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Thanksgiving decorating ideas and freebies

Thanksgiving decorating ideas and freebies

Once Halloween is over, I think it’s the perfect time to start planning for our Thanksgiving feast. Like most other holidays, I like Thanksgiving to be special and memorable and since I’m a horrible cook, I focus on making memories in other ways. A beautiful tablescape, some fun activities, pretty decor, and favors or takeaways (besides leftovers)! I have gathered some great freebies from fellow bloggers that I think you’re going to love not only because they’re practically free, but they’re also beautiful and festive.

Thanksgiving decorating ideas and freebies
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Thanksgiving decorating ideas and freebies

Whoever came up with Friendsgiving is a genius! When we lived in Oregon, just six months ago, we were blessed to spend every holiday with family and friends. But now we’re in a new state during a pandemic, so it’s been more difficult to make connections and build friendships. While thanksgiving will be a bit smaller, a bit quieter, and probably not quite as fun, we are still so thankful and reflective on what we have – not compared to others, but simply all that God has blessed us with. When we’re in our home next year and have a table to share, I look forward to having a Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving! While I don’t need this invitation this year, hopefully you can use it and get excited about your event! I love invitations and I created this one to be casual, fun, and, concise. Just download, print, and cut in half.

Thanksgiving decorating ideas and freebies
You can circle the day, time, and what to bring to your Friendsgiving meal.

More Thanksgiving Freebies

Now that your customized invites are done, here are some other beautiful freebies for a festive and fun Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving. This first one is by Moritz Fine Designs, and I love the look of kraft brown paper for any table setting. These utensil holders are fun and interactive. The included pencil is a subtle hint and gives guest something to do, create a memory, and reflect on why your gathering in the first place.

This next idea by The Suburban Mom is so great for a kids table – actually, it could be fun for some adults too (know your audience, I guess). I don’t know many kids that would sit down quietly and work on this activity placemat, but that’s not what I think it’s for. I think kids should be active, have fun, and enjoy their time, and when it’s getting close to mealtime, maybe that’s when everyone gathers at the tables and this would give them a little something to do or at least doodle on until it’s time to eat. If anything, it shows that you’re thinking about the kids too and want to make the time memorable for them as well.

I just love this idea by Almost Makes Perfect, it’s Thanksgiving bingo and it’s so cute! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve experienced anxiety and stress about whether our guests were occupied and enjoying themselves, too many. When you’re hosting, and cooking, and dealing with kids, it’s so difficult to do the actual hosting part. I know that family doesn’t need to be entertained by me and most of them are all cooks and find ways to help with the meal prep anyway, but the perfectionist in me feels like the host should be attending their company. I think these bingo sheets would ease my feelings that guests have something to do if they want and it’s another way to create some fun memories.

Another fun way to give your guests something to do and interact with, is this butcher paper poster idea by Inspired By This. You can usually find butcher paper at craft stores or party supply stores, and if all else fails there is poster board at the dollar store. I love that this idea creates thankful art for your walls, while also providing an interactive area for guests to share and express their gratitude. More memory making here!

Fall garland is an all time favorite way to add fall vibes to my home, and this handmade fall garland by Happy Happy Nester is the perfect way to add some fall feels for free. Kids can help with the cutting and stringing. And I love that you can print however many you need to decorate your space. You can use regular printer paper or any color you want. This idea is so fun!

And last, but not least are these adorable Thanksgiving favors by Oh My! Creative. I absolutely love party favors and takeaways for guests, and these are simple and so cute! You can fill them with anything, use any colored paper you want, customize with a name or keep it simple – you can recruit kids to cut out and help glue the shapes, it’s to easy to not make.

There are so many amazing ideas out there to make your Thanksgiving celebration and meal special and memorable. I hope you enjoyed these fabulous free ones and have a little time to plan this special time with friends and family. I am thankful for the opportunity to run this blog and connect with and inspire you. I’m hopeful that we can all find much to be thankful for. Thank you for checking out this post! For more decorating and DIY ideas, you can subscribe to my email list and follow me on Instagram!

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