How to Plant a Staghorn Fern on a Board

How to Plant a Staghorn Fern on a Board

Creating living wall art is so fun and easy, and the results are gorgeous. I’m so excited to show you how to plant a staghorn fern on a board. You can use any board or wooden material that you prefer as well as several types of ferns that naturally grow outward will work. Staghorn ferns naturally grow outward and are commonly found growing off of trees – so this position is natural and normal for this plant as well as some known others (my favorite is a birds nest fern – shown below). They also grow out of moss and don’t require a ton of sun. In fact, they prefer indirect sun and usually only need to be watered once a week during the warm months, less during cooler months.

How to Plant a Staghorn Fern on a Board

I can see this living wall art growing in popularity and becoming a beloved trend. Succulents are still popular mainly because they are so beautiful, easy to care for, and are fairly drought resistant. Staghorn ferns seem to be a more hearty plant as well and once you find a good spot for it and know the best watering schedule, they can grow quite large. If you love the look of this living wall art, but aren’t sure if you can do it yourself, just take one look at the price of buying one already mounted and you may change your mind. Mounted staghorn ferns can be quite pricey, but if you decide to DIY, it’s very affordable and so satisfying to create yourself, and the cost to mount this plant yourself can be minimal or up to around half the cost of buying one.

How to Plant a Staghorn Fern on a Board

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How to Plant a Staghorn Fern on a Board – Templates:

I took my mounted staghorn fern wall art a little further by cutting my own wood plaques. You can buy wood plaques, use reclaimed wood, old fence wood, a wood slice, a cutting board, or any piece of wood that can be treated. The style and color are up to you and your preference. I decided to use raw birch plywood to cut my own shapes because that’s the wood I already had on hand. I also had a wood slice that I wanted to try as well. If you go the wood slice route, just be careful to not split the wood when you nail your nails and hanging hardware. If you like my plaque shapes and want the same, you can download and print your own template. My plywood is just 1/2 inch thick and it cut so easily with my jigsaw.

Download small plaque shield

Download medium plaque shield

How to Plant a Staghorn Fern on a Board

How to Plant a Staghorn Fern on a Board – Step by step:

I made a short video to show you how to plant a staghorn fern on a board. I hope it’s valuable for you hands-on learners, but here are the steps to help as well:

  1. Treat the front of your board with safe linseed oil and beeswax by Tried & True (to prevent water from soaking through and not exposing plant to toxins)
  2. Treat the back on your board with polyurethane (to prevent water from soaking through)
  3. Once the board is treated and dry, soak a few handfuls of the Sphagnum moss in a bowl of water (this way it’s easy to shape and handle)
  4. Use the fern pot or a similar circular shape to trace onto the front, upper center, of the board. (this is the area the plant will go)
  5. Use tack nails (not longer than the thickness of your board) and hammer approximately eight nails around the circle at an angle.
  6. Once the nails are in, add the mounting hardware to the backside, or drill holes to add hanging wire (you can cover the hardware with painters tape)
  7. Take a long piece (about three feet) of fishing line and tie one end (double knot) to the bottom nail on the board
  8. Remove the staghorn fern (or bird’s nest fern, etc.) from the pot, remove excess dirt and some of the root ball to make it fit within the circle. To locate the top of the plant, look for a few leaf starting to sprout – that’s the top. If you don’t mount it topside up, the plant will adjust, so it’s not the end of the world.
  9. Grab bits of the moss (squeeze out excess water by hand or with a towel) and begin to shape the moss around the dirtball of the plant
  10. Once the plant is covered with moss and is shaped within the circle of nails – make sure there’s a little more moss to cover the nails and fluff out
  11. Take the tied off fishing line and carefully pull across to the opposite side of the plant and then wrap a loop or two around that nail. Zig zag back and forth across the plant keeping the fishing line tight enough to hold the plant, but not too tight to flatten it.
  12. Once the moss and plant and securely held by the fishing line, tie off the line with a double knot and cut off excess line. You can fluff the moss up to cover the line.
  13. Hold the board up to test the security of the line and then carefully clean bits of moss off from around the board.
  14. If you didn’t water your plant recently, add some water to the mossy plant ball and leave the board laying flat until the plant drinks up the water. Some people spritz their staghorn ferns and they know how much to spray. You can determine what method works best for you. Be sure to watch for wetness on your wall and take care to give your plant more time to drink before hanging it up, or add another layer of polyurethane to the backside.
  15. Then find a place to hang your living wall art – keep out of direct sunlight, but in a well lit space.

How to Plant a Staghorn Fern on a Board – Video:

How to Plant a Staghorn Fern on a Board – Already made for purchase:

Here are just a few already mounted staghorn ferns that you may purchase. There are a ton on Etsy in different sizes and on different shapes of wood too. These examples are all lovely and very inspirational, but I’m telling you that you can make your own for a fraction of the cost – and then you can show friends how to make them too!

