How to Create a Jane Austen Tea and DIY Party

How to Create a Jane Austen Tea and DIY Party

My favorite book and movie is Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen. I have designed jewelry inspired by Austen, designed and coordinated two Jane Austen Faires (vintage/craft shows), and now I’ve created an ebook to share how to create a Jane Austen tea and DIY party. Austen’s novels have always inspired me and probably always will. This ebook covers all the steps and plans I used to host my party. The ebook has a link to access the printables to make setting up your own party even easier. The party photos are so inspirational and special to me because they capture the feeling of the party so well – it was magical. My two friends sewed their own regency gowns and looked like they walked right out of the 1800s. It was an amazing tea party!

How to Create a Jane Austen Tea and DIY Party

Designing and creating the decorations was my favorite part of the process and I enjoyed creating little details and using decor around my home to create a book-themed tablescape. Some of the party decorations that I created are still being used around my home because I enjoy them so much. One of the DIY decorations was created to also be a take-away for my guests. I put a lot of thought and planning into creating these decorations and party details.

How to Create a Jane Austen Tea and DIY Party

How to Create a Jane Austen Tea and DIY Party

How to Create a Jane Austen Tea and DIY Party

I don’t usually enjoy cooking and preparing food, but with one of my favorite cook’s recipes at my disposal and a little planning and preparing, the menu was absolutely delicious and easy to put together. You can find the main dish, rotisserie chicken salad sandwiches, on site. My menu was a full tea with a main dish and three sides. We also enjoyed Earl Grey Savoy Tea and treats. Everything was so tasty and I enjoyed adding a little garnish to some of the sides – pretty food tastes so good.

How to Create a Jane Austen Tea and DIY Party

How to Create a Jane Austen Tea and DIY Party
Artwork by: Nameun House

How to Create a Jane Austen Tea and DIY Party – Book Safe DIY

After enjoying our lunch and the excitement of our regency outfits and the ambiance of the party, we got started on our craft project! There is something so fun about crafting with others and seeing how each person gets creative and makes their own design. The best thing about the book safe DIY is that most people haven’t created one before and they make such a great keepsake and decor accessory around your home. I found some Jane Austen digital images on Etsy that we used to decorate the covers of our book safes as well as other ephemera and craft items. One of my favorite items was my wax seal kit! I used it on the invitations, the name cards, and my book safe. You can find the one I used on here on Amazon.

How to Create a Jane Austen Tea and DIY Party

How to Create a Jane Austen Tea and DIY Party

How to Create a Jane Austen Tea and DIY Party

This post only shares a fraction of the photos from the beautiful tea party, but you can enjoy more inspiration, a party plan, DIY decorations, recipes, a DIY craft, and party printables all found in the ebook. I already have two more tea party plans in the making and I can’t wait to share those also. Have you ever been to a tea party or would like to host one? Costumes aren’t necessary, but they sure are fun! Thanks for reading this post and be sure to subscribe for more DIY, design, and decorating.

How to Create a Jane Austen Tea and DIY Party

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Anthropologie Inspired Lamp Makeover

Anthropologie Inspired Lamp Makeover

This Anthropologie inspired lamp makeover was filled with a roller coaster of emotion and troubleshooting. For this DIY flea market flip, I wanted to try to duplicate an expensive lamp design, but I failed horribly on my first attempt. The original idea was to create a dimensional polka dot effect around the lamp base. I found a few high-end lamp designs with this look, but here’s one from Burke Decor for $695.

To duplicate this look, I considered various options keeping in mind that I wanted it to be doable, even easy for anyone to do. I also wanted to keep the price as low as possible so I did a bunch of research and landed on using party poppers to create my dimensional polka dot effect. I considered felt balls, but couldn’t get a smooth finish on them and air dry clay was another thought, but it would be difficult to make all the balls the same size. So, I ordered my party poppers and used a glue gun to attach them. This concept may have worked if I would have used a better adhesive, but the lamp base is curved and unless the glue dries quickly it would be a bit tricky attaching each one. However, once the spray paint dried, the party poppers fell off. I was so bummed, my idea basically fell off, literally!

Anthropologie Inspired Lamp Makeover

So, I went back to the drawing board, or Pinterest, but I didn’t find anything that grabbed my attention. However, my leftover container of DAP spackling compound did grab my attention and I imagined a way to apply it to the lamp base to create a highly textured dimensional design that screamed Anthropologie. Anthropologie is known for their unique rich designs for clothing, accessories, and furnishings — just walking into a store stirs up my creative juices. Anthropologie doesn’t have a lamp like the one I flipped, but they inspired it!

