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How to make easy succulent arrangements

How to make easy succulent arrangements

I LOVE PLANTS – real ones, fake ones, paper ones, fabric ones… you get the picture! Unfortunately, the green thumb gene totally skipped me (although, my dad could be a master gardener). I have always struggled with keeping plants alive, but I’ve certainly given it my best over the years. Having real plants around your home doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Succulents are hearty, lovely, affordable, and easy to keep alive! And they regenerate if your sweet 4 year old picks them so that her stuffies have food.

Gather your supplies:

Succulents (little starters or larger ones to get cuts from)


A chopstick or popsicle stick

Succulent/cactus potting soil

A planter with drainage

Latex gloves (optional)

Now let’s get planting!

  1. Fill the planter with cactus potting soil making sure to pack the dirt firmly and leave room at the top for your plants.
  2. Starter succulents: Carefully remove any starters from the plastic and place them in the planter, pressing them in firmly. Succulents like to be crowded and in tight surroundings.
  3. Clipped succulents: If you have large succulents, use your scissors to clip a branch from one of them. You will need to remove several leaves from the stem so that you can place the stem deeply enough in the dirt. When succulent leaves sit on dirt, they rot and die. Use the chopstick to poke a hole in the dirt, then place the stem into the hole, and pack it in tightly. You may also need to use the chopstick to help press the soil down firmly around the stem.
    Pro tip: Find succulents with large and sturdy stems. Flexible and narrow stems are more difficult to plant and take root.
  4. Once all your starters and clippings are planted, add any extra dirt to the top and really pack it in. Be careful to not overfill because during watering it will spill over if too full. When you’re done, place the wooden chopstick into the planter until it reaches the bottom. You will need to water your succulent when the wood chopstick is completely dry. You can use a Popsicle stick or anything wood.
  5. Most succulents are happy with one weekly watering and plenty of indirect sunlight.


  • Cactus potting soil works best because it drains best.
  • Don’t over or under water. It’s better to under water at first to see how often your succulent variety will need water.
  • Remove dead leaves asap.
  • If you leave a succulent in its original soil and container, it may do great. But if not, just replant and give it time – they’re pretty resilient.

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This vintage wooden shoe from France was found at an estate sale. The original owners wrote information about it on the bottom. I just drilled a few holes for drainage and love how my wooden shoe got re-purposed as a planter~

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