How to Plant a Staghorn Fern on a Board

This living wall art can decorate your home inside or out. You can have just one or a collection. There are different types of plants that work well for mounting, you can do a little research to find the plant that you prefer. I am so in love with this look and I love how the wood plank and plant warm up a wall. I had both my staghorn ferns and the birds nest fern shipped from Amazon. All three plants arrived well packaged and in great health – you can rest assured that you will receive healthy nice plants (or Amazon Prime will take them back). Two of my plants had a bit of residue on the leaves so I just took a cotton ball with some coconut oil and cleaned them off. They were shiny for a few days, but now they look healthy and beautiful.

How to Plant a Staghorn Fern on a Board

Some YouTube videos talked about adding a piece of banana peel under the lower leaf to provide a natural fertilizer, but this will attract fruit flies and I believe these potted plants come in soil with some fertilizer already. You can always spritz a little plant food on the moss down the road. I hope this tutorial on how to plant a staghorn fern on a board was helpful and inspiring. It really is super easy and the results are gorgeous. You could even take a long board and plant three ferns spaced down it. The possibilities are endless, just be sure to have fun while you’re doing it. This mounted plant also makes a great gift idea for the plant-lover in your life. It’s so unique and fun, and helps to add plants to your wall art!

Will you create your own mounted staghorn fern? Let me know in the comments below – I’d love to know where you’re going to hang it as well!

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Faux Succulent Wall Art

DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Succulent Wall Art

DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Succulent Wall Art

Cutting boards are probably one of the greatest decorating trends, ever! They look beautiful to display and they’re completely a necessity, win-win! There are some beautiful displays using cutting boards and the warmth the wood adds to a modern farmhouse style definitely adds a home-cookin coziness factor. I think that wood tones and plants can make every space feel comfortable, inviting, and warm. This is one reason I just love my latest DIY modern farmhouse wall art project. This wall art combines both cutting board and plants, and it’s so easy to put together.

You can really use any cutting board you have or find out there, but here’s the exact one from Amazon that I used for this project. You can also use any small dough bowl you have or can find, but I found some on Etsy that are the right size for the Amazon cutting board. Another idea is to get a dough bowl candle, enjoy the candle, and then cut the bowl for this project. I found a non-profit organization, Hope for Harlee, that donates 100% of their proceeds to help fund research and care for families battling DIPG. This family has an amazing story! You can visit their humble online shop.

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To cut the wood dough bowl, I used my Ryobi Miter Saw with a finishing blade. After a little bit of sanding, I set each half onto the cutting board so that I could measure and mark where I wanted each one to be attached. You can use a pencil to mark your spots, just make sure that the bottom bowl is quite low on the cutting board – leave about one inch between the cutting board bottom and the bottom of the bowl. I used Elmer’s wood glue and any glue that squished out was wiped away with a Q-Tip. The wood dried quickly and then I was able to work on the succulent part of the project.

To secure the faux succulents, I used some floral foam and a knife to cut rounded edges on the foam to fit it into the bowl, it’s not perfect, but it will do to stick the faux succulents into. Before you attach the foam to the bowl, arrange your succulents ahead of time to determine the arrangement and how they will fit. Real succulents like to live in cramped quarters, so it looks good to pack in several small succulents – this will give a realistic look to your wall art and it will allow you to have different shapes and colors in your arrangement too. To make sure the faux succulents stay in the foam, I poked a hole in the foam first and then added a bit of hot glue gun glue right before shoving the faux succulent into place. Once both succulent arrangements were done, I added a piece of jute rope to hang up my DIY farmhouse kitchen succulent wall art.

This farmhouse or boho kitchen wall art is so unique and lovely. I like the unexpectedness of having succulents on the wall and they look so quaint on a cutting board. I’m more of a minimalist when it comes to wall art in the kitchen, but this design is just perfect. Let me know what you think in the comments below. And if you enjoyed the video, I’d love a ‘thumbs-up’. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel to get my weekly video updates! Thanks so much for checking out this post! If you love succulents, check out my Pottery Barn inspired faux succulent wall art – it’s gorgeous in-person!

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Gorgeous boho canvas art and DIY frame

Sometimes wall art decisions come easy and other times it can be more challenging. I love vintage art and photography, but it’s difficult to find paintings that I love and can afford. And while I’m not an artist by any stretch of the imagination, I have found abstract lines to be forgiving and doable. To solve my wall art issues, I have created a gorgeous boho canvas art and DIY frame to grace the walls of my daughter’s bedroom.

