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16 Free Ways to Decorate for Fall

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16 Free Ways to Decorate for Fall

It would be easy for me to put together a list of new and awesome fall time decor to spruce up your home for the upcoming season, but there’s nothing I enjoy more than using what I already have to decorate and create visuals to enjoy the season. I’m so excited to share these 16 free ways to decorate for fall. I’m sure you’ve used some of them or have seen some of these ideas, but I’m hoping you find a few new ones to refresh your space for the fall, for free!

First up is to use your books. I love turning all my books around so that only the book pages are showing. It’s a creative way to display books, but you can also flip back the books with fall color spines and cause those colors to pop. And if you’re like me, you don’t throw out water damaged or torn books, but you upcycle the pages. You can cut out or stamp out book pages in the shape of leaves and make a garland or wreath.

If you haven’t yet, go through your closet and store some of those summer dressers in exchange for the long-sleeved tops and sweaters. If you’re like me, you’ll usually find a sweater that has shrunk, has a hole, or too much piling to fix. In this case, instead of donating the real bad ones, upcycle it by using the sleeves to cozy a collection of glass bottles or vases. And use the body of the sweater to sew a new pillow cover. If it’s holey, it can go on a patio chair.

I know people who have amazing dish collections. I, however, don’t have a collection but just a lot of white pieces and some fun vintage stuff I’ve been collecting. To spruce up your hutch, display it with a collection of dishes or gather dishes of a common color that you already have. If you have several pieces of white dishes or fall colored dishes, or soup tureens, display them symmetrically in your hutch and then add some twigs, little branches, real leaves, mini pumpkins in and around them.

Cutting boards aren’t just for the kitchen. The warm wood tone, lovely wood texture, and unique shape make for a wonderful combination to decorate for fall. Gather and group your cutting boards and layer them across your fireplace mantel. Add a vase with fall stems, garland, and even some single leaves here and there. Cutting boards on the mantel are unexpected and artistic.

Shop your yard or neighborhood sidewalks for fallen branches with or without leaves. Add them to a vase and display. I’ve been doing this for years, year-round actually, and it’s probably my favorite arrangement to have around the house.

Apples make a great snack and fall time display too. Gather apples or pears in the fruit bowl or basket, or a vintage wire basket or wooden tray. You get the picture, use what you have to display a fall time favorite fruit and make it functional by actually eating them.

Gather pinecones and tie them on hemp or twine. A pinecone garland can also work into your Christmas decor. Talk about a free two-fer. If making a garland is too tiresome, gather them in a glass bowl or vase, or stand them up around photo frames or other decor to add bits of fall.

Don’t forget about your front door, and when it’s too early for pumpkins on the porch you can still add fall vibes to your welcoming entryway. Move your rake or even an old metal wagon to your front porch with a vintage planter or container holding a bushel of dead branches (leaves still on is ideal) and a basket of fallen leaves. This grouping is a lovely free way to spruce up your porch for the fall.

When it comes to dressing for fall weather, layers work best, especially when the sun pops out and your flannel is too much. Layers aren’t just for fashion. Where possible, layer a smaller rug over a larger one. This is great for the porch, living room, bedroom, etc.

If you live in a rainy place and have rain boots, place them by the front door with some other fall accessories to liven up your entryway. You’re going to use them anyway, may as well have them out and ready to go. There’s just something so whimsical and festive about boots.

Do you have a mug collection? Get them out, display them, and get ready to use them to enjoy your favorite fall flavored drinks. When the temps cool, you can have some containers with tea, apple cider, and the supplies to make your cozy warming drinks. A cozy display of mugs can easily transform into a cozy drink station.

Clean out the clutter and bring out the fall throw pillows and blankets. Lay out a plaid blanket across an ottoman. Use what you have to add layers and warmth to your main living space. I love the movie Field of Dreams, and everyone remembers the famous quote, “If you build it, they will come.” Well, the same goes for cozy items, “If you get them out, they will come and use them.” This is true at our home, and nothing says cozy like a snuggle blanket and tossed around pillows.

Use an old quilt as a tablecloth or a fall scarf as a table runner or to hang the scarf on a hook to display. I love vintage quilts, but no matter how much I wash this one I have, I can’t enjoy the smell of the old fabric. So, instead I use it on our table, and it has a vibe – and no smells during mealtimes.

Update your photo frames with some free fall art prints. This adds color and visuals to display some fall vibes. I enjoy searching for my free seasonal images. I just print them and cut them to fit my frames.

Don’t forget about the kitchen. Most kitchens don’t have a lot of space or use for just decorative pieces, but when decor has a function too, I’m all for it. Use some Mason or glass jars to display popcorn kernels, oats, and other dried goods that will inspire cooking and baking during the upcoming breezy months.

And finally, don’t forget about aromatherapy. When the house smells like fall, it feels like fall. Check out these seven stove pot potpourri fragrance blends for fall by Amy at Atta Girl Says.

Thank you for checking out this post. If you enjoyed these decorating ideas, be sure to sign up for my free email newsletter. I love using old things in a new way or giving new life or purpose to something old as well, but decorating for free is the best. Clear out your space, start with a clean slate, and shop your home to use some of these free ways to decorate for fall.

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