was inspired when I saw their mini pumpkins and gords. I decided to challenge myself to do some fall decorating using décor I already have – and only the allowance to buy pumpkins (oh, and some candy corn). I’m very happy with the results – the girls love it – and I hope you’re inspired to get creative in decorating with what you have on hand.

I removed some decor, especially pieces with a summery-vibe, but I left most. Then I started searching around the house for things that could hold pumpkins or that looked fall-ish.

I actually had a lot of fun making pom poms for the seat cushions and bookcase garland.
Even though they take forever, they’re so easy to do while watching TV.
When I created the bohemian pallet headboard, I had extra wood leftover.
I decided to make a long wood crate for the tabletop arrangement.

I used a plaid blanket scarf for a tablecloth which is perfect because it’s not scarf weather yet, and it looks great on the table. And it’s so easy to push out of the way when we eat dinner.

I moved my thankful laser-cut sign and it cracked when I was moving stuff around.
Such a bummer, but it was cute here while it lasted.

I gathered some greenery and arranged it in my galvanized bucket – I could have also stacked and balanced a few pumpkins on it.

After I decorated my mantel, I moved the galvanized cubbies
over here and changed up the look.
I’m really enjoying having this area decorated – especially since the kitchen has no fall vibes, and the mantel is still coming together.

It doesn’t have to cost a lot or even anything if you get creative and use nature as an inspiration. Large dried leaves and branches can create beautiful fall décor – you can also use your hydrangeas since they’re changing color!

I may try growing our own pumpkins next year! I think it would be fun for the girls to pick out their own pumpkin from our very own patch.

If you haven’t started your fall time decorating yet – I hope these ideas give you some inspiration when you’re ready (you can also Pin my pics for future inspiration). Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you’ll subscribe and stay connected!

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