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Halloween Home Tour

Living room Halloween design with dozens of black birds and a creepy tree

Halloween Home Tour

For those of you out there who LOVE Halloween, I understand. For those of you who could take it or leave it, I understand. Growing up, Halloween was always a big deal because it was my mom’s birthday and she LOVED it. I, on the other hand, was shy and loathed attention, so dressing up was only a means to free candy. And Halloween decorating wasn’t really my thing either because it seemed counter to my style. Now, I decorate because my kids enjoy it, and I’m a blogger so it’s sort of part of the gig! Instead of just going with the typical and obvious Halloween decorating, I found things I enjoyed (except for the spiders) and used them to create a creepy vibe for the fall season. This year, my Halloween decor theme is creepy critters.

birds on bookcase
coffee table with candle centerpiece and Halloween pillows on sofa
more black birds on bookshelves
side chairs with Halloween pillows, branch with more black birds
bookshelf decor with bird prints in photo frames

This is probably the shortest blog post ever, but it’s a busy week with things going on and Quinn turns nine so I want to be able to focus on her. I almost didn’t decorate this year but hosting a dinner/game night gave me the excuse I needed to jump on the Halloween decorating train. I admit, it doesn’t take much to get me to decorate. And I still haven’t added the cobwebs to the entryway, but I hope you can imagine it when you see the photos at the end. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to watch the process, I’m sure it will be cringy. Anyway, the creepy critters theme started when asked me to collaborate and I said yes, I’ll take as many black birds as you will give me. Then the living room turned into my version of The Birds by Hitchcock. A recent summer storm also broke off an awesome dead branch from our dead oak tree and with a little cement I created my own dead tree to go up in the living room. A little Spanish moss added so much to the look and it’s my favorite room this year.

kitchen hook with framed owl print and black twiggy wreath
bakers rack with creepy vintage photos, paper bats, and a spider
close up of black and white vintage print with spider on frame and bats
Another close up of cutting boards, vintage art, and bats on the baker's rack

Its fairly obvious which creepy Halloween critter is represented in each space, except for the kitchen. The kitchen isn’t usually a place I add much seasonal decor to because it’s already a pain to clean every day, so I don’t like adding more dust collectors. But with my new vent hood cover giving me a nice place to display a few pieces, I updated the framed print to a vintage wise owl as well as a fake black twiggy wreath. It’s simple and ties in with the birds across from the kitchen. I could have used more black birds in this space as well, but I guess I’m just not that committed.

dining room window with black butterflies all over wall

The dining room is the party space for our dinner/game night with friends (who are also dressing up)! I will be sharing a blog post about this dinner party, and I can’t wait to see how the couples dress up. The decor is simple for the dining space with black butterflies swarming in from the windows. I propped up my Man in the Moon artwork, and I can’t wait to decorate the tables with a simple centerpiece. After Quinn’s birthday celebration, I feel like I can focus more on the dinner party and finish up the last to-dos on the list. I do love the butterflies though, there are 120 of them, but I can imagine having even more for a bigger impact!

Focal point of the dining room with a gilt mirror, man in the moon art, shutters, corn husk arrangement, lamps and more black butterflies
black butterflies around window and down the wall. Creepy black cloth as a makeshift curtain

For the record, I know that Halloween can be offensive for some but it’s my intent to glorify God in all I say and do, which includes my decorating. I’m sure my creepy critters aren’t offensive or displeasing to God or I wouldn’t do it. While Halloween has Pagen roots, so does Christmas and many other days we call holidays, but as a follower of Christ, I enjoy the community coming together to have fun, dressing up and being imaginative, and it’s a joy to give out candy to kids (young and old). This can be done any day, not just Halloween and it would have the same meaning for me. Anyway, that’s where I’m at with Halloween. Thanks for checking out this post. I hope you enjoyed the photos and my creepy critters. P.S. The cobwebs are coming soon to the entryway, stay tuned on Instagram!

huge spider on wall in the entryway
rolling cart in entryway with books, viney plants, spiders
inside the entryway, two out of the three huge spiders climbing on the walls

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