Vintage farmhouse bedroom decorating ideas

Effortless farmhouse bedroom decorating ideas

Truth be told, the master bedroom is always the last room I decorate. I’m not sure why, but it was time for a little refresh and some new bedding. I love vintage farmhouse style so I kept that style going into the master bedroom. I moved some things around, completed a quick furniture DIY, took my own advice to create a cozy corner, and got some new bedding! I hope my effortless farmhouse bedroom decorating ideas are inspiring and encouraging!

Effortless farmhouse bedroom decorating ideas

Simple modern farmhouse wreath

I created this modern farmhouse wreath because I’ve been dying to make one of these beauties myself. There are some lovely designs all over Pinterest and they looked easy enough, so I tried making one too. I found the huge 23 inch embroidery hoop at a craft store because all the huge brass rings were sold out everywhere else. I didn’t want to pay for shipping so I got a wood ring instead.

I could have used wire to attach the stems, but I just used green embroidery floss and it worked great. I also considered spray painting the wood a gold color to coordinate with my brushed gold accents all over the house, but kept the natural wood – it’s cozier. This wreath is so fun, pretty, easy to change, light-weight, and huge – it’s such a great statement piece.

simple modern farmhouse wreath

Easy DIY furniture makeover

My first project was to update our nightstands and dresser, just a bit. Don’t get me wrong, there was nothing wrong with the furniture and I still enjoy it’s look very much, but after ten years, I wanted a little change – so I spray painted the hardware and I wish I would have done it sooner. I also looked into changing out the legs, but it was too expensive. I also looked into installing new hardware, but my idea fell through (however, I’m keeping an eye out for just the right piece of furniture to makeover and try my idea).

easy DIY furniture makeover
Vintage farmhouse bedroom decorating ideas

Create a cozy corner in the bedroom

My husband’s great grandpa’s green leather chair is such a beauty. It has beautiful lines with nail head details, and it’s in amazing condition. The ottoman makes it an idea chair for reading or doing a devotional. So, a new corner library was created and I love the serenity of it. Just out the window is a lovely view of fields and landscape – there’s also a curvy road, but it’s not a busy road. Some people have questioned why the books are facing backwards and that’s just because I love the neutral look and the colors of worn pages so much more than I like book spines. Now, if I had a huge collection of old books, I’d definitely turn out the spines.

create a cozy corner in the bedroom

Master bedroom farmhouse bedding

I have been on the lookout for new bedding for a while, but it’s not an easy task. My husband is particular about sheets, blankets, and bedding. Keeping his preferences at the forefront of my mind, I ended up selecting a comforter. I don’t think we’ve owned a comforter for over 15 years, but this one is Hearth & Hand, and looks like linen.

master bedroom farmhouse bedding

I love the neutral grey, the texture, and tiny cross details. I think it will be wonderful as we transition into spring because it feels so light over me. During these colder months, I’ll add a thin quilt for extra warmth and weight. I can even add some springy throw pillows to brighten it up. With a neutral base, it’s so much easier to swap out blankets and pillows with each season.

Tip: Once you place a new comforter or duvet cover onto your bed, get an extension cord for your iron and iron out the wrinkles right on your bed. Be sure to keep the iron moving and to use the correct temperature for the type of fabric.

Effortless farmhouse bedroom decorating ideas

Our bedroom refresh can’t go without the mention of a few new items I scored from Target. The best part about three of these items is that I will be using them around the house to refresh other areas. Who doesn’t love shopping their house to change up a look? Here’s a list of my new items from Target:

Open weave basket with leather handles

Ceramic vase with tassel

Hearth & Hand grey comforter

White ceramic footed planter

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Vintage cubby makeover

When I found this ten-drawer cubby at a vintage show, I knew I had to have it, but that I’d have to paint it. The dark wood needed a DIY furniture makeover for sure. I don’t normally select pieces that need work, maybe that will change when I have more time. I’m usually drawn to ready-to-go pieces, but I made an exception for this vintage piece. The cubby was offered at a good price, very sturdy – no repairs needed, and I love that it can be used in so many ways.

My next decision was selecting a paint color – that’s a fairly easy decision since I love neutrals and I’m not that adventurous to pick something different. I went with chalk spray paint in chiffon white, again (see the vintage metal side tables here). It looks great, especially with the original hardware. I only covered the exterior sides and I left the drawer sides unpainted – the stained wood here is very pretty. I lightly sanded the edges here and there to give it some pretty wear and tear.

This cubby will soon be used for my oldest daughter’s Christmas Market booth display. She will be selling some things from my Etsy shop to raise funds for her 8th grade Washington D.C. trip next spring. The cubby is large and heavy, and more than what we need to display some of our items, but it is eye catching and a unique way to show off our stuff!

The display needs a few more touches, and because our items are perfect stocking stuffers I’m thinking a few stockings and other Christmas decorations will do the trick. This Christmas Market is going to be so great and so much fun, and the proceeds help 8th graders fund their D.C. trip. It’s a great show if you’re in town!

Facebook event here

This little cubby is sure to pop up around the house, especially with the approaching holidays – I hope you’ll check back with me for some holiday inspiration.

DIY Stenciled Dressers

The final touch for the bohemian master bedroom redesign was a makeover for the dressers. These mission style dressers are in perfect condition and meet the client’s needs. However, the darker stain wasn’t ideal for the light and airy vibe in their new boho room.

There are some ways to makeover wood furniture; you can paint, cover with wallpaper, and stencil, to name a few. After weighing out the options, we went with stenciling a tribal batik pattern only on the drawers of each dresser.

The pattern is perfect for this boho room, and the creamy white colored design brightens the dark wood just enough. We could have also painted the top piece the creamy white or even the entire frame, but we were conservative and subtle with our makeover approach.

Stenciling takes time and patience. It’s not a great project if you’re looking for immediate satisfaction, but the results can be stunning. Here are some times from my experience stenciling these dressers:

  • Number the drawers. I used a piece of painter’s tape inside the drawer to write the number, then I drew a sketch of the dresser and indicated each drawer’s number on the sketch. This will help you to easily put the drawers back in order – especially with the continual pattern we used.
  • Keep the hardware in order. After removing each drawer handle, I lined them up in the same order so that they could be placed back onto the same drawer.
  • Use painters tape to attach your stencil. The painters tape holds well and removes easily.
  • Paint a few drawers at a time. I used some books underneath the drawers to make them lay flat and sturdy. I lined up as many drawers that fit inside the stencil. This saves time and keeps the pattern continual.
  • Use as little as paint as possible. If the paint is too thick, it will run behind the stencil and could ruin your design. I used a towel to lift extra paint, but even then I sometimes experienced extra paint.
  • Use a sponge roller for large stencils. The roller will help keep the paint evenly distributed and covers a larger portion than a small dabbing sponge.
  • Make sure to let the paint dry before removing the stencil – or be very careful.
  • Use a craft acrylic paint. There are so many colors these days to choose from, it dries quickly, and it’s inexpensive.
  • When you seal the stenciled design, either spray or apply with one swipe of a brush. The seal will smear or even remove your design. If you don’t seal the design, it can get scratched off or worn off. Save all your hard work and just seal it with a water-based polyurethane. If you don’t have a light touch for painting, get a spray can of it instead.
  • Be sure to follow the instructions on the can of polyurethane – you want the coats to fully dry and cure before using and installing the hardware.

This awesome stencil is offered by Royal Stencils on This shop includes helpful instructions and delivers a high-quality stencils. They have dozens of designs to chose from.

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