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How to distress glass bottles

How to distress glass bottles

I just love the charm that a collection of glass bottles can add to your decor. Personally, I love vintage glass and worn items. However, old, worn, and dirty vintage bottles can cost a small fortune – so to save money, but not sacrifice charm, I’m going to share how to distress glass bottles.

How to distress glass bottles
My glass bottles before they were distressed and labeled.

I first tried using sand paper to rough up the outside of a bottle, but I only had one grit of sand paper, and the little progress I made took way too long. So, I ended up using a more simple method that gave me the subtle affect I was after. This process is so easy, costs next to nothing, and you probably already have the necessary items on hand .

How to distress glass bottles

I poured about 3 tablespoons of Elmer’s glue into a paper cup, and then added about 3 tablespoons of tea – mix well . (I steeped one tea packet into a third cup of hot water to get a strong tea color.)

how to distress glass bottles
Distressed this spaghetti jar in just a few minutes!

Pour some of the mixture into the bottle and after turning the bottle around to spread the glue mixture onto the entire inside surface, just pour out the excess back into the paper cup.

French ephemera labels

Allow to dry and decorate! For some interest, I added these free French ephemera labels by the Graphics Fairy. You could age the labels too if you wanted a more authentic vintage look.

More ways to age glass bottles

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