Classy Father's Day Gifts

Hip and Stylish Father’s Day Gifts

In my experience, men are pretty easy to please and don’t need or really want a whole heck of a lot. In fact, every year, my husband says there’s nothing he wants. Well, that’s partly because he buys what he needs and he wants what he needs. He’s very difficult to buy gifts for, but he’s always thankful for whatever me and the girls pick out for him. Sometimes it’s just best to stick with the basics, get him brands and things he likes and maybe already has. This year, I peaked around his drawers and closet so see if he was running low on anything, and then I had to sneakily ask if he already had a certain color of shorts or not. I’m sure I wasn’t that sneaky, but he forgets insignificant things rather quickly. Jeremy’s birthday lands a week after Father’s Day – so I have to think about birthday gifts and start making decisions on some hip and stylish father’s day gifts for him.

Hip and Stylish Father's Day Gifts

This list of hip and stylish father’s day gifts contains several items from brands Jeremy loves and owns, or actual items he currently owns and loves. I would never recommend something that I’m not familiar with and know is quality. Jeremy has a knack for finding rare brands that offer amazing products, and I have to say that I also have a few pieces from Vuori and they’re the softest most comfortable casual pieces I have. I also love his cologne, by Manscaped – I’m tempted to wear it myself, but truly love it when he wears it. This cologne doesn’t give me a headache, it smells amazing, and it isn’t overpowering.

Hip and Stylish Father’s Day Gifts – Shop:

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Hip and Stylish Father’s Day Gifts:

  1. Sunglasses
  2. Jack Black Body Wash
  3. Camo Hydro Hat
  4. Vuori Tech Polo
  5. Vuori Shorts
  6. Manscaped Cologne
  7. Coffee Tumbler
  8. Ugg Slippers

Hip and Stylish Father’s Day Gifts – Handmade Ideas:

There are so many ways to make the dad in your family feel loved and appreciated. Hopefully this father’s day involves eating a delicious meal, doing his favorite activity, and spending time with his family. Here are some fun handmade ideas to make this father’s day extra sweet! Click on the photo to get the full tutorial:

Hip and Stylish Father's Day Gifts

Hip and Stylish Father's Day Gifts

Hip and Stylish Father's Day Gifts

804 Sycamore - Amy

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How to easily organize your mealtimes

How to easily organize your mealtimes

Do you struggle with mealtime? What should we have for dinner? What do we have to eat? I’m hungry, when’s dinner? These are questions I hear every week (probably most days) and not only is it stressful, but I realize it’s not necessary. As you know, there are a lot of great recipes, and help for meal planning, but I want to share with you, a brand new blog to help you with all those things (and the recipes are delicious). Angela is The Menu Maid, and not only does her blog show you how to easily organize your mealtimes, but she only shares recipes that she has made and finds delicious. I also love how Angela puts thought into finding healthy options that taste great and are totally achievable for a novice cook. I had the honor of interviewing Angela and I think I got some great tips from her to share with you. Not only is Angela an amazing cook (I have enjoyed everything I’ve tasted from her kitchen), but she’s an amazing woman with the biggest heart to serve others. Be sure to subscribe to her blog – you will love the instant access to fantastic recipes delivered directly to your inbox.

Tell us a bit about your new blog, The Menu Maid.

The Menu Maid is a space designed to give readers access to easy delicious meals; along with tips on meal planning and healthy weekly menu options. Our schedule is busy most days with dance, school, and work, so I need quick recipes to glide me through the week. You’ll find an occasional recipe on my blog where time is no concern, but most of my meals can be made in under an hour.” 

“I like to call The Menu Maid a renaissance of some sort. For a short time, many moons ago, I had a small space on the web where I shared my favorite recipes (and A-LOT of photos of my then, 3 year old daughter). It was casual, and a fun way to share my love for cooking. Since then, food blogging has always been tucked away in my heart. After the Covid pandemic shut my business down for several weeks, I knew there was no time like the present to create ~The Menu Maid~ blog. It’s been an adventure of hard work, growth, and extreme reward.”

Can we watch videos for any of your recipes? 

“I am excited and hoping to launch some of my short recipe videos by fall of 2021 so be on the look-out and subscribe to the blog for updates!”

What are your meal planning tips for busy families?

  1. Plan a few days worth of recipes for those busy weeknights. I like to make my menu on Friday’s, and shop for ingredients over the weekend. It’s one less thing I have to worry about when Monday rolls around. Meal planning takes time but it’s 100% worth your sanity. 
  2. Look for recipes that give you prep and cooking times. There is nothing more stressful than getting halfway into your meal prep only to find out you have to marinate something for two hours. 
  3. Make a note for yourself to pull out any meat that needs thawed for the next day’s recipe. I live by my notes. Without them, I’m no good. 

Can you recommend pantry staples to keep stocked?

  • Canned Beans 
  • Canned Tomato’s & Sauce
  • Canned Artichoke Hearts
  • White/Brow Rice & Quinoa
  • Veggie & Chicken Stock
  • Assortment of Vinegars
  • Olive, Avocado, & Coconut Oil 
  • Variety of Pasta
  • Quick Oats
  • Nuts
  • Unsweetened Almond Milk
  • Whole Grain Tortillas
  • Store Bought Salsa
  • Sour Cream
  • Plain Greek Yogurt
  • Cholula Hot Sauce (yum)
  • Big Jar of Pickles
  • Shredded Cheese Blend
  • Organics Spring Mix
  • Kale

What’s your favorite recipe?

