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Easter charcuterie board

Easter Charcuterie Board

Easter charcuterie board

The classic charcuterie board blends two of my favorite things – beautiful arrangements and snacking! I’m a big time snacker and don’t like to cook, so a charcuterie board full of an assortment of various colors and textures of foods that I don’t have to spend a lot of time preparing is totally my jam. The possibilities for charcuterie boards is endless, but I’m a sucker for the sweet ones. I love the look of both sweet and savory boards, but my mouth literally waters at the sight of sweet treats. It is long past due to share a charcuterie board with you, and Easter treats are my favorite. I hope my Easter charcuterie board inspires you to create a fun brunch, lunch, dinner, or snack board this spring – even if it’s just for your immediate family, and below I’ve included some other very talented bloggers and their charcuterie creations to further sell you on creating one yourself!

Easter Charcuterie Board

If you’re feeling stuck on where to start, first pick a meal time to center your board around. This will help you select the food items for your board. I like to make a list of items I need, in one column, and then the next column lists the color – this way I can quickly scan the colors and see if I’m missing any other colors I’d like to incorporate. If you have a meat, cheese, bread board, you can add some green with kale, green leaf, and bib lettuce underneath the meats and cheeses. Or if you have a cookie board, you can add faux greenery and flowers to add color and texture. For fruit and veggie boards, you can use a fruit (hollowed orange half) or veggie (hollowed yellow pepper) to hold the dip. Really, anything goes and everything is sort of all scrunched together so it’s easy to add another bit here or there to get just the look and combination you want. It’s sort of a beautiful mess~

Easter Charcuterie Board

When it comes to the arranging part, I think there’s basically two general ways to approach it. The first is to create a border around the edge of the board using the sturdy food items and then fill in the rest. Or you can start with a focal point in the middle and work your way out. If your board or tray has a lip, you don’t have to consider items rolling off, but if not, either be careful when transporting the board or gather them in cute dishes. Pinterest is full of ideas, but I would encourage you to use Pinterest for food inspiration, and just get creative and experiment with the arrangement of your board.

Easter Charcuterie Board

Easter Charcuterie Board – items

For my Easter charcuterie board, I wanted everything to be edible (except the board). Here is a list of the items from my board, just incase you see something you want for your own:

  1. Bubble tape gum
  2. Big League Chew gum
  3. Edible Easter grass
  4. Strawberry wafers
  5. Marshmallows
  6. Shimmer jelly beans
  7. Strawberry donuts
  8. Bunny Peeps
  9. Good & Plenty
  10. Grandmas Animal Cookies
  11. Lemon Sandwich cookies
  12. Lindt chocolate bunny
  13. Cotton candy
  14. Cadbury caramel eggs

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Easter Charcuterie Board – Video

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Easter Charcuterie Board

Easter Charcuterie Board

Easter Charcuterie Board – more inspiration

I have found some amazing blogs full of inspiration, but to stay on topic of this post, here are their Easter charcuterie boards to inspire your own creation! I love how some are mixing sweet and savory snacks, they’re colorful and so appetizing. These boards are sure to be devoured by guests or your own family!

I hope you leave this post feeling thoroughly inspired and motivated to create an Easter charcuterie board for your family, your kid’s teacher’s lounge, or a get-together with friends. These boards are so great to gather an entire menu onto (sandwich board!) or to create a fun way to graze and snack throughout your time together (baby shower, Bible study, game night). I truly believe that everyone is creative, everyone can create something, and creating can be so rewarding and enjoyable. Make your next meal time also creative time – get the whole family’s help and create a charcuterie board together and then devour it together~

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