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The worst decorating mistakes and how to fix them – floors

The worst decorating mistakes and how to fix them – floors

This post is part three of a five-part series to point out the worst decorating mistakes and how to fix them – floors. So far we’ve covered furniture and wall mistakes, and now it’s time to give some attention to the floor.

Keep in mind that I have made most, if not all, of these mistakes at some time or another so don’t feel embarrassed or frustrated – these are common and sometimes understandable mistakes. Most of these decorating mistakes are made because you just didn’t know, you didn’t care, you couldn’t afford to change it, or maybe you liked it regardless of decorating rules-of-thumb.

My hope is that you will be open to considering some of the fixes or at least you’ll know what’s been bugging you about the room and you can fix it if you want, anytime you want to.

The purpose of this post is to help you achieve your decorating goals, layer by layer. Each part in the series is independent from the others. Design is done in layers, you can address your room one layer at a time.

I should also note, that this isn’t an exhaustive list of decorating mistakes, and they’re largely recognized and agreed upon on by the design community – so don’t shoot the messenger. And if you have a decorating dilemma or question, please email me directly or leave me a comment below – maybe your question can help others.

The worst decorating mistakes and how to fix them – floors

The most common mistake people make when choosing a rug for their space is selecting the correct size. If the rug is too small it can be a tripping hazard, look strange, and contributes to the room looking unbalanced. An easy fix is moving the too small rug to a smaller space. Chances are, no rug looks better than one that’s too small.

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I totally get it, rugs can be really expensive and sometimes the next size up costs a fortune compared to the smaller sizes. In a world where your budget has no limits, ideally, all legs of your furniture should be on the area rug. But if you’re like me and that isn’t possible, select a rug large enough to have the front legs of most of the furniture placed on top of the rug, or for a modern look consider layering rugs. This info graphic illustrates what size to use in living areas and bedrooms (green rug pics) and what not to do (red rug pics).

In design, rugs are used to join colors and patterns used in the other furnishings, art, and accessories in the room. That doesn’t mean a rug can’t make statement, but it shouldn’t compete against the style in the room. Make sure the colors and pattern of your rug compliment and join the entirety of the space instead of looking like it belongs in a different space completely.

This post contains affiliate links – I may receive a small commission if you shop these items. Thanks for your consideration.

Mixing patterns is fun, so when you add a patterned rug to your space, note the size of the pattern in comparison to the pattern sizes of other pieces like curtains, pillows, art, and furnishings. If the room is full of tiny patterns, consider a rug with a larger pattern and complimentary colors. If the room is full of larger or neutral patterns, consider a rug with a smaller pattern. Balancing pattern size, style, and colors can be tricky, but can also create a gorgeous room.

The worst decorating mistakes and how to fix them - floors
804 Sycamore

Messy tangled cords

My husband is a tech guy and his desk has four large monitors. Yes, I said four! It looks like a scene from the Matrix, but it’s necessary for the work he does. Now, you know what kind of mess can come from one monitor and a PC, but can you imagine four monitors and a monstrous PC that weighs over 100 lbs.? It’s a beast, both the PC and mess of cords.

Luckily, there are so many solutions (especially on Amazon) to contain, organize, sort, and hide electronic cords. A mess of tangled cords isn’t just bad for the design in your room, but there will come a time when that mess gets in your way or collects huge dust bunnies and you’ll wish you would have sorted it out from the start. And for all those TVs mounted on the wall, you can hide those cords as well with cord covers.

Flooring makeover ideas & inspiration

Rug size and messy cords are the two main and worst decorating mistakes for the floor. Don’t forget to have fun when selecting a rug, just make sure that when you spend the money for a new rug, that you select a size that fits the room and has colors and a pattern to complete your overall design. Now, check out these inspirational DIY floor makeovers.

Noting Grace installed wood plank looking luxury vinyl in their moisture-dense basement. Doesn’t it look like real wood? It looks so beautiful and her blog explains how they did it.
Life on Virginia Street used luxury vinyl that looks like real tile in her rental home renovation. Such an affordable and beautiful flooring solution!
Cedar Lane Farmhouse shows us how to add thin-brick flooring to her laundry and powder room. Brick is so charming and achievable with this thin style.
Iron Orchid Designs shows us how to stamp this gorgeous mosaic print onto plain white floor tiles. These stamps work on tile back splash too!
Lolly Jane shows us how to stencil a concrete front porch. What a charming welcome!
Liz Marie and Jose show us how to paint this gorgeous checkered design on their wood plank floors. What a beautiful large neutral pattern.
Halstrom Home finds success using awesome chalk paint on this wood floor. It’s so quaint!
1915 House paints gorgeous gray stripes over hideous linoleum. She gives detailed instructions for this amazing transformation.

804 Sycamore E-design

You can look forward to even more decorating mistakes coming up. In this series I cover; furniture, walls, floors, lighting and accessories, and design planning. Planning out your design not only saves you a headache, but it can usually save you money as well. If the thought of coordinating pieces to create a style, as well as selecting all the pieces to fit your budget stresses you out, you may consider 804 Sycamore E-design.

My clients take a short online design survey, chat on the phone with me, measure their room, snap a few photos of the room, and then sit back while I work on a design. Clients will receive:

  • A final design board (up to 3 rounds of changes are included)
  • A list of items and links to purchase at your convenience
  • A room layout design to set it up like a pro
  • Detailed instructions for all the finishing touches within the space
  • Communication with me throughout the process

E-design is easily the most affordable option to get professional design help. 804 Sycamore specializes in fresh and timeless design to create a welcoming modern farmhouse. If your style is antique Victorian, then I’m probably not the best fit. If you’re signed up to receive my weekly email, you will get the coupon code for $100 off any E-design package.

Decorating mistakes series

Thank you so much for reading part three of the worst decorating mistakes series! I hope it was helpful and inspiring. We all make mistakes now and then, and we’re all learning – I hope you’re energized with some ways to fix your decorating mistake so that you feel confident about your room design and layout.

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