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Large Affordable Vintage Art Print

enlarged vintage art print on fabric

Large Affordable Vintage Art Print

When it comes to decorating my walls, I change my mind a lot. This is a two-fold issue; I love changing up decor and I like a lot of different looks. So, this means I’m always looking for inspiration for my large living room wall, as it seems to be the more challenging one to decorate. I’m also keeping my eye out for affordable ways to print digital vintage artwork. I have a few favorite Etsy shops that have gorgeous vintage digital prints, often on sale, but if you just do a search on Etsy, you can find specifically what you like.

There’s a website called and I’ve used the site for other purposes over the years, never even knowing they offered adhesive backed fabric prints. That’s right, they print your image onto a thin polyester fabric with an adhesive backing. The website calls it a wall decal and you can specify and customize the size. The biggest advantage to this product is the texture and sheen. While it’s lacking the dimension that real artwork has, it doesn’t have the glare that a paper poster print would have, and the fabric gives it a nice canvas like texture.

The wall decal will come rolled up like a poster, and the fabric is flexible but not flimsy. I thought the adhesive might be stickier, but it’s sticky enough and the fabric can be repositioned. My open vintage frame doesn’t have a back, which was one reason I got such a great deal on it, but the opening is 2′ x 4′ which is a standard size for pre-cut plywood. I just peeled off the backing of the wall decal and lined it up over the plywood and rubbed out any bubbles. Then to keep the plywood in the frame, I added some of these picture frame backing clips to the frame. Just predrill and add screws to the clips.

I created a short video to show you the simple process, but it’s a great way to see how the wall decal handles and works before you have to install one yourself. There are a lot of ways to use digital vintage art, and now that I’ve found this fabric printing method, I’m convinced that it’s my favorite – for the look and price. I think I will look for a vintage spring image to print for the backside of the plywood – the plywood backing can just be turned over to reveal a new art print.

Thanks so much for checking out my latest project. It’s not only easy to do, but affordable, and the look is amazing. PS, I know the frame isn’t centered – it’s driving me nuts – and I’m not sure how it happened since I found the middle of the frame to line it up… I must have overlooked centering when I was focused on making it level. Once I get a minute, I’ll fix it.

If you like my particular digital vintage print, you can find it here as long as the shop stocks it. If you love DIY and decorating ideas and inspiration, be sure to sign up for my free email to get weekly updates.

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