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Amazing Bedroom Book Wall

Amazing Bedroom Book Wall

Amazing Bedroom Book Wall

We have been in our home for about three months, and I finally decided where to install a book wall. Our bedroom was the perfect place because I’m the main reader and book lover in the family, and the old worn pages look pretty great with our bedroom furniture. I like keeping our room neutral and calm, but for each season I change up the bedding. Seasonal bedding makes sense for the weather changes, but it’s also a nice way to refresh a room and enjoy new colors, patterns, and textures. It’s even easier to just switch up the bedding when the rest of the room is neutral and can flow with various looks. My book wall decor was so much fun to install, and I love the detail and whimsey it adds to our space. The best part is that it’s not a permanent fixture and when removed it won’t damage the walls.

To start, I like to get an assortment of book pages – various sizes, various ages, various fonts – from Etsy sellers. I also have some old books I got at a rummage sale that I tear pages from. I have also gotten vintage books from Etsy as well as local vintage shops. It usually doesn’t matter if the book is falling apart, the older the better – you can even remove some pages to make it lighter weight on the wall. To attach the pages to the wall, I like to use removeable craft dots – they don’t damage walls. I have also used double-sided tape which also removes easily, but it’s not as strong. If your book wall sees the sun, the sticky dots or tape may adhere too well and cause damage when removing – so consider which wall before installing a book wall to your home. To attach the actual books, I just use my Ryobi AirStrike brad nail gun. If the book’s pages start moving around, just use double stick tape to arrange the opened book the way you want it. If you remove the book wall, the brad nails leave small little holes that are easy to patch and paint later on. However, I’m not sure how plaster walls would react to this installation since I’ve never tried it.

Amazing Bedroom Book Wall

Amazing Bedroom Book Wall – supplies

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Amazing Bedroom Book Wall – How to video

OK, this video is short, but that’s because this DIY wall treatment is so easy. If you struggle with how to arrange it on the wall, try laying out your pages on the floor first to play with the flow and design of the pages. As you’ll see in the video, I just start putting up pages at different angles – if I don’t like how it’s turning out, I just add more pages to get the shape I want. I’d really appreciate it if you click the like button on my video!

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Amazing Bedroom Book Wall – How to steps

  1. Select a wall(s)
  2. Gather book pages and some books (different sizes and colors)
  3. Gather supplies: sticky dots, double sided tape, brad nail gun, and maybe a step ladder
  4. Start by sticking the dots to the backs of several pages (be sure to look at both sides of the page to pick which side to show)
  5. Then stick the largest pages onto the wall – spread them out
  6. Then stick the middle sized pages onto the wall – sometimes overlapping pages or turning them sideways or upside down
  7. The small and extra small pages get stuck on last – it’s OK to leave pieces of wall showing around the pages, but overlapping looks great
  8. Determine where the actual books will go and fan them open to see if the pages lay open better when tilted one way or another
  9. Hold the open book up against the wall where you want it to hang, and brad nail each cover along with about 3/8 inch of its pages
  10. At this point, your book wall design may look great, but if it feels too flat, take a few more loose pages and when you stick them over other pages, allow the middle of the page to bow outward. This will give your wall more dimension and movement. I prefer this step, but you can decide if you want this additional layer or not.

Amazing Bedroom Book Wall

Amazing Bedroom Book Wall

Amazing Bedroom Book Wall – More Inspiration!

Now that you see how easy it is to install a book wall, your only problem should be deciding which wall gets this amazing treatment. And if you’d like to see the rest of the is room and how I coordinate new and vintage pieces in the bedroom and bathroom, check out the book wall video and wait until the end – I do a full circle of the room so that you can see it all~ Thanks so much for checking out my amazing bedroom book wall – be sure to subscribe before you go!

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