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How to decorate with antlers

how to decorate with antlers

How to decorate with antlers

I finally figured out how to decorate with antlers, but I have to share the backstory. When my mom remarried my step-dad eighteen years ago I was thrilled for her and saw how they made such a great match. My step-dad, Tom, was very outdoorsy, and my mom always said that she loved camping, fishing, and hunting – when she was a kid. Well, Tom definitely made all her outdoor dreams come true – they bought a fifth-wheel and did several annual camping trips – she got her fill of fresh fish. And Tom was a no-waste responsible hunter. He had a collection of antlers in the garage and when I admired them, he gave me a box full of them! I’ve had the antlers for many years, determined to do something special with them, but overwhelmed by the idea of mounting them. I found a way to decorate with antlers without compromising the original state of the antlers (just in case I decide to display them in a different way someday).

how to decorate with antlers

I love vintage milk glass, my great grandmother had a huge built-in cabinet full of it and I’d walk around her china cabinet admiring all her beautiful milk glass and china. I have four of the same style pedestal vases so needless to say, I could part with one to try out my idea.

how to decorate with antlers

How to decorate with antlers

I wanted the greenery to climb up each antler a little more without overwhelming or hiding the antlers too much, but it’s hard to find the right viney greenery, so I did the best I could with what I had and I’m happy with the results.

how to decorate with antlers

My first step was securing the antlers to the vase. I ended up balling up a paper grocery bag and glue gunning it to the bottom of the milk glass vase. I tore off additional paper bag and tied it securely to the antler base. Then I glued the paper connected to the antlers to the paper in the vase. That way nothing permanent was done to the antlers and glue gun glue can also be removed from the vase.

how to decorate with antlers

After the glue was dry and the antlers secure, I began gluing greenery up each side of the antlers. I took care to glue the greenery to the paper and used the wire in the greenery to twist it up the antlers. Once the sides looked right, I added flowers and leaves to the center. I think little clover leaves or moss would have also worked throughout the center of the arrangement. I love the style and natural beauty antlers add to the decor.

Antler decor ideas

Here are some additional ways to decorate with antlers. I know the owner/designer of Deer to Ewe jewelry – she makes lovely pieces using antlers, vintage tin, beads, and findings. If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind jewelry of heirloom quality to last, check out her online shop!

antler decor ideas
Deer to Ewe

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