The abstract canvas painting is completely inspired by Andrea of Harlow and Thistle. She is a talented designer with an amazing blog full of inspiration. Andrea primed over a faded store-bought canvas and used leftover wall paint from her home. I love it when DIY projects are inexpensive and re-purposes items you already have around the house.

Gorgeous boho canvas art and DIY frame

Painting your own canvas can be quite relaxing and even fun. Before you begin painting, be sure to attach hanging hardware to the backside of your canvas if it needs it, and prime the canvas before adding your design. After painting each color block on my canvas, I allowed each color to dry. With each section dry, it makes it easier to continue without disturbing other blocks of color. Andrea used painters’ tape to create the abstract lines, but you can also paint them free-hand like I did. I wasn’t attempting perfection and my foam brush did pretty darn well keeping a smooth line.

You can find beautiful color combinations on Pinterest to create your own gorgeous boho canvas art and DIY frame. Out of the acrylic craft paints on the shelf, I couldn’t find a blush color that I liked so I added some of the beige sand color to the light pink I found and mixed up the exact shade I was looking for. Don’t be afraid to mix up your own colors to work with your style and preferences.

Pinterest pins for  boho color pallettes

Boho canvas art supplies:

Acrylic craft paint
Foam brushes

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Now that your canvas art is complete and ready to be hung on the wall and enjoyed, there is one final step that will make a huge difference for displaying your art. You can use scrap wood, leftover trim pieces, or make a quick trip down to Home Depot to get some wood slats for your DIY frame. I love the natural color of this wood, but you can stain it or paint it to coordinate with your style. This DIY frame will give your canvas art some dimension and style. The type of wood you choose will help determine the look you want for the artwork. Narrow and natural wood will give it a sleek and modern look, while thicker wood can create a casual farmhouse style.

Gorgeous boho canvas art and DIY frame

I created a short one-minute video to show you just how easy it is to create your own frame with common tools. Here are the steps:

  1. Select your wood piece, make sure you have enough to cover the perimeter of your canvas art. I painted a 16” x 20” canvas, so I needed to have 72 inches of wood to make my frame.
  2. Set the left-side of the canvas on the piece of wood and mark the board for the first cut.
  3. Use a hand saw with a miter box to guide your cut.
  4. Once cut, sand the rough edges using a fine grit sanding sponge.
  5. Line up the wood onto the left-side of the canvas, and use a brad nail gun or staple gun to attach the wood to the canvas. I used 5/8 inch brad nails because my wood is thin.
  6. Mark and cut the right-side wood slat, and attach it to the right-side of your canvas.
  7. Once the left and right sides are covered with wood, mark, cut, and attach the top and bottom wood slats.

DIY framing supplies:

Hand saw and mitre box
220 grit sander
Ryobi brad nailer

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

This gorgeous boho canvas art and DIY frame was so much fun, and couldn’t have been easier to create. After taking on the challenge to create a piece of artwork that coordinates with my daughter’s room style, I’m now thinking about creating another piece of art on a larger scale for the bonus/guest room upstairs. If I do, you’ll be the first to know! You can follow me on Instagram or just subscribe for my blog updates, news, and freebies.

Gorgeous boho canvas art and DIY frame

Thanks so much for checking out this easy DIY! I love how affordable this DIY is and how any skill level can accomplish this design. Would this minimal frame style work with your decor? Let me know in the comments below.

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Easy DIY faux succulent wall art

Easy DIY faux succulent wall art

My teenage daughter, Sawyer, loves the boho style and we’ve been planning her bedroom design for a while now. It’s fun to look through Pinterest together and brainstorm different ideas. We’re still working out the various ways that plants will decorate her space, but we quickly decided to incorporate this easy DIY faux succulent wall art design. The design was inspired by Pottery Barn’s faux succulent wall art – because it’s so gorgeous.

A one-minute video is at the end of this post – it includes a helpful tip for creating your own easy DIY faux succulent wall art!

We quickly determined that we could create our own faux succulent wall art and pick out a wood crate that worked for our vision. We searched some vintage shops and found several crates that were great, but they were a little deep for what we envisioned.

Finally, we stumbled upon this tall and shallow wooden shadow box – and it didn’t have a price tag. Sawyer took the crate up to the front for a price check and of course they had to contact the vendor to find out. We made it through the rest of the store before we got an answer. We were so excited to find out it was just $20. The price for this unique vintage piece was in our budget and we were thrilled. Our design was coming together piece by piece.

For me, patience always pays off when I’m searching for a vintage piece. If I just wait for it and keep searching, I usually find what I’m after for the right price!

The wooden shadow box was in perfect condition and sturdy for being so low profile and vintage. We measured it and were thrilled to find out that the depth of our foam would fit perfectly and we’d only have to make side cuts to fit the foam in each of the three spaces. If this were a live succulent wall garden, we’d use oasis floral foam, cactus dirt, chicken wire, and moss, but these are faux succulents so we only used heavy duty floral foam and glue to hold them up in our arrangement.

