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How to add a light fixture anywhere

How to add a light fixture anywhere

How to add a light fixture anywhere

Do you have places in your home; nooks, corners, crannies that could use a little extra light? But maybe you don’t have a table for a lamp, you don’t want a floor lamp there, or there’s not an outlet to plug something in – this awesome DIY shows you how to add a light fixture anywhere you want. I love this light hack, and I’m going to have to slow my roll with it because I find myself looking at all the areas around the house to see if I want a new ‘anywhere’ light here or there. If you don’t want to commit to hardwiring a light, if hiring an electrician is not in the budget, or if you don’t want a cord running down your wall – then you’re going to love this idea of how to add a light fixture anywhere! Seriously, anywhere!

How to add a light fixture anywhere

So, once you find the place you want to add a light fixture (and when I say light fixture, I’m primarily referring to hardwired wall sconce fixtures), you’ll want to measure the space if there’s not much wall (like above my built-in) – make sure your sconce base will fit the wall. If you’re adding a sconce to a wide open wall, you’re free to pick the style you love without worry of the base size. Also keep in mind that the puck light will not provide super bright task lighting – they’re more for mood lighting or brightening up a space enough to do what you do (like a closet). I think of them as accent lights, it’s dim lighting to add warmth or a touch of light to an area you want to highlight a bit. Another consideration is the size of the sconce shade. You’ll need to make sure the puck light will fit into the shade either by a wire or Velcro.

How to add a light fixture anywhere

There are some obvious benefits to adding an ‘anywhere’ light to your home, but my favorite bonus is that it allows you to live with a new wall sconce in a location for a while before you commit to having it actually hardwired permanently. I love to switch things around and redesign spaces, so with these ‘anywhere’ lights, I can just remove some screws and patch the holes – just like I do for wall art or shelves. And if you do love your new wall sconce and want to have it hardwired, you’ve already done the work of mounting the fixture!

How to add a light fixture anywhere – DIY video

My oldest daughter, Sawyer, helped me film some of this video and she just did a great job! I’ve captured all my steps here in hopes that you’re encouraged when you see just how easy it is. I’d love it if you hit the Like button, thanks so much for checking it out!

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How to add a light fixture anywhere – steps

Here are the steps on how to add a light fixture anywhere:

  1. Make sure the fixture will fit within your space
  2. Make sure the puck light will fit within the shade
  3. Make sure the puck light has fresh batteries and works
  4. Add one side of Velcro to the shade, making sure the other Velcro half will touch at least the corners of it
  5. Add the other side of Velcro to the puck light
  6. Stick the puck light inside the shade and press down so that the Velcro grabs hold
  7. Read mounting instructions for the fixture – it’s standard to mount a bracket to the wall, and then attach the fixture
  8. Once the fixture is attached, add the shade

How to add a light fixture anywhere

You can use Velcro to hold in the puck light – this makes it easy to remove when you need to swap out batteries. Some fixtures have holes inside that you can guide wire into and then also into the puck light for a very secure hold, but this could add a hassle when you need to swap the batteries (you’ll need to twist and pull the puck light to replace batteries) – each fixture varies. If you decide to make your wall sconce permanent, you can easily remove the Velcro strip – it’s a great temporary but secure way to hold the puck light. Puck lights also come with a remote and one remote controls them all within a certain range. You can also dim the lights or set them on a timer so that you don’t have to walk around turning them all off.

Here are some of my favorite wall sconces. I’m not sure if the puck light will fit, but they visually look just right (be sure to read the dimensions before purchasing).

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How to add a light fixture anywhere

How to add a light fixture anywhere

How to add a light fixture anywhere

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  1. Lynda F January 26, 2022 at 12:06 pm - Reply

    Unique way to solve the problem. Love it. Must give it a try. :)

    • Amy January 26, 2022 at 1:39 pm - Reply

      Thanks, Lynda! If you just need an accent light (not a task light) it’s perfect.

  2. Barbara Nabb March 10, 2021 at 6:57 pm - Reply

    Absolutely love this hack! Thank you, Amy!

    • Amy March 16, 2021 at 3:11 pm - Reply

      Thanks so much, Barb! I love it too!

  3. Tara Cornejo March 10, 2021 at 4:55 pm - Reply

    Love this idea!

    • Amy March 16, 2021 at 3:12 pm - Reply

      Awe, thanks, Tara! You’re too sweet!

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