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DIY Tussie Mussie paper cone craft

tussie mussie paper cone craft May Day

DIY Tussie Mussie paper cone craft

The tussie mussie dates back to the time of Queen Victoria. It’s essentially a cone shaped vase, typically used for flowers. The name tussie-mussie comes from a 15th-century rhyme in which tusse means a cluster of flowers and mussie is the moss that wrapped the flower stems. People would wear or carry a small tussie mussie or fragrant flowers to help cover up bad odors. Now that we’ve covered some of the history, let’s get into how fun and easy these cone shaped vases are to make.

For Valentines Day, I hosted a DIY and dessert with some dear friends to make their own tussie mussie valentines filled with chocolate kisses. They all did a great job, and it was such a fun time of crafting and fellowship. The tussie mussie is also perfect for May Day flowers. So, I asked my youngest daughter, Quinn, if she wanted to make one for our sweet neighbors. She said, yes!

The easiest way to explain how to fold your own tussie mussie is by video. You’ll just need to cut a square piece of paper in half diagonally, a glue gun, a waterproof container that fits inside, and some ribbon to hang it. Check out the video here. To create a simple waterproof vase, I just cleaned out a Danimals yogurt container and cut it in half to fit the paper cone. Carnations are inexpensive, they last a long time, and fill the cone nicely.

I hope you enjoy this fun little paper craft. There are so many fun ways to use a paper cone, and it’s a fun craft for kids too. Thanks for checking out this post.

handmade tussie mussie paper cone
paper cone vase
just add water and flowers to plastic cup
May Day flowers in a tussie mussie paper cone
May Day flowers in a tussie mussie paper cone

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