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Marbled pumpkins

Marbled pumpkins

This DIY craft is so easy and fun! I love how this craft can be customized to fit your decor and style. You can use any color of nail polish and you can use real or faux pumpkins.

For the most part, I usually pick out color combinations prior to designing, but this time the color of nail polish I had on hand dictated my decor. My first attempt involved kids polish – it didn’t work at all. There must be an additive or something in kids polish that makes it less like paint and less toxic. Great for my girls, not so great for this craft.

So, lesson learned, the smelliest most toxic polish seems to work the best for this project. I used navy and sky blue polish and in hindsight I wish I would have added a bit of gold as well. The beauty of this DIY craft is that you can use one color or many – it’s up to you. And at this point I could actually add a layer of gold if I wanted.

I gathered up all the white pumpkins around the house and set them out on wax paper. This is the same wax paper you’ll dry the pumpkins on after marbling them.

Pro tip: I originally used warm water, but the polish sank to the bottom. The key is using hot tap water.

When you pour drops of polish into the water, you can see it spread and swirl across the surface tension of the water. I didn’t even need to swirl the colors with a toothpick because each drop cause motion and the colors swirled on their own. I dropped about five drops of each color – give or take.

You can dip one half of the pumpkin – allow to dry – then dip the other half. Or you can dip only the top, only the bottom, or one side at an angle. Have fun with it. Consider how you will be displaying the pumpkins to help decide how to dip them.

* I used a disposable cool whip container so that I could throw it away afterwards.

The best part about this project is that you can re-purpose your Halloween pumpkins and give them a little makeover for Thanksgiving!

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