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Easy Easter Hostess Gift

Easy Easter Hostess Gift

Easter is one of my favorite holidays! And even though bunnies, eggs, and candy don’t have anything to do with Christ’s resurrection, I enjoy the commercial traditions of Easter as well as the spiritual meaning. Our family typically celebrates Easter with extended family – we enjoy spending time together with great food and watching the kids have fun together. If you have an Easter celebration to attend, and you want to bring a beautiful and easy Easter hostess gift, you have come to right place!

Easy Easter Hostess Gift

Flowers, a plant, wine, or a candle is a perfectly wonderful hostess gift for any occasion. But if you want to bring something handmade and unique for Easter, this gift is upcycled and lovely. It’s easy to assemble, but it’s not something you can quickly whip up right before your event. You will need to prepare some of the items ahead of time, but this is also a great project for kids to help with. Here are the supplies you’ll need:

Easy Easter Hostess Gift

Easy Easter Hostess Gift

After I cut the lid off the beige egg carton, I sprayed a light sheen of gold paint over the carton. This step isn’t necessary, but I liked the look of it.

Gently crack the top portion of shell for each egg. You can crack the shell in half, but it’s more difficult to control the shape of the cracked edge. Rinse and let dry.

Then using a glue gun, attach a wick to the bottom of each clean shell.

Once the wick has dried and is secured, add soy candle wax and carefully compact the wax as you go. Trim the excess wick, leaving a quarter of an inch showing above the wax.

You can add greenery to one or two egg shells to add some life to the design.

I collected moss and twigs from a local park and then added feathers and faux eggs to the moss-filled spots.

Once you have each spot filled and assembled, you’ll want to light each wick on fire and adjust the wax with a toothpick to avoid wax tunneling.

This design can be customized and personalized in so many ways. I went with a more natural farmhouse style, but this idea can colorful or even cutesy.

My youngest daughter, Quinn, loves nature, so she enjoyed collecting moss and twigs with me and she loves looking at this arrangement. Quinn added the eggs and some feathers – it was such a fun thing to make together. As always, thank you so much for reading. I love reading your comments below (scroll down and leave a note) and seeing your follows on Facebook and Instagram. Thank you for spreading the word – sharing is caring!

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