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How to create an easy arrangement

How to create an easy arrangement

How to create an easy arrangement

This tropical floral arrangement was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers. Kristine runs The Painted Hive from Australia, and I love her DIY projects and decorating inspiration! Kristine put together a lovely bedside flower arrangement using real gumtree stems and a few faux floral stems. I’m not usually drawn to exotic or tropical flowers, but these florals are so romantic and energizing. Scroll down how to create an easy arrangement, step by step.

Here is the original arrangement by The Painted Hive
that inspired my version of this floral arrangement.

After I created this quick and easy floral arrangement, I instantly knew it needed to go on my nightstand. It’s colorful, vibrant, energizing, and will never die! I love waking up to this beauty – and the cement planter was on sale at TJ Maxx for $5.99!

How to create an easy arrangement

How to create an easy arrangement

I used a small cement flower pot and filled it with floral foam. I started with the largest flower and placed it slightly off-center and angled to the left.

Then I placed the second largest flower right next to the first flower, slightly angled to the right. I made sure the flowers were touching and not the same height.

And finally, I placed the third flower, front and center, angled as well. All three flowers are touching and are at varying heights. These three faux flowers are the focal point of this arrangement.

The next step is to add the faux gumtree stems and greenery. These stems frame the focal point flowers, fill up blank space, and add a wild sort of vibe to the arrangement that parallels the flowers.

I used various greenery to fill in the blank space and a lambs ear stem was used in the center to break up the flowers and add a softness to the entire look

At last, I added these cool seed pod looking stems in between the flowers. I think they add interest, texture, and a tropical look.

I love arranging flowers, real and artificial – for more inspiration, check out these other arrangements that I put together.

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How to create an easy arrangement

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