10 Easy arrangements from your own backyard

One of the easiest ways to freshen up your decor is to look in your backyard for inspiration. This can be tricky if you don’t have mature plants, shrubs, and trees, but I hope this post provides inspiration for everyone. Check out these 10 easy arrangements from your own backyard. I just know this inspiration will have you wanting to bring springtime inside your home too.

10 Easy arrangements from your own backyard
Garden arrangement: Zinnias, carrot tops, beet leaves, and dill weed

One of the best things about our very first 80 year old home was the beautiful landscape done by the previous owners. I loved the lilac tree in the back corner because it was bursting with lilacs every summer. But then we moved into a new home with baby plants and trees. After a few years, the maple tree provided many lovely branches for my home and over the years we planted what we wanted and I was able to use clippings from my own backyard to create simple, lovely, and free arrangements in my home.

10 Easy arrangements from your own backyard

I have found 10 talented bloggers with the best inspiration for using nature to create simple and stunning arrangements. Check out these 10 easy arrangements from your own backyard:

I really appreciate and love the effortless look of freshly cut branches and clippings. You can make a bold statement with a large bushel of lilacs or a simple statement with three small clippings of greenery — you can use any container, clip any plant, and place it in any room to add a fresh and cozy feel.

Even winter branches and twigs will work!

Affordable vases and vessels

You can use any leak proof container to hold your arrangement, but if you’re looking for something new and affordable, check out these beauties from WalMart!

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for my trees to get more leaves so that I can clip just a few branches! I hope you found inspiration in these 10 easy arrangements from your own backyard. This is also a fun project to task the kids — encourage them to get a little creative and take some pride in decorating their room or bathroom.

I really appreciate you reading my blog and hope you’re inspired and encouraged. Leave me your comments and questions, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more inspiration.

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Easy and sentimental thanksgiving centerpiece

Easy and sentimental Thanksgiving centerpiece

Leading up to Thanksgiving dinner, I like to spend the month reminding my family what we’re thankful for and why I’m thankful for them. I may change the style of notes or how I display them, but I always use a tree branch to hold my notes of thanks.

easy and sentimental thanksgiving centerpiece

Easy and sentimental Thanksgiving centerpiece

This year I’m using this vintage brass vase with the branch taped to a can of pumpkin to hold the branch in place. I have also used Perfect Plaster, rocks, and insulating spray foam to hold branches in place. I didn’t want to do anything permanent to this vase so the canned food weight is the perfect solution.

easy and sentimental thanksgiving centerpiece

The giving tree

The countdown to Thanksgiving isn’t nearly as exciting as it is for Christmas, but it can be special if you take a little time to create positive notes for your family members, words of affirmation, scripture, or any message that conveys how thankful you are for them.

I’m calling our Thanksgiving centerpiece The Giving Tree because our girls are familiar with the famous book and it works for this Thanksgiving centerpiece too.

I used these tiny tags to write my words of thanks for my family members. I’ve asked them to take off a note a day and to not read the other notes ahead of time. Each family member has their own color of tag so it makes it easy to locate their message. This is a really easy and sentimental Thanksgiving centerpiece and tradition in our home.

the giving tree

I’m very thankful to have you reading my blog or viewing my photos on social media – I’m so encouraged by your comments and likes. I hope your Thanksgiving is full of thanks, loved ones, and great food!

The Giving Tree

Thanksgiving inspiration

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