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Macrame Wall Hanging – creating a bohemian bedroom

Macrame Wall Hanging – creating a bohemian bedroom

There is definitely something special about the trending bohemian style, and I had the opportunity to redecorate a master bedroom with boho flare. I especially love how this style can be done in all neutrals or with bright and bold colors – it’s incredibly versatile.

I think one of the main things that elevates a well-designed room is when there is something unconventional, handmade, or repurposed. Anything unique can really bring a look together.

In this master bedroom design, I wanted an amazing focal point above the bed. So, I took a shot at macramé. This is sort of crazy to me because I can remember being very young (like 5 years old) watching my mom make macramé plant holders. Oh, and when I was in middle school and hemp bracelets were popular, she taught me a few knots so that I could make bracelets for my friends. And here I am, at it again!

I’m one of those people who looks at something and thinks, “Can I just make it myself?” So, when I found several beautiful Pinterest pins with macramé wall hangings over beds, I knew I could do it, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to. I quickly came to a decision after finding out that large macramé wall hangings can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to well over a thousand dollars – and worth every penny for the time involved. I knew that I had to at least try to make one myself. has some awesome shops that sell macramé patterns for us DIYers. It didn’t take much searching before I found a pattern that was perfect. Macrame cord can be found on Amazon, Etsy, or craft stores. My pattern called for 4 ply cord and I didn’t want to wait for shipping so I found some at Hobby Lobby. I debated on whether to use a branch, dowel, copper tube or something else for the anchor, but ultimately went with a branch because when I drove past this fallen branch, it looked just right. It ended up being the perfect length, color, size, and it was free. The real branch not only adds an organic element to the room, but it ties in with the driftwood jewelry holders I made (coming soon).

By Home Vibes Macrame

My big mistake was changing the shape of the anchor or “U line”. Therefore, my biggest tip is to follow the instructions exactly, at least the first time through. I was able to work with my mistake, but it added more time and a third spool of cord. The cool thing about macramé is that after you learn several knots, it’s fairly easy to experiment a little and create variations. I don’t think I could ever design patterns, but I added a few simple additions to make my overall design work. I originally tried to double the pattern thinking it would make the entire piece twice as wide, but that line of thinking doesn’t work with macramé or at least with this design. So, stick to the pattern and you’ll get the expected results.

We draped a small macrame bunting across these curtains because they don’t get opened.
I really like how it ties in and brightens up this area. These dressers will be getting a makeover too – stay tuned!

I think it turned out pretty great and it’s a one of a kind! Have you tried macramé or are you interested in trying it? There are a lot of pieces you can buy, but if you’re up for it – it’s a really easy DIY craft that can even be relaxing.

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