Easy Fall Decorating - Fall Home Tour 2021

Easy Fall Decorating – Fall Home Tour 2021

Happy fall, y’all. Do you love all the fall sayings, or have you had enough? Do you love PSL (pumpkin spice lattes) or hate them? Are you decorating for fall yet, even a few touches? Everyone is different, but I love all things fall and I am so excited to share my Easy Fall Decorating – Fall Home Tour 2021 with you. I really tried to stick with my rust and blush color scheme, but green snuck in too. I should have known, it is my favorite color and a great neutral. It works, but any of the fall colors will do. One of my new favorite color combinations for fall is royal blue and wheat. The colors look great together and it’s a nice transition from summer.

I don’t have a lot to say on this post, but I have a lot of photos to share! I will say that fall decorating is one of my top favorite times to decorate. The style really reflects the fall weather (as soon as we get it) and all the colors in nature as the leaves change and things begin to dry and prepare for the cold winter. Even the smells outside are amazing. If you want to add some fall touches without spending a dime, just remove any other seasonal decor, but keep your everyday things (baskets, pottery, vases, books, containers, nick knacks, and then bring in some nature. Branches, fallen leaves, wheat stems, and even dried up plants that you already have can help to decorate for the fall vibes that have begun outside. I clipped our hydrangeas after they changed color and they dried beautifully. Some small branches and leaves have also begun to fall outside and I’m gathering those up too.

Without further ado, here are the early fall photos of my home, as you know things change regularly, but I really hope my fall touches inspired you and get you in the mood to refresh your home a bit too. I will be preparing my office for a birthday party, and then onto Halloween for a dinner party I’ll be hosting. So there are a lot of changes coming, but I love the challenge of using what I have and creating different looks to work for each event. Stay tuned, be sure to subscribe to get more DIY and decorating inspiration and ideas!

Easy Fall Decorating – Fall Home Tour 2021

Easy Fall Decorating - Fall Home Tour 2021
I love the console table in the entry, but I think the minimal bench adds a simple coziness that you just don’t get with a table.

Easy Fall Decorating - Fall Home Tour 2021
Here are a bunch of my dried hydrangeas. Yes, they make a mess when bumped into, but that’s OK with me.

Easy Fall Decorating - Fall Home Tour 2021
Quinn added the owl. Adding a stuffy isn’t exactly my touch, but it made her so happy. These candlesticks will help create my Murder Mystery dinner party tablescape.

Easy Fall Decorating - Fall Home Tour 2021
The blog post for the DIY vintage man in the moon is here. He is so fun!

Easy Fall Decorating - Fall Home Tour 2021
I stumbled upon these beautiful heirloom pumpkins at a little nursery. I was in heaven looking at all the different types!

Easy Fall Decorating - Fall Home Tour 2021
We love this table, but it’s usually covered with a tablecloth. Love the warmth the wood tone when we can see it!

Easy Fall Decorating - Fall Home Tour 2021
I love gathering items on a tray or stand for the island – it makes it easier to move if I need to quickly.

Easy Fall Decorating - Fall Home Tour 2021

Easy Fall Decorating - Fall Home Tour 2021
A rare view from the family room.

Easy Fall Decorating - Fall Home Tour 2021
Do you like geodes? I love them, but just want this one neutral one – it works for so many seasons and looks.

Easy Fall Decorating - Fall Home Tour 2021
I adore these faux hops stems. You can get them online here.

Easy Fall Decorating - Fall Home Tour 2021
I gathered up all my black books to create a fun little display. We’ve been reading more in the evenings and books always feel cozy to me.

Easy Fall Decorating - Fall Home Tour 2021
I call this an in-progress shot for my floating shelves. I’m working on it!

Easy Fall Decorating - Fall Home Tour 2021

That’s a wrap for my fall home tour. I sincerely hope you found something to inspire your own decorating adventures! As you know, things change around my home often, so be sure to catch me on Instagram to see other fall shots that aren’t in the tour~ And if you enjoy seasonal decorating inspo, DIY projects, crafts, party designs, and more, be sure to subscribe to my one email a week – always happy mail.

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Halloween mantel + decor

I sort of have a love/hate thing going on with Halloween. It’s my mom’s birthday, so I love that about the day. There’s free candy – what’s not to love about that? But as a hater of attention, I don’t like dressing up and being the center of it. As an adult this is no longer an issue, but I have been talked into group costumes at work, so the feeling is still there. I’m joking, a little, but while I’ve always enjoy Halloween shenanigans, I’ve never enjoyed decorating for it, until now.

My girls love all festive decorations, and I truly enjoy creating the magical feeling around the holidays for them. Plus it’s an awesome feeling to see an idea come to life – and actually look good!

We were completely content with our fun fall decor, but I got an idea for a Halloween mantel design and had to go for it. Once I finally grabbed the fallen tree branch from down the road, it was time to put things together.

I found the seven foot long ghosts, lit-up bunting, and fog machine from WalMart. The candles were from around the house and moved down from the mantel to the hearth. And the grey cheesecloth hung around the chalkboard backdrop was from Dollar Tree.

I spent just under $50 to create this Halloween design. Of coarse, you can cut that total in half if you don’t use the fog machine. Confession: the fog machine was better in theory than reality – the fire alarms went off – not cool.

I found more, very doable, Halloween decor ideas out there, but here are a few to inspire:

By: Create Craft Love
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By: The Idea Room
By: The Sweetest Occasion

There’s still time to add a little something spooky to your decor. It’s fun and easy to add a touch of Halloween to your existing fall decor. If you like my mantel design, I would love it if you could Pin it and help me spread the inspiration. Thank you so much for reading my blog – I’m so glad you’re here!

Fall mantel inspiration

I have been enjoying our vintage chalkboard sign from Astoria Vintage Hardware – and I wasn’t quite ready to take it down for fall decorating, so I played around with some different looks on the mantel, but wasn’t feeling it.

And then I discovered an awesome post on Instagram by Toni_Marianna. She creates these beautiful wreaths and I was so inspired that I knew I had to create one. And the mantel was where I’d display it. You need to seriously check out Toni’s Instagram – she is a talented interior designer and more.

These candles are so pretty and cozy in the evening.

After making the wreath, I just added my cute old stuffed pumpkins and all the white candles from around the house. I love how the mantel turned out this year and it was completed using what I already had as well as the DIY wreath project.

This wreath is so unique and beautiful. I really wanted to use fresh cut stems for it like Toni, but that just wasn’t an option for me. I eventually found nicely colored gum leaf stems from Michaels at 60% off – killer savings. I got the eucalyptus stems and cotton picks from Hobby Lobby at 50% off. I already had the grapevine wreath, so that was awesome!

24” grapevine wreath
4 gum leaf stems
4 eucalyptus stems
2 cotton picks


Separate the individual pieces from each stem and pick.
Attach the gum leaf stems at 10:00 and 2:00 with the stems
pointing down so that they can hang.
Alternate from side to side and attach underneath and below the stem above.
Continue attaching all the gumtree stems until they meet and overlap in the middle.
Repeat these steps for the eucalyptus stems. The shapes of these greens really compliment each other and they’re both a nice soft sage green.
Finally, add as many or as few cotton picks as you’d like.
I added three individual picks to each side and kept it simple.

I love the look of this wreath and how it can be updated with flowers or any other pick for the different seasons. I’d love to hear what you think about this design and if you might try it yourself. You can share your comments and thoughts on Facebook or Instagram! Thanks so much for stopping by the blog.

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