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DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Succulent Wall Art

DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Succulent Wall Art

DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Succulent Wall Art

Cutting boards are probably one of the greatest decorating trends, ever! They look beautiful to display and they’re completely a necessity, win-win! There are some beautiful displays using cutting boards and the warmth the wood adds to a modern farmhouse style definitely adds a home-cookin coziness factor. I think that wood tones and plants can make every space feel comfortable, inviting, and warm. This is one reason I just love my latest DIY modern farmhouse wall art project. This wall art combines both cutting board and plants, and it’s so easy to put together.

You can really use any cutting board you have or find out there, but here’s the exact one from Amazon that I used for this project. You can also use any small dough bowl you have or can find, but I found some on Etsy that are the right size for the Amazon cutting board. Another idea is to get a dough bowl candle, enjoy the candle, and then cut the bowl for this project. I found a non-profit organization, Hope for Harlee, that donates 100% of their proceeds to help fund research and care for families battling DIPG. This family has an amazing story! You can visit their humble online shop.

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To cut the wood dough bowl, I used my Ryobi Miter Saw with a finishing blade. After a little bit of sanding, I set each half onto the cutting board so that I could measure and mark where I wanted each one to be attached. You can use a pencil to mark your spots, just make sure that the bottom bowl is quite low on the cutting board – leave about one inch between the cutting board bottom and the bottom of the bowl. I used Elmer’s wood glue and any glue that squished out was wiped away with a Q-Tip. The wood dried quickly and then I was able to work on the succulent part of the project.

To secure the faux succulents, I used some floral foam and a knife to cut rounded edges on the foam to fit it into the bowl, it’s not perfect, but it will do to stick the faux succulents into. Before you attach the foam to the bowl, arrange your succulents ahead of time to determine the arrangement and how they will fit. Real succulents like to live in cramped quarters, so it looks good to pack in several small succulents – this will give a realistic look to your wall art and it will allow you to have different shapes and colors in your arrangement too. To make sure the faux succulents stay in the foam, I poked a hole in the foam first and then added a bit of hot glue gun glue right before shoving the faux succulent into place. Once both succulent arrangements were done, I added a piece of jute rope to hang up my DIY farmhouse kitchen succulent wall art.

This farmhouse or boho kitchen wall art is so unique and lovely. I like the unexpectedness of having succulents on the wall and they look so quaint on a cutting board. I’m more of a minimalist when it comes to wall art in the kitchen, but this design is just perfect. Let me know what you think in the comments below. And if you enjoyed the video, I’d love a ‘thumbs-up’. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel to get my weekly video updates! Thanks so much for checking out this post! If you love succulents, check out my Pottery Barn inspired faux succulent wall art – it’s gorgeous in-person!

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