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Balloon arch made simple

Balloon arch made simple

Balloons really do make the party, don’t they? There’s something so festive and whimsical in the tradition of decorating with balloons. Our town has had a few helium shortages. WHAT!? So crazy, I know. It made me realize I have no idea where or how we get helium in those convenient tanks. Regardless, balloons are fun and amazing and you can create a fabulous arch without using helium!

For Quinn’s fifth birthday, I wanted to add impactful party décor, without spending much. I ended up getting crepe paper from the dollar store, I busted out an old birthday banner cause it’s still cute, and then I got this balloon arch kit from Amazon – hoping it would be easy enough and work out.

For $16 and an hour of my time, I made a beautiful balloon arch and it is so awesome you guys! Now that I know how straight forward this project is, I can’t imagine not having an arch for all of my future parties.

Pinterest had all these amazing examples of balloon arches for birthdays, baby and bridal showers, graduations, photobooths, business launches, and it was intimidating because they look complicated. But they are not and it’s so affordable when you do it yourself. You can also get pretty creative by adding faux stems or paper die cuts, unique balloons, and more.


  • Unroll the entire balloon tape strip and tape each end down to hold it in place. You can do this on a hard floor or a long kitchen or part of a table.
  • I didn’t use the sticky dots for this arch because using all of the balloons included filled in every space and made stickers unnecessary.
  • Group your balloons by color. This will show you how many you have of each color, and it will be easy to disperse each color evenly throughout the tape strip.
  • Start with the colors you have the most of first. This way you can add the colors/styles you have less of more evenly through the main colors.
  • Attach balloons in the balloon strip on each side. This step isn’t mandatory, but it helps as your ach begins to take shape.
  • Be sure to not overfill the balloons. It hurts your fingers to tie off full balloons, and it makes them more susceptible to popping.
  • Invest in an electric balloon pump. There’s no way I could have personally blown up all 110 balloons with my lungs – well I could have but I’d still be working on it well after the party.

Check out these beautiful and inspirational balloon arches!

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Happy 5th Birthday, Quinny!
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