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Windowing covering hacks

3 easy window covering hacks

Windowing covering hacks

If you have window coverings, then this post is for you. If you don’t have window coverings, this post is also for you. And if you’re wondering if you should add window coverings to your windows, the answer is YES! Window treatments can be expensive, but they don’t have to be. And if you have beautiful window coverings but opening and closing them drives you nuts because they catch on the curtain rod, you’re going to love my last hack.

Hack number one comes in handy if you’re curtains are too short or if you don’t sew. Sometimes there are great reasons to hang on the shorter side, but if you don’t want highwater curtains then this hack may add just enough length for you. Instead of hanging the curtains from the tabs, grommets, or casing, you can add clip rings to any curtain. The great thing about clip rings is that they can also transform all kinds of fabric into curtains. Fabric by the yard, tablecloths, shower curtains, etc. can easily be transformed into no-sew curtains using these clip rings. I think it looks best to match clip rings to the finish of the curtain rod. Amazon is a great place to find the finish and size for your needs. Just make sure the ring is a bit larger than your curtain rod and that you get enough rings.

brass clip ring window covering hacks
window covering hack 1

Hack number two is perfect for those of you who don’t want to drill holes into your window molding. If you love the warm and cozy look of bamboo shades but don’t want the hassle of a traditional installation, you will love this option. I found these no-drill light-filtering bamboo shades on Amazon, and I love that the size is customized to fit your windows and they have so many color options. (You can also buy these with a drill and bracket option as well.) After removing our 2-inch blinds in our dining room, I added these no-drill bamboo shades, and they are stunning. I love the warmth and texture that these cordless pull-down shades offer. There are many color options, but I selected brown-206 and it’s a lovely medium neutral brown. The easy no-drill installation covered the existing holes from the blinds and if the next owners of our home want the blinds back, no problem – it’s an easy swap. (P.S. We’re not moving any time soon.) These bamboo shades aren’t cheap, but the no-drill install, and customizable size options made it worth it for me.

no drill bamboo custom shades
custom no drill bamboo shades

Hack number three is a new hack, for me and I’ve been putting it everywhere. Well, not literally everywhere, but on every curtain rod in our home. A friend recently told me about a wax paper hack which involves rubbing wax paper along the top of curtain rods to help the rings slide over, but my problem is beyond wax paper. The transition between the inner and outer rods is just too abrupt so I was thrilled when I found this glide tape. It comes in various colors, but I prefer the clear and it works so well that I’m sharing it with anyone who cares to know. You’ll want to use a longer piece to keep a smooth transition for sliding the rings – don’t just use a small piece across the rod transition. You can check out my video here. It’s funny how fixing this irritation makes me so happy! And it removes very easily without leaving residue.

curtain rod glide tape
window covering hack 3

I’m positive there are many other window covering hacks out there – there are some super creative and helpful ideas out there. These three hacks are ones that I’ve personally found helpful and I’m so happy to be sharing them with you. Feel free to contact me with your window covering questions and dilemmas. Thanks for checking out this post – I hope it was helpful.

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