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Tea Love Gift Basket Idea

Tea Love Gift Basket Idea

Tea Love Gift Basket Idea

Pinky up, as they say! I can admit that I’ve been a later bloomer in many areas, and a love for tea is one of them. I have enjoyed taking my girls to Savoy Tea Co. to taste-test their delicious teas. Savoy also has testing samples you can buy before committing to a larger tin. But for tea lovers, it’s not just tea is it? It’s the beautiful cups, the dainty foods that pair perfectly with the beverage, and the company you keep while enjoying a cup of tea. This year I’m sharing three gift basket ideas to help inspire your gift giving, and I’ve based the basket ideas from gifts I would love. So, the final idea is the tea love gift basket idea.

As always, you can add anything you want to your gift basket, you can seriously customize it for your person, but this tea love gift basket idea is put together with thought and a budget. And similarly to the other gift basket ideas, this one also has a DIY element and an item from a small business. To complete the tea love gift basket idea, I filled the space with cozy and affordable items from Target. I hope this tea love gift basket ideas inspires you and could also work for your coffee lover gift baskets too.

Tea Love Gift Basket Idea

Tea Love Gift Basket Idea – DIY project

This DIY project isn’t difficult, but it does take a minute to get the hang of. I would recommend trying it out on a scrap piece of fabric first. I printed out two 4-letter words on Stick and Stitch Stabilizer and then cut them out for the knit gloves I embroidered. I love the contradiction of knuckle tattoos saying something dainty, or something silly. My biggest tip for this DIY is to use a sharp needle to easily pierce the stabilizing fabric. I made a video to help show how I made these gloves, but I gotta admit that the second pair turned out better than the first. And the stabilizer paper washes off more easily under really warm water – be patient though, it will all wash off, gently squeeze out excess water, and then just lay the gloves out flat to dry.

Tea Love Gift Basket Idea

Tea Love Gift Basket Idea – Support small business

This tea love gift basket idea could include many various items from small businesses, consider a handmade mug, handmade tea, handmade gloves, etc. This tea love gift basket idea has homegrown honey from a small Etsy shop. They have all kinds of flavored honey sticks and honey gifts. For my gift basket, I selected the mint honey sticks and I’m sure they’ll be amazing with the Earl Grey tea they come with. The great thing about shopping small is that they do such a great job shipping out their items quickly. My honey sticks arrived so fast and were packaged safely too. I highly recommend this shop. Etsy is full of amazing shops and artists – there are so many amazing gifts to be found.

Another fun idea to include in your tea love gift basket idea is to support an author! I was gifted the book Southern Teatime Pleasures: Simple Ideas and Recipes, by Alda Ellis and it is amazing. This beautiful book gives theme ideas for your next tea as well as amazing southern influenced recipes. It would be such a treat to add to your tea love gift basket~

Tea Love Gift Basket Idea

After completing the DIY embroidered gloves and receiving the honey sticks, I completed the tea love gift basket idea with a few more fun finds. I found this Opal House pom pom throw blanket, the slipper socks, and decorative basket all from Target. The ceramic tea cup with a lid was an Amazon find – there are so many patterns and styles to choose from though. I also love vintage items so this little creamer is just a fun touch to complete the tea love gift basket idea.

Tea Love Gift Basket Idea

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