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Bohemian Plant Shelf

Bohemian Plant Shelf

I have to start out with a confession – I’m horrible at keeping plants alive. I’m pretty good with people and animals, but not so much with plants. I’ve read blog tips, re-potted them, changed the lighting, less water, more water, plant food, and used correct soil to no avail.

Actually, the only luck I’ve had is with succulents. Not only have I kept my succulents alive, but they’re growing! However, aside from my recent succulent luck, I am often drawn to the aisle of faux plant life. Dusting them is another issue, but they don’t die on me.

Three generations of wedding photos. Such amazing heirlooms to display.

There are a few consistent elements in each bohemian inspired room I’ve seen, and one of those is plants. I can’t say I’ve seen a successful bohemian room pulled off without at least one plant. And plants are not only lovely, but they clean our air, and just make a room come to life.

One of the looks that I just adore is when a long shelf is used above a bed, desk, dresser, and is layered with plants and other doo-dads. All types of plants are used and I love them all. I also found this simple wall art that is inspirational, simple, and looks great with the entire room design.

This canvas is from Small Woods – beautiful and high quality printing.

Since I used a macramé wall hanging as our focal point over the bed, I decided to install this IKEA shelf above the vintage industrial desk. The shelf looks great anchored by the desk and the plants add life and color to this functional corner of the room. Faux plants were the only option because they don’t need sunlight.

The shelf fits perfectly above the desk.

We went with IKEA natural wood brackets and a white shelf. This shelf was perfect because of the extra-long length, it’s affordability, and the contrasting tones of white and natural wood. I found some more lovely shelves to inspire you!

Plant baskets – Amazon
Faux plants – Amazon
Shelving – IKEA

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