Anthropologie Inspired Lamp Makeover

This lamp and damaged shade was $10. I used spackling compound I already had as well as gold and white chalk spray paint I had on hand. However, the lampshade definitely needed to be replaced, so I picked up a simple white drum shade from Walmart. Before working on a design to cover the hand painted ceramic lamp, I spray painted the brass base a matte gold color and it really brightened and modernized it.

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I used a latex glove to apply the spackling compound, and my first attempt was too linear. I scraped it off and then applied it at angles, sometimes using a bit more compound to create thicker smears. My oldest daughter noticed that the texture looked like feathers and I just loved that vision for it. The process was quick, and it dried over night. I didn’t use a complete tub of the compound for both lamps, but I supposed the amount you would need would depend on the space you’re covering. The compound is lightweight and doesn’t chip off because of the silicone in it. Once the compound was dry, I taped off the gold base and spray painted the rest of the lamp with white chalk spray paint. And with new white shades, these lamps look fantastic. I’m so glad I figured out a technique for this flea market flip, they’re beautiful and one-of-a-kind. To see how I applied the compound, check out this short video.

Thanks so much for checking out my Anthropologie inspired lamp makeover! I really love how they turned out and can’t believe the transformation of these flea market lamps. You can also see my easy fall garland in these photos. I also made this Z gallerie inspired DIY wall art which is why I had spackling compound leftover. I’d love to know what you think about this lamp makeover, please just leave your comment below. Be sure to subscribe to receive notifications when new posts are published – no spam, just one fun email a week.

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Anthropologie Inspired DIY Animal Trinket Dish

Anthropologie Inspired DIY Animal Trinket Dish

There are a few things I like to have on my night stand; a lamp, phone charger, and a trinket dish. This Anthropologie inspired DIY animal trinket dish makes such a great gift! You can use any animal, a glass or plastic dish – new or upcycled, and it can be any color you want. I love this simple DIY and how cute it turned out. I actually found these little ceramic dishes at the Target Dollar Spot for $3. I grabbed a bag of the plastic animals from Hobby Lobby and used my 40% off coupon! And I already had glue and spray paint on hand, so this DIY was super affordable and is fun for ladies of all ages.

Anthropologie Inspired DIY Animal Trinket Dish

The steps are quick and easy, just be patient during the glue and paint drying time.

  1. Cut the plastic toy animal.
  2. Sand off any loose bits.
  3. Spray paint the toy animal if desired. You can also spray paint the dish if desired.
  4. First glue the bottom half of the toy animal to the dish.
  5. Once dry, make sure it can stand up on a hard surface.
  6. Line up the toy animal head with the animal bottom, and then glue the top to the top of the dish.

I created this short video to show just how easy it is to create this Anthropologie inspired DIY animal trinket dish:


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Thanks so much for checking out this short post. This Anthropologie inspired DIY trinket dish is so easy and is a fun gift for all ages! You can find me on Instagram for more fun and easy DIY projects.

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DIY Anthropologie inspired craft

Anthropologie has the prettiest accessories… and clothing and furniture and displays! It’s safe to say I’m a huge fan of their designs and overall style. I just love the details, textures, and colors, they’re so inspiring in all they do with their designs – and they carry awesome brands! This DIY Anthropologie inspired craft can be customized and each creation is unique.

DIY Anthropologie inspired craft

This DIY craft can be imagined for all kinds of applications and designs. We have several planters around the house so I was drawn to creating a planter, but I also wanted to test out a tealight holder and this DIY did not disappoint. I think this craft could create a gorgeous photo frame, mini wreath, wall art, or an embellished trinket box. One of the things I like about this craft is that it lends itself perfectly for repurposing things around the house or from a thrift store or garage sale. If you can think of a great item to use this technique on, please leave your idea in the comments below to inspire us all!

DIY Anthropologie inspired craft

I love DIY crafts that don’t cost much, but also look high-end. It’s so satisfying to create something beautiful with my own two hands without breaking the bank. Most of the supplies can probably be found around the house, but even if not, they’re not expensive to purchase and they can be used for other projects. Here’s a list of the supplies I used to create my DIY Anthropologie inspired craft:

DIY Anthropologie inspired craft

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Supplies for the DIY Anthropologie inspired craft:

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  • Plaster of Paris (water, a wire whisk, and a container to mix it)
  • Planter (pot, container, vase, empty can or jar)
  • Faux flowers (any size and type – whatever fits your container best)
  • Foam or box (poke holes into either foam or a box for the flowers to dry)
  • Glue
  • Spray paint (I used Rustoleum blush chalk spray paint)
  • Other: scissors, workspace, area to spray paint
DIY Anthropologie inspired craft

