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Essential Oils Make and Take DIY Party

Essential oils make and take DIY party

Essential Oils Make and Take DIY Party

Welcome to party central! No, not really, I’m more of a behind-the-scenes gal. However, I love designing and planning parties. Since our move to northwest Arkansas, I’ve met some fantastic ladies that I wanted to spend some quality time with, so I decided to start hosting a DIY party at least once a quarter, if not more often. I do the planning and prep, and they come, have fun, make and take, and happily pay a fee to cover the cost of supplies. Hosting a DIY party is so much fun, and I have gathered the entire party plan with shopping lists, check lists, to-do lists, tips, and all the printables to make the party effortless – all in an affordable eBook. This essential oils make and take DIY party is designed so that you just follow the steps, check off the check boxes, and print the printables – it’s that easy.

Essential Oils Make and Take DIY Party – eBook

Essential Oils Make and Take DIY party

There is no doubt that you could look up recipes for bath and body items that are made with essential oils, you could determine all the supplies you need and find the best prices, write up the instructions and recipes as well as create cute invitations and gather all the supplies to set-up the work stations, but I’ve already done all that work (and it took quite a bit of time – that I completely enjoyed) and you can save a ton of time using my party plan with all the printables you will need for this party. I’ve even design beautiful labels for four of the six products that you can easily print on Avery labels to give your party an even more refined vibe.

Essential Oils Make and Take DIY Party – Free Invite Image

Essential Oils Make and Take DIY party invite
Just right-click on this image and save it to your computer so that you can insert it in an email or text invitation. Just include your party details like when, where, RSVP, etc.

Essential oils and supplies can add up, which is why this party design uses a lot of items from around your home to help keep the costs down. The decorations are minimal and easy, but I’ve created a formula to help you create your own centerpieces and party zones throughout your home to give the space that party look and feel. It doesn’t take much to create a ‘party zone’, but it does take intention. I also charge my guests a DIY fee to cover their supply costs and they are happy to pay for their items. It can feel strange charging a fee, but this isn’t a birthday or celebration, it’s a DIY party that they get to partake in and take something home. Women love getting together and having fun, and this DIY party is exactly that.

Food is not exactly the focus of a DIY party, but I like to select refreshments that fit into my party’s theme to make it that much more memorable. I have paired up with my good friend Angela, The Menu Maid, to create some delicious treats for this essential oils party. Finger foods don’t work when you’ve been handling essential oils, so whatever you serve at your essential oil party, keep that in mind and serve something that requires a fork. Some essential oils can safely be ingested while others cannot. You will find a few suggested recipes in my eBook, but I also recommend perusing for even more delicious options.

Essential Oils Make and Take DIY party

For this essential oils make and take DIY party, I have given great thought into the guest experience and how to make their experience fun, easy, and effortless. There’s nothing more frustrating than being at a party and struggling with how to do something that’s supposed to be fun. The eBook lays out everything needed at each work station, ideas for organizing the different zones of the party, and even considerations for the order in which to complete your tasks. Planning a party doesn’t have to be hard or stressful, and this eBook takes you on an easy planning journey to get everything ready that you need, and with everything designed and ready to be printed, you will be ready to party ahead of time. This essential oils make and take DIY party would be a wonderful theme for a bridal shower, bachelorette party, girls night-in party, ladies retreat, or just because you want to hang with your friends and have fun.

Essential Oils Make and Take DIY Party – Party photos

Essential Oils Make and Take DIY party

Essential Oils Make and Take DIY party

Essential Oils Make and Take DIY party

Essential Oils Make and Take DIY party

I have many more DIY parties in the planning process, and I can’t wait to share them with you! Leave me a comment if there’s a specific DIY party you’d like to see me plan. Be sure to subscribe to my blog for DIY crafts and projects, design ideas, decorating, and party plan updates! You can also find my videos on crafts and DIY projects on my YouTube channel. Thanks so much for checking out this post. I hope you find inspiration and motivation to host a fun DIY party!

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