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Easy ways to decorate with plants

Easy ways to decorate with plants

Easy ways to decorate with plants

I think every room should have some plant life, real or artificial – so I’m going to share some easy ways to decorate with plants. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a plant-lady or a green thumb. I planted my first garden at age 40, so I’m no expert. But faux plants are another story entirely – I have decorated with them forever and love them. I don’t even care that some need dusting because the life they add to a room is worth it.

Easy ways to decorate with plants
These little domes can cover plants to create mini terrariums.

Easy ways to decorate with plants

Like I said, I’m no green thumb, but I do have some real plants that have lived on in spite of my novice skills. I think their survival is purely based on the fact that they only require watering once a week, year round. And even though I can handle the watering schedule of a few real plants, I don’t want to deal with too many real plants, but I want plant life in every room. Luckily, these days so many stores, online and brick and mortar alike, carry faux plants for decorating that it’s never been easier to find a real looking plant to spruce up your style.

I love how this one drapes past the shelf.

Keep in mind that I move decor around all the time, sometimes daily, but I walked around and snapped some photos of where and how I have displayed some real and fake plants. I’d like to point out that the planters are different colors, materials, sizes, etc. but they’re all neutral so that I can use them anywhere all year long. I hope you find some plant-decorating inspiration:

Loving the Boston fern from Target on my island!

My succulents are still going strong in the kitchen.

Even kids rooms need a little greenery.

I love to set faux plants inside other containers to change the look and have layers.

Faux plants work especially well in rooms without windows.

Fresh clippings from Trader Joe’s

Use all the same color pots for a modern look.

Spruced up the faux library with faux plants.

More inspiration decorating with plants

There are a lot of great ways to display plants and decorate with them. There are some fun diy projects to decorate with plants and some very affordable fake plants and planters to help get you started or to get ready for some spring decorating:

Photo credit unknown

Maiden hair fern from Target

Plant stand from IKEA

Ranuculous potted flower from IKEA

Little greenhouse from IKEA

Lined plant basket from IKEA

Belly basket from Amazon

More resources:

As we head into spring, I hope you’re inspired to cut some fresh clippings from your blooming trees, plants, and flowers – or to find some faux plants to add life to any room! As always, thank you so much for reading. I love hearing your comments (scroll down and leave a note) and seeing your follows on Facebook and Instagram. And thank you for spreading the word – sharing is caring!

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