how to paint a butterfly wall mural

How to Paint a Butterfly Wall Mural

The accent wall in my daughter, Quinn’s, room took me a while to decide on. My first thought was wallpaper, but that was more costly than I anticipated. Then I thought board and batten trim would be cute, but it didn’t have that wow factor for my little girl. That’s when I thought about painting my own design, except for the fact that I’m not an artist, can’t sketch or really paint anything with dimension, it seemed like a great idea. Once I decided on the object of Quinn’s adoration, I began looking into how to paint a butterfly wall mural.

How to Paint a Butterfly Wall Mural

This easy wall mural project can be done by anyone, no artistic ability necessary. If you can trace and paint along lines, you’re good to go. This small projector has come in handy for several projects so far. It’s very affordable and works great. I first used the projector to project words from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice novel when I coordinated a Jane Austen Faire. The large faire poster turned out beautifully and looked like a book font all because I was able to trace the courier font using the projector. Then I used it to trace a pretty cursive font onto poster paper to create cheap wall art for my Christmas dining room decor. Using this projector to trace beautiful fonts and shapes is a must for me, I have horrible drawing skills and a shaky hand.

How to Paint a Butterfly Wall Mural

I use several programs for my graphic design needs, but for this project, Canva, was the best choice. Canva had the butterfly image I wanted to use and so I just used their program to divide the butterfly image into four quadrants. If Quinn’s room would have been larger than it’s modest 10′ wide, I could have probably moved the projector further back to enlarge the butterfly on the wall. However, once I projected the butterfly, I quickly realized this was not big enough. I considered adding a medium and small butterfly to the largest butterfly I could project, but it just didn’t have the same wow factor I imagined. So I divided the image into four separate images and projected one at a time while I traced it. It wasn’t perfect, but it worked well and the imperfections are minimal.

How to Paint a Butterfly Wall Mural

I typically use Behr, Sherwin Williams, and Magnolia paint colors, but for this butterfly I went with shades from Sherwin Williams. I tried to select colors that coordinated with the rug I found for her bedroom design as well as colors that I know Quinn prefers. She loves pink, pink, and pink! But she also says she loves all colors except for brown unless it’s on a bird or animal. So, I used a lot of pink (aka Dishy Coral) and also blended it with yellow (aka Sunrise) to give it a smooth transition. I was actually really worried about this part, again I’m not an artist, but it turned out fine for this two-dimensional object. I also mixed yellow and blue (aka Tranquil Aqua) to add a touch of green to the butterfly’s wings. I think having the main colors of a rainbow are fun for this space and will work well for Quinn’s colorful bedroom design.

How to Paint a Butterfly Wall Mural

How to Paint a Butterfly Wall Mural

Here are the basic steps I followed to tackle this hand-painted butterfly wall mural:

  1. Prepare the area for painting. Tape baseboards and cover flooring.
  2. Project the first quadrant onto the wall and add a small piece of painters tape to the bottom and side borders of the image.
  3. Project the other quadrants onto the wall to make sure each image will fit exactly where you want it to appear. I made sure the butterfly was centered on my wall.
  4. Get several pencils or at least have a pencil sharpener because the lead wears down quickly. Have a ladder handy.
  5. Project the first quadrant again, and trace the image. Don’t press too hard or too lightly.
  6. Project the next quadrant, lining it up with the traced image, and trace the next image.
  7. Repeat for the last two quadrants.
  8. Prepare your paint, have stir sticks ready, a paint can opener, hammer to close, round and flat paint brushes, and some rags. I used plastic cups to hold my paint.
  9. Paint one color at a time. I made sure each color was fully dry before starting the next. I didn’t want to smear or mess up the other colors.
  10. I stored the paint in the cups in the fridge. This prevents the paint from drying out and I knew I’d need to do a second coat as well as touch ups.
  11. Once all the colors were done with a second coat, I began outlining with the black.
  12. Once all the lines are traced or outlined with black, I filled in the rest of the butterfly with the black.
  13. A second coat is necessary as well at touch ups.
  14. Once the butterfly is completely painted and dry, you can use a gum eraser to remove any pencil lead smudges around the butterfly. Or you may need to use the original wall color paint to make touch ups.

How to Paint a Butterfly Wall Mural

How to Paint a Butterfly Wall Mural – Paint Colors

How to Paint a Butterfly Wall Mural

To save money, I only purchased paint shades in primary colors. That way I was able to blend colors to create orange and green. I think the green adds a simple touch, it’s not very noticeable, but it adds a variation which is aesthetically pleasing. I was initially unsure and worried about fading and blending the orange, but I like the way it turned out! As a non-artist, I think the subtle blending and color change is nice and adds to the rainbow transition of colors. I know that Quinn will love it, so overall I’m very happy with the color choices and how it turned out.

