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Hip and Stylish Father’s Day Gifts

Classy Father's Day Gifts

Hip and Stylish Father’s Day Gifts

In my experience, men are pretty easy to please and don’t need or really want a whole heck of a lot. In fact, every year, my husband says there’s nothing he wants. Well, that’s partly because he buys what he needs, and he wants what he needs. He’s very difficult to buy gifts for, but he’s always thankful for whatever me and the girls pick out for him. Sometimes it’s just best to stick with the basics, get him brands and things he likes and maybe already has. This year, I peeked around his drawers and closet so see if he was running low on anything, and then I had to sneakily ask if he already had a certain color of shorts or not. I’m sure I wasn’t that sneaky, but he forgets insignificant things rather quickly. Jeremy’s birthday lands a week after Father’s Day – so I have to think about birthday gifts and start making decisions on some hip and stylish Father’s Day gifts for him.

Hip and Stylish Father's Day Gifts

This list of hip and stylish Father’s Day gifts contains several items from brands Jeremy loves and owns, or actual items he currently owns and loves. I would never recommend something that I’m not familiar with and know is quality. Jeremy has a knack for finding rare brands that offer amazing products, and I have to say that I also have a few pieces from Vuori and they’re the softest most comfortable casual pieces I have. I also love his cologne, by Manscaped – I’m tempted to wear it myself, but truly love it when he wears it. This cologne doesn’t give me a headache, it smells amazing, and it isn’t overpowering.

Hip and Stylish Father’s Day Gifts – Shop:

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Hip and Stylish Father’s Day Gifts:

  1. Sunglasses
  2. Jack Black Body Wash
  3. Camo Hydro Hat
  4. Vuori Tech Polo
  5. Vuori Shorts
  6. Manscaped Cologne
  7. Coffee Tumbler
  8. Ugg Slippers

Hip and Stylish Father’s Day Gifts – Handmade Ideas:

There are so many ways to make the dad in your family feel loved and appreciated. Hopefully this Father’s Day involves eating a delicious meal, doing his favorite activity, and spending time with his family. Here are some fun handmade ideas to make this Father’s Day extra sweet! Click on the photo to get the full tutorial:

Hip and Stylish Father's Day Gifts

Hip and Stylish Father's Day Gifts

Hip and Stylish Father's Day Gifts

804 Sycamore - Amy

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