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Vintage cubby makeover

Vintage cubby makeover

When I found this ten-drawer cubby at a vintage show, I knew I had to have it, but that I’d have to paint it. The dark wood needed a DIY furniture makeover for sure. I don’t normally select pieces that need work, maybe that will change when I have more time. I’m usually drawn to ready-to-go pieces, but I made an exception for this vintage piece. The cubby was offered at a good price, very sturdy – no repairs needed, and I love that it can be used in so many ways.

My next decision was selecting a paint color – that’s a fairly easy decision since I love neutrals and I’m not that adventurous to pick something different. I went with chalk spray paint in chiffon white, again (see the vintage metal side tables here). It looks great, especially with the original hardware. I only covered the exterior sides and I left the drawer sides unpainted – the stained wood here is very pretty. I lightly sanded the edges here and there to give it some pretty wear and tear.

This cubby will soon be used for my oldest daughter’s Christmas Market booth display. She will be selling some things from my Etsy shop to raise funds for her 8th grade Washington D.C. trip next spring. The cubby is large and heavy, and more than what we need to display some of our items, but it is eye catching and a unique way to show off our stuff!

The display needs a few more touches, and because our items are perfect stocking stuffers I’m thinking a few stockings and other Christmas decorations will do the trick. This Christmas Market is going to be so great and so much fun, and the proceeds help 8th graders fund their D.C. trip. It’s a great show if you’re in town!

Facebook event here

This little cubby is sure to pop up around the house, especially with the approaching holidays – I hope you’ll check back with me for some holiday inspiration.

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