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How to prepare for your succulent arranging party

How to prepare for your succulent arranging party

It’s not in my nature to brag, but I married into a wonderful family. I truly enjoy spending time with all of my in-laws. It had been a while since the adult ladies hung out so I decided we were due for a girl’s night. When I saw a gorgeous succulent display at Bauman Farms, my plan quickly formed.

Putting together succulent arrangements (follow my 5 easy steps) couldn’t be easier, it requires no experience or skills and it doesn’t take forever.

To plan my party, I busted out a pad of paper and started creating lists, as I typically do. A succulent arranging party can be the theme for so many ocassions – baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties, retirement parties, women’s retreats, ladies night, or just because.

I have created a simple list of things you’ll need to host a fabulous succulent arranging party.

  • Large succulent plants, different varieties, in assorted shapes and colors.

    Large plants allow guests to trim off small parts for their arrangement, and the large plant will regrow so it’s a win-win.

    You can also buy individually potted succulents in bulk. These make great focal points and already have roots making it easy to transplant.
  • Succulent/cactus soil. Place soil into a large container and have a large spoon or small shovel to scoop the soil into the pots.

    Potting mix that is specifically for succulents and cacti has sand, pumice, or pearlite to help with drainage. Succulents require good drainage.
  • Tools: pots/containers, scissors, chopsticks, Popsicle or wood skewer, and a watering can.

    The chopstick helps to fit the succulent cuttings tightly into the soil.

    The Popsicle stick is used to show you when to water your arrangement. There are so many options for pots, but they must have a drainage hole and a dish or something to catch excess water.
  • A vinyl tablecloth or plastic place mats.
    To make clean-up easier, do this activity outside. You can get really creative with an outdoor garden party, or keep it simple. To stay on-theme, I found these succulent napkins and created a lovely succulent centerpiece. For centerpiece inspiration, click here.

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  • Food!
    Technically, you don’t have to have food, but is it really a party without it? I kept it simple with dessert, and this recipe did not disappoint: No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Delight by The Farmwife Cooks.

  • Invites.
    While a text message to family is fine, you may want to add a little something extra. Download this image and attach it to your email or text.

Because succulents are so easy to plant, you don’t need to print specific instructions. However, as the host, you’ll want to know the steps so you can guide your guests through creating their succulent arrangement!

Where to buy succulents:
Amazon (Shipping succulents is easy because they can easily go without water for around a week.)
Etsy (Be sure to check shipping costs and shipping time.)
Local farms (My favorite is in Gervais, Oregon – Bauman Farms has a large and healthy selection.)

I hope these ideas are helpful and if you have any additional tips or ideas, please leave a comment here or on Facebook~

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