Stunning Flush Mount Lights Under $100

Stunning Flush Mount Lights Under $100


The boob light

There was a time when the dreadful boob light was the newest thing, and they were installed everywhere because they were modern and cheap. However, if a boob-shaped light on your ceiling bugs you, there are several stunning flush mount lights under $100 that you can select to update your home. Builders used the ‘boob’, homeowners used them in their remodels, and no one thought twice about the boob on their ceiling. But, I propose it’s time to rethink your flush mount lights and add style to the rooms in your home!

Jeremy and I have owned three homes. Our first home was a charming cottage-style home that was eighty-year-old. The previous owners did some updates to the home, but not in our style. This fixer-upper proved to be a great first home even though it took us two years to gut and replace the kitchen. We ate a lot of cereal and sandwiches during that time. Our next home was a new builder-grade home that we enjoyed making some cosmetic updates to. Both homes were very different, but they both had the awful boob ceiling lights in the bedrooms. Our third home was a complete custom build, even down to the floor plan. Needless to say, there were no boobs on any of our ceilings.

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The thing that I’ve come to learn about lighting is just how important it is! And not only because it serves a crucial function, but it also offers an aesthetic element to compliment your style. Lighting alone can define the style of a home. The finish of lighting can also age a home – cue the polished brass chandeliers from the 1980’s. Interior designers know how important light fixtures are, and that is why it’s important to give thought to all the lighting in a room’s design. I don’t believe that all lighting needs to match, but I will always coordinate lighting fixtures throughout a home because I specialize in creating fresh and timeless spaces (not theme rooms).

(This post contains affiliate links – I may receive a small commission if you shop these items. Thanks for your consideration.)

In the current home we’re building, we are extremely limited on what we can change during the building process. For example, we are allowed to select a lighting package, and there are about five packages to choose from. We selected our first choice knowing that over time we will be replacing fixtures that will work with our style. So even if your home is new, you can still plan on updating lighting fixtures over time to fit your taste.

Stunning Flush Mount Lights Under $100

(This post contains affiliate links – I may receive a small commission if you shop these items. Thanks for your consideration.)
  1. Amazon $31.99
  2. Amazon $99.99
  3. Lowe’s $59.50
  4. Wayfair $72.99
  5. Amazon $59.99
  6. Lowe’s $66.90
  7. Amazon $96.99
  8. CB2 $59.99
  9. Wayfair $89.99
  10. Amazon $48.99
  11. Lowe’s $98.04
  12. Amazon $83.99
  13. Wayfair $91.79
  14. Amazon $42.71
  15. Amazon $69.99

If you research flush mount lights under $100, you will find hundreds of styles to choose from. I have selected a handful of fresh and timeless flush mount lights that will compliment any modern farmhouse style as well as other modern and traditional styled homes. The flush mount lights shown here have brushed brass, bronze, or black finishes, but some of the styles come in other finishes as well (brushed nickel and white). There are so many options to compliment your home!

(This post contains affiliate links – I may receive a small commission if you shop these items. Thanks for your consideration.)

I hope my list of stunning flush mount lights under $100 inspires you and gets you thinking about some ceiling lights to update in the future. Lighting can make all the difference, and it’s one of the important layers in room design. If you haven’t subscribed to the 804 Sycamore community, I’d love for you to join us!

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