How to Paint a Butterfly Wall Mural

Overall, this hand-painted butterfly wall mural was a success. I have several more projects to complete before revealing Quinn’s little girl bedroom design, but with the most tedious project done, I’m feeling great about my progress! Be sure to subscribe to my blog to stay up to date on this room design along with many other planned projects for our builder-grade home! If you’ve considered painting a mural in your home I’d love to hear about it in the comments below, what would you like to paint or what did you paint?

How to Paint a Butterfly Wall Mural

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Easy DIY Zipper Bedding

Easy DIY Zipper Bedding

Do you make your bed every day? I used to, but now it’s an occasional thing. I think it will be easier to get back into the ritual once Jeremy and I get up at the same time. I don’t think he’d be too happy if I made the bed around his sleeping form! I would really like to get my daughter in kindergarten to get into the habit, but I want it to be easy and even fun – is that possible?! I think it might also be a little satisfying with zipper bedding. I am so excited to share how I tackled this easy DIY zipper bedding for a twin sized mattress.

Easy DIY Zipper Bedding

You may have heard of Beddys zipper bedding and accessories – I believe they were the pioneers to really launch this fabulous concept of bedding that zips up. Zipper bedding helps kids and adults to easily make their bed. I love the beautiful finished look of Beddys bedding, but it’s not in my budget, so I decided to make my own. If you’re not sure whether or not your child would like the feeling of zipper bedding, you could always start by using an existing sheet set and fleece blanket – that way you only need to buy the zipper. If they love it, you can invest in a new sheet design and update their room later. Quinn’s sheets are very worn and a little stretched out, so I got an amazingly great deal at Target on a gold-dot sheet set – under $7!!! However, I made the mistake of buying a microfleece blanket which has a lot of stretch. It was so soft, but it would have been easier to sew fleece that didn’t have any give. I also used an all purpose upholstery thread just to have some extra toughness against my six-year-old zipping it over and over again. I was able to buy 10 yards of zipper on Amazon, and cut the exact lengths I needed.

Easy DIY Zipper Bedding
These cute throw pillows were made using Quinn’s favorite clothing that she outgrew. It’s so cute watching her arrange pillows like mommy.

Easy DIY Zipper Bedding

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Easy DIY Zipper Bedding

Easy DIY Zipper Bedding Steps:

  1. Measure your mattress width and length. My mattress was 38″ x 74″
  2. Lay out (and maybe iron) your flat sheet. Measure and pin your width and length – be sure to add some room for your seam allowance (38.5″ x 74.5″).
  3. Cut out the flat sheet, cutting along the outside of your pins.
  4. Lay out your fleece fabric/blanket and pin the cut out flat sheet on top of it, right-side faced down.
  5. Cut out the fleece and leave them pinned together.
  6. Sew the flat sheet and fleece together, leaving a 12″ opening at the bottom to turn it right-side out.
  7. Turn right-side out and sew the opening closed when you sew a top stitch around the entire perimeter.
  8. Cut two 74″ lengths of zipper (one for each side of the bed), and unzip the zippers.
  9. Sew a zipper half to each length of the flat sheet/fleece top. The zipper should be face-down and facing in. Sew it along the top-stitch.
  10. Place the fitted sheet onto the mattress. Using sewing chalk, mark along the edge of the mattress on each side.
  11. Line up each zipper half and pin along the chalk line. Make sure the zipper is face-down and facing out.
  12. Take the zipper pulls and thread each half into a pull to zip up each side.
  13. You can sew the bottom end to the fitted sheet or not.

Easy DIY Zipper Bedding

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Easy DIY Zipper Bedding

Do you like to sew? Is this a project you may try out? If you do, please leave me a comment below. I’d love to see your fabric choices and finished projects – they’re so inspiring and encouraging! Thanks for reading this post – I appreciate you and am so happy to be connected!

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Little Girl Bedroom Makeover – bed décor

Our sweet four-year old daughter, Quinn, LOVES so many things – like birds, butterflies, bees, bugs, books, jewelry, dresses, make-up, and clouds. Quinn was recently asking me about clouds, it was strange and completely adorable. She really wanted a cloud – to cuddle. She wanted me to get one from the sky and was convinced I could do it.

I told Quinn that I couldn’t grab a cloud from the sky and explained why – but the more I thought about it the more I wondered if there was actually a way that I could. I researched making a cloud with stuffing, but it looked too difficult with a good chance of looking horrible. Then I found these awesome clouds on Ebay. There are various sizes available and the prices were very reasonable. They arrived with clear kite string and hangers. Installation was so simple and they provided extra hanging supplies.

