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10 Ways to Decorate With a Boxwood Wreath

Boxwood wreath around a candle - main image

10 Ways to Decorate With a Boxwood Wreath

Sometimes when I’m decorating for an upcoming season or just refreshing our home, I come up with several ways to decorate with something. Sometimes this makes it difficult to decide where to leave the item, but it also gives me the chance to move the item around and get even more use out of it. This couldn’t be truer when it comes to this six-inch faux boxwood wreath (or candle ring). I’ve seen six-inch wreaths almost everywhere, in different variations and prices. Hobby Lobby is known to carry many sizes of wreaths year-round, but you can also find a six-inch wreath at the dollar store or in the Dollar Spot at Walmart or Target. These wreaths are so affordable and versatile.

I’ve actually had this boxwood wreath for some time now, with the idea of hanging it in front of a DIY wooden cutting board. I thought it would be fun to make a cutting board that looks old and antique, but I haven’t wanted to cut any wood in the summer heat. So, instead of putting the boxwood wreath away, I decided to get creative and find ten ways to decorate with it. I had a lot of fun and I hope some of these ideas are ones you haven’t considered or have already done before. And for the ideas you’ve seen, done, or have thought of, I hope you’re inspired to try them again.

This first idea is pretty simple and has been done many times, but it shouldn’t be overlooked especially when you’re wanting to add a touch of green in a pinch. I love a wreath hanging on a doorknob, especially around the holidays.

hang a boxwood wreath on a door knob

The second idea is to hang a wreath on an existing peg or hook. While this is an easy and obvious way to hang a wreath, it’s also a fun way to add greenery in an unexpected place, like the bathroom.

boxwood on a peg hook

Idea number three is another easy one. Setting a wreath on top of a stack of books is a great way to add texture and soften sharp angles and edges.

set a boxwood wreath on a stack of books

The fourth idea is to add a wreath to a gallery wall. Our baker’s rack isn’t exactly a gallery wall, but it’s still a grouping of objects, decor, and art displayed together. A wreath adds life, greenery, and a nice round shape.

a boxwood wreath is a part of a gallery wall

Idea number five is a whimsical one. Wreaths are especially fun around the holidays, and I love finding ways to add greenery to anything that stands still. This boxwood wreath fit perfectly around our wall sconce. With additional garland and other festive decor, the wreath is a wonderful way to enhance lighting.

boxwood wreath decorating lighting

The sixth idea may be one of my favorites. I love cloches, especially a cloche with a plant inside, but what might be just as cool is having a plant outside the cloche, like this wreath. If you add anything except a plant inside a cloche, then adding greenery outside the cloche is another great option to add a plant to a cloche.

a boxwood wreath around a cloche

Lucky number seven is a great one because it’s a two for one idea. Not only can you hang a faux wreath from a pot rail, but you can add a faux wreath to a cutting board and then hang it from a pot rail. You can learn more about my pot rail and gallery rail here.

boxwood hanging from a pot rail

The eighth idea is to hang a wreath from a cabinet pull. I love the wreath on this cabinet, but it could also be hanging off of built-in cabinetry hardware too.

Idea number nine is a nice way to spruce up your dinner party. Decorating dining chairs isn’t just for weddings, and a simple boxwood wreath works for so many occasions.

a boxwood wreath on the back of a dining chair

The tenth and final idea is a classic. Adding a wreath to the base of a pillar candle is especially festive for holiday decor, but it’s a wonderful way to add some green to our beloved “mood” lighting.

a boxwood wreath around a pillar candle

That’s my round-up of 10 ways to decorate with a boxwood wreath, or any wreath. I think it’s fun to see how others decorate with a simple and affordable piece of decor and I hope this post inspires you to find a special place to display your faux wreath. If you enjoy posts like this, check out my eight ways to decorate a basket. Thank you for checking out this post, feel free to Pin any of the photos, and be sure to sign up for my free email list for updates on new posts. Take care!

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