“My favorite recipes to cook are those that are easy and delicious. I love to chop veggies so if my recipes include those, even better! My favorite foods to eat are anything pasta and Mexican.”

What kitchen tool can you not live without?

“My top 3 kitchen items I can’t live without and literally use them every – single – day are: cutting board, chef’s knife, and a small nonstick green pan.

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Do you have a favorite celebrity chef?

“My all time favorite celebrity chef is hands-down, Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman. She is classy, homey, loves her family, loves Jesus, and makes delicious no-fuss food. She’s my hero.”

What’s your home decorating style?

“My decorating style is fairly eclectic; modern country meets classic traditional, I’m guessing. My home has a lot of wood, and we live in the country, so it feels natural to showcase this style. However, I don’t like clutter. In terms of my kitchen, less is more. I like plenty of space to do my thang! Plus, I hate cleaning around all that stuff.”

Why do you love to cook?

“I love cooking because it makes people happy. Aside from the actual act of cooking, which I love, it brings me great joy to serve the people I care about most. Knowing that I can provide good honest food for my family and friends blesses me.”

So far, The Menu Maid has inspired me to try some risk-free recipes (because I trust this girl and know she has top-notch taste buds) and to not be afraid of making something new or different from my typical go-to meals! Angela has already tried them, tweaked them, and is recommending recipes to keep your whole family healthy and well fed~ I admire how Angela makes a recipe taste delicious and be on the healthy side. To me, balancing taste and health is the biggest challenge when cooking for a family. With weekly meal inspiration from The Menu Maid, I can create a new dish knowing it’s tasty and good for my family. Be sure to check out Angela’s blog, The Menu Maid, subscribe for her fabulous recipes, and give her a follow on Instagram and Facebook for those convenient reminders that healthy food can taste great and be easy to make!

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Easy and cute back to school snacks

Easy and cute back to school snacks

If you find yourself stressed out about planning some easy and cute back to school snacks, take a deep breath and rest easy because I have some fresh ideas for you! Feeding my girls has always felt like a huge job to me and not just because they’re picky. I don’t know how to cook, I don’t like trying to cook, and honestly I would rather decorate a kitchen than actually use the kitchen. My husband, however, is a great cook and is solely responsible for keeping us alive over the years! While cooking is not my gift, I am OK at arranging food to look cute or appetizing – and this does help with our picky eater because she’s very visual.

Easy and cute back to school snacks

When I plan out snacks for my girls or even myself, I want snacks that are healthy, easy, taste good, and I often consider how I’m going to present it so that it looks good too. I found a few resources that I’m going to actually use because they’re so doable and healthy — I hope they provide some snack inspiration for you as well!

Easy and cute back to school snacks

Parent Map shares these 10 classic snack ideas with a twist, and I think kids can put together around half of them, especially older kiddos. I love the fruit insect snack – it looks like something I could make for a birthday party as well. Aren’t these the cutest?!

Joanie of One Dish Kitchen has this wonderful banana bread recipe using one banana – it’s delicious and bakes perfectly in Sweese ramekins. Joanie’s recipe makes one serving of banana bread or you can easily double it to make dessert for two! I baked her banana bread using my new Sweese ramekins in our Breville counter-top toaster oven and they baked perfectly even! I used a little butter so that they didn’t stick and the ramekins are dishwasher safe too. I love that I can use these adorable little dishes to serve ice cream sundaes, individual cheesecakes, custard/pudding, fresh fruit, salsa, dip, quiche, or to hold toppings for other main dishes. Sweese makes these ramekins in classic white or some gorgeous bold colors.

Easy and cute back to school snacks

Sweese specializes in high quality cookware and it fits comfortably in your hands when using it. On their site you will find serving dishes, bake ware, dishes, beverage, and more. I personally love the simple lines and style to their pieces – and you can coordinate their classic white pieces easily with your existing pieces, or you can select their fun, bold, and bright designs too! Here are some of my favorite Sweese products! I’m totally getting that butter keeper once we move into the house.

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Ciara of My Fussy Eater is a food writer and cookbook author. Her blog is full of ideas and inspiration, and snacks for kids are no exception. I love the simplicity of these snack ideas, they’re super easy and quick to put together, and they’re healthy! I think they look so cute in little bento containers and they just look so fun to eat. A little bit of several choices from different food groups is so easy and smart. These bento boxes can be prepped ahead of time and stored in the fridge – you can customize and get creative to meet your preferences. I know that my youngest daughter would not want everything tasting like pickles, so to separate certain foods these silicone dividers are a must, plus they can be used for baking!

I’m determined to not get stressed over feeding the kids this year! I’m going to keep fresh fruit, veggies, easy proteins, and some healthy carbs in the kitchen year-round. Since my kids are famished right after school, I’ll pack a few bento containers and let them snack on the car ride home. That’s my plan anyway!

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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