I fluffed them up a bit and voila – I managed to get Quinn some clouds! She keeps hugging them and sneaking pieces off of them to put in her pocket. I’m not sure how long they’ll hold up – she’s pretty obsessed with touching them. I have purchased a few more for aesthetic reasons – couldn’t stop myself.

I found this gold wire cubby and knew it would be perfect to select Quinn’s outfits for the week. She loves clothes and shoes, trying them on, changing outfits two, three, or five times a day! She loves dresses and piling on jewelry and lip gloss. So you can imagine mornings can sometimes get frustrating when she wants to wear clothes that just won’t work for school or daycare. With the cubby organizer, we’ll select the outfits for the week together – checking out the weekly forecast of coarse. I hope it will also help her learn the days of the week and use them as sight words for reading too.

Butterflies are another long-running obsession, I found this sheet of gift wrap paper to use as artwork in her IKEA frame. I love using IKEA frames in homes with children because so many of them don’t use glass and they’re light weight – it’s just a safe way to add framed art to kids’ rooms.

And because I took the hot pink metal industrial table from Quinn’s room to use as side tables in the family room, I replaced her nightstand with matching nightstands found at Home Goods. I love the industrial style and smaller size of these nightstands. The two cubbies add more places for her to hide and organize all her little trinkets. The light weight and rounded corners work great in case they get tipped over – they’re light enough to not hurt or cause damage.

Summer is a great time to redo bedrooms because a lot of stores carry back to school dorm décor. I also found her pink wire clip rack for her desk at Home Goods. Quinn’s bedroom makeover was so much fun to design and implement. It took time gathering all the elements and putting everything together, but it was so worth the wait – and Quinn is still thrilled and enjoying her ‘new’ room.

Pink wire clip rack with People of the Bible Conversation Cards by ‘Kids Read Truth.’

Well that’s it for Quinn’s little girl bedroom makeover. It’s no secret that I love decorating, but I love using what I already have to redecorate as well as adding some new pieces to really make a room special. I hope you’ve found inspiration reading this post! As always, please leave your comments and questions (I love helping with design/decor dilemmas.)

Here’s the other half of Quinn’s room – IKEA cubby storage and desk wall unit.

Little Girl Bedroom Makeover – wall unit

Our four-year old daughter, Quinn, has been ready to start school for a few years now, always wanting to work, write, and ‘read’, so it’s a good thing she starts Kindergarten in a month. She loves ‘working’ and getting on her ‘laptop’. Monkey see, monkey do, I guess. So, I decided it was time to design a work space of her own.

She inherited her older sister’s IKEA cubbies and they have been wonderful for storing toys and books. IKEA also sells table tops and legs, so I selected a small table top for $9 to match the cubbies. I also found 20” table legs to attach and make the table just the right height for Quinn.

The table fits so perfectly in between the cubbies! The three pieces create a multi-purpose wall unit – and this organized mama loves it. The white metal industrial chair is from Target, and Quinn calls it her office chair.

To complete the modern farmhouse style, I found a few vintage pieces to repurpose. The chicken feeder was in perfect condition, it just needed a little scrub. I cut up an egg carton and glue-gunned each egg cup directly under the chicken feeder hole. The egg carton cups keep the crayons and colored pencils from slipping through.

I found a small vintage bike rack at Aunt Bee’s House. It was quite rusty, so I had to sand it with sandpaper, a sanding sponge, an electric sander, a metal brush, and a sanding Dremel. Then I used Rustoleum gold spray paint to give it a new finish. I hung vertically on the wall to create a unique book and paper rack.

The white bins in the cubbies have some butterflies on the fronts. I used magnets so that Quinn could move them around, play with them, and when she no longer LOVES butterflies, I will remove them without harming the bins.

The pink wire rack is currently displaying People of the Bible Conversation Cards. These cards by Kids Read Truth are awesome – they break down a Bible story into an easy to understand bite for kids. There is also a question to ask your child as it relates to the story, as well as a short prayer. The fun illustrations on the front side are colorful and have just the right amount of detail to keep it simple and highlight important aspects of the story. Quinn looks forward to picking out a Bible card every night.

I spray painted the metal clips gold when I painted the book rack – I love these little details that help coordinate a look.

Quinn loves her new desk and we love watching her ‘work’. Her room is on the small side, but this desk and storage configuration saves space and it’s functional. The best part is that this set-up can grow with her by simply adjusting the table leg length as needed. I doubt it will follow her to college, but we’ll get as much out of it as possible.

I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts about this storage and desk wall unit or any of the projects from this makeover!

Check out the rest of Quinn’s bedroom makeover here.