Join the 804 Sycamore community for home decor and DIY inspiration!

Supplies to create this easy DIY faux succulent wall art:

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Rustic wood crate or this wood crate
Rustic wood crate
Hardware hangers
Floral foam
Wood glue
Roll of sheet moss
Steel chopsticks
Glue gun and sticks
Pack of 14 succulents
Pack of 16 succulents
Pack of 18 succulents

Easy DIY faux succulent wall art

Easy DIY faux succulent wall art

This DIY project is pretty easy to decipher just by looking at it, but here are the steps and a tip to save you time and frustration.

  1. Clean up and repair the wooden crate if necessary
  2. Attach picture hanging hardware to the back
  3. Cut floral foam to fit your crate
  4. Use wood glue to attach the foam inside the crate
    (Use books to keep the foam pressed down while the glue dries for about 24 hours)
  5. Fit and cut out the moss sheet to cover the foam
    (Do not glue down the moss sheet)
  6. Select a faux succulent and cut the stem shorter than the depth of the foam
  7. Poke a hole through the moss sheet and into the foam using a steel chopstick or screwdriver
    (Make sure the hole is the right size to fit each particular succulent stem)

    TIP: After you poke the hole, cut all four sides of the hole to make sure the thread backing on the sheet moss doesn’t get in your way when you install the succulent. See video below.
  8. Fill the hole with hot glue stick and immediately add the succulent stem (Continue steps 6-8 until you’re satisfied with your design)

    TIP: Start with the largest succulents first, then add the medium sized ones, and finally add the smallest ones to fill little spaces or tuck partially under the larger ones for a natural look.

That’s it, so easy and creative. If you make a mistake, this craft is very forgiving. You can pull out a glued-in faux succulent and fill the hole with some loose moss – no worries! Sawyer is thrilled with the final product and can’t wait to install it into her bedroom design. We are working on some additional DIY projects for her room and I can’t wait to share them with you! But until I get to those projects, check out these amazing boho-inspired DIY projects that are stunning in person!

school house style photo frames

How to display school photos

I love getting school photos back each year! If Ramblin Rod was still going, my girls would definitely be “smile winners!” Sure, sometimes their hair is a little wacky or maybe the oldest wears something I wouldn’t have selected, but they’re school pics so I don’t care.

The first time we’ve seen a cardigan in a school pic – mama was pretty happy about this.

For me, school photos are for memorabilia and nostalgia purposes. We get family photos taken every other year and those are the ones where I select their outfits, hairstyle, and ensure they’re ready to behave. Family photo sessions cost a lot more and it’s a fun family memory because our photographer makes it so fun and easy.

Quinn selected her owl dress… this girl loves owls.

Each year when school photos come back, I want to figure out a way to display them. The girls like it, and it’s fun to see how much they’ve changed from the last year. For a few years now, I’ve clipped the 8×10 photo onto a clipboard and leaned it on a bookshelf, desktop, or hung it on the wall.

This year I wanted to incorporate their pics with our Thanksgiving decorations. We’re so thankful for our girls and I wanted the photos to be enjoyed and out where we see them often.

This easy and original way to display your kid’s school pics is fun and unique. I like the schoolhouse style with the vintage clips, as well as the frame less look.

This DIY project takes minutes and a few supplies, but I’m going to offer some alternative ideas because I realize not everyone is going to have a mitre saw or want to use one.

Tools to create easy DIY photo frame:

2″ select-pine board – cut at 9″ long
Two 1/2″ eye hooks
Two binder clips
Bakers twine (or sturdy string)

Instructions for this schoolhouse style frame:

I just used a glue gun to attach the binder clips about two inches in from the edges. Then I screwed in the eye hooks along the top directly above the clips. Add whatever length of string you want and hang from a thumbtack. I placed the thumbtack behind my vintage chalkboard so that I don’t have new holes on my grid wall.

Alternative ways to display school photos:

Use a glue gun to attach the binder clips to a ruler and then glue magnets to the back of the ruler. This is a fun schoolhouse style frame if you want to post school pics on the fridge.

Instead of cutting the select-pine board at nine inches, use a longer piece to display multiple school photos across the board. Just be sure to measure equal space between the clips. You could display all your kid’s photos for that school year or one child’s photos for each school year to see how they’ve changes.

If you like the idea of displaying multiple photos along the board, consider hanging the board vertically. This could make a big impact when hung in a small space.

I’m sure there are many ways to take this concept and customize with your creativity and personal preferences. I think the customizing is what makes a DIY project so much fun! I’d love to know how you display school photos – please leave a comment here or on Instagram.