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Bohemian Inspired Jewelry Display

Bohemian Inspired Jewelry Display

The whole concept of doing the bohemian style master bedroom was inspired by this pin. I took one look at this pin and knew I could create it. I also knew that driftwood jewelry displays would look amazing in this master bedroom boho design. It would be incredibly functional, not to mention, wall art as well.

When you live in the Pacific Northwest and have the coast just an hour away, there is no need to buy driftwood. A walk on the beach can score almost anything you’re after. A friend, and fellow blogger, offered to grab some pieces of driftwood for the project and she selected perfect sticks. Then I ordered ¾ inch bronze hooks from Amazon, and used some twine I already had.

Driftwood is a softer wood, but I still had to predrill holes for each teacup screw. I marked each hole, keeping a uniform 1-inch space between each hook. The ¾ inch hooks were long enough that I never needed to use wood glue to secure a screw, but that is an option to consider if the driftwood is too soft or you over drill.

I’m not going to lie, this DIY project was incredibly easy and even fun, but it took some time. If you don’t have the tools, time, or driftwood, you can also buy a few of these beauties to grace your bohemian inspired bedroom.

I love how the nature-inspired jewelry holders look with this jewelry collection! It definitely catches your eye when you enter the room. What do you use to store or display your jewelry?

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