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How to create an amazing gallery wall

How to create an amazing gallery wall

While my husband was moving my website over into a new better-functioning template, I found this old blog post that had never been published. Well, it’s a simple post, but so inspirational and not outdated. So, I decided what better way to kick off the new year than with some beautiful ideas and inspiration to decorate your walls. Once all the Christmas decor is down and put away, our homes can feel a bit sparce or bare. We all obviously get used to it eventually, some even prefer it, but it can often be a drastic change too. So maybe a fresh gallery wall is the answer to add some warmth, coziness, sentimentality, creativity, and a fresh look for your walls. I love these examples of how to create an amazing gallery wall and I think now is the perfect time of year to refresh a main wall in your space. Maybe you even got something for Christmas that you want to place on your wall but you’re not exactly sure where. I will be a commentator on the photos below, hopefully adding to the beautiful inspiration.

wall gallery on picture ledges. boho home design


There are several things to love about this wall gallery, but I love how Maggie has created linear movement and balance with the picture shelves. The warm stain of the shelves adds a cozy factor in contrast with the neutral and somewhat modern wall art – it’s such a beautiful balance. I also like the round baskets included.

shabby chic vintage farmhouse style wall gallery


I bet your eye went right to the non-wall art items, or fairly quickly after spotting that bold antique sign! I love the printer’s tray, brush, basket, and shoe form. Never be afraid to add unframed art within your gallery – it adds interest, dimension, beauty, and really pulls the theme together.

modern boho farmhouse symmetrical photo wall gallery


There’s something so special about hanging personal photos on the wall – I absolutely love it and think it helps to make a house a home. This gallery is all about symmetry, consistency, and clean lines, but what do you think about those wall sconces? I love that they add to the display and show it off too.

vintage boho bedroom eclectic wall gallery


This gallery is pretty amazing. Every piece of art totally coordinates with the others, yet the frames are different, and there is unframed art among the grouping too. How beautiful is this neutral gallery with neutral color to help it pop and warm things up? It’s so stunning and artistic.

colorful playroom with mismatched modern wall gallery modern design


This example is so much fun and I love the high black and white contrast – which is awesome for a kid’s space – as well as some bright pops of color. The frames are neutral and limited to natural wood and black tones, but what really makes this gallery’s wow factor is that it’s layered over wallpaper! This is such a fun way to add whimsy, boldness, layers, and fun to a space.

traditional farmhouse moody living room with photo gallery wall


Don’t you just love the contrast between the dark moody wall with the light, modern, and clean gallery frames? The mattings are large which help you to really see and focus on the photos, and the slim frames give this gallery clean lines and no fuss. I also appreciate how all the frames are in a landscape direction. It adds so much coziness to this living space.

vintage farmhouse asymmetrical vintage wall gallery


I can’t get over the artistry of creating an asymmetrical wall gallery, using mismatched frames of color and size, and then slightly obscuring the art with greenery. This is one of my favorite ways to display a wall gallery, it can take a lot of time to curate a gallery like this one and to hang each frame just right. I love the layered greenery – don’t be afraid to layer and cover art and decor – our eyes see the whole picture around obstructions and our brains like the interest.

modern black and white photo gallery on a double story stairway

Sapphire Diaries

This one is all about big, bold, and simple. There are so many frames within this gallery, but it doesn’t feel busy or too much. The black and white photos with the oversized frames and matting help to accomplish the beauty found in this huge gallery on a huge wall. The large frame size is totally proportionate to the large wall size.

Casey Leigh

Talk about drama! Your eye zooms right to the center canvas with the little beauty on a dark background. This gallery feels like it’s taking me on a story, a beautiful story of a little girl who is so incredibly loved. Notice the bits of color, the frame choices, and the lovely asymmetrical grouping.

How to create an amazing gallery wall

There are tons of beautiful examples of stunning wall galleries – I could share examples all year and not make a dent into the amazing inspiration out there. But these ones really caught my eye and I feel like they are great examples of some different types of gallery walls. I have created a Pinterest board where I save beautiful examples for future inspiration – wall galleries are so wonderful, and I love having at least one in my home. Here’s a post on a gallery that’s been around in two of our homes so far. Thanks so much for checking out this post – I hope you leave inspired and begin to collect and plan for your own gallery wall.

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