Here are the steps to create your own DIY Anthropologie inspired craft:

  1. Select your planter/container
  2. Select your faux flowers and leave a little stem on each one for drying later
  3. Set up your drying area – poke holes in the foam or box
  4. Pick a container to mix your Plaster of Paris – make sure it’s the right size to submerge the faux flowers you selected. Add enough tap water to the container to submerge the flowers
  5. Slowly add scoops of Plaster of Paris to the water – mix it as you go – watch for a pancake batter consistency to determine when it’s ready
  6. Once the plaster is ready, dip each faux flower into the plaster – submerge the flower and coat all the petals
  7. Let the excess plaster drip off of the flower before placing it in the foam or box
  8. You may need to work fast because the plaster will become too thick and adding water is only a short and temporary fix – allow flowers to dry for 24 hours (maybe longer for large flowers)
  9. Once the plaster flowers are dry, check to see if a second coat is needed or not. You want a thick enough layer so that the petals can’t bend or break easily
  10. If the flower is done, cut the stem off the faux flower
  11. Glue the flower to the planter/container – you may need to use Scotch tape to hold the flower in place while it dries
  12. After the flowers are glued and set, double check each one to make sure additional glue doesn’t need to be added to stabilize the setting
  13. Once your flowers are glued and all dry – spray paint all over the flowers and planter to create a monochromatic look which will make the piece look cohesive and crafted as one piece.

Tip: Make extra flowers, just in case.

This DIY Anthropologie inspired craft is also perfect to create some one-of-a-kind vases that I can use in the future for birthday flowers, as a hostess gift, or a teacher gift. I hope this DIY craft got your creative juices flowing. You don’t have to just dip faux flowers, you can dip feathers, little plastic kids’ toys, pine cones, etc. If you want to experiment with any dispensable items you have around the house, just gather them up and dip them after you’ve completed dipping your flowers because you will have extra plaster leftover. And if you have any clever ideas of things to dip or items to embellish, share it below in the comments!

DIY Anthropologie inspired craft

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Easy Thanksgiving mantel DIY decor

November is the time of year that I tend to lean towards neutral colors with my home decor. I’m bringing out cozy blankets, softer pillows, any texture I can find, and of coarse, candles. This year, my Thanksgiving mantel is using decor I have as well as a few easy DIY crafts. This is my version of a Thanksgiving mantel DIY decor project. I made the doily candle holders, pampas grass arrangements, and the coffee filter flower garland.

Easy Thanksgiving mantel DIY decor

The coffee filter flower garland fell from the ceiling so I attached it to the mantel. When one idea doesn’t work out – just modify it and make it work in a new way. We’re not using our fireplace yet, so the garland works here for now.

Thanksgiving Mantel DIY Decor
Doily candle holder

When I made the doily candle holders, I tried two techniques and I’d recommend using both. You’ll need balloons, and you’ll blow it up to the size that fits your doily. With the first technique, you’ll need Elmer’s glue, water, and a bowl. With the second technique, you’ll just need spray starch.

Doily candle holder
Doily candle holder

Both methods will require an area for the doily to dry. I taped the balloon to a paper cup and set it on some junk mail to catch any drips.

Doily candle holder

If you mix Elmer’s glue with water, it’s not a science, so I don’t have measurements. I just poured some glue in the bowl and added water until the glue was thin, but thicker than water. The glue method works well on thicker doilies or if you need a sturdy structure to the doily. It does take longer to dry.

Doily candle holder

If you use spray starch, get a ‘heavy hold’ spray and know that you may need to apply a second coat once the first coat dries. The starch worked really well on the finer light-weight doily (the larger doily on the right-side), but it does has some flexibility to it while the glued doily does not.

Thanksgiving Mantel DIY Decor
Pampas arrangements

I used dried pinto beans to fill my pedestal vases because it’s inexpensive, shows texture, and it helps the pampas stems stay put. I filled the rest of the vases with yarn pom poms to add more texture and whimsy. I made the pom poms using a pom pom maker, but there are a lot of ways to make them without a tool you need to purchase.

Pampas arrangement
Pampas arrangement for Thanksgiving

We don’t have pampas grass, but we do live in a big neighborhood where we found several wild bushes. I sent my oldest daughter out there to cut six stems and she did a great job! I had forgotten how messy pampas grass is, so my tip is to trim your stems outside so they’re ready once inside.

Pampas arrangement

Thanksgiving Mantel DIY Decor
Coffee filter flower garland

This fun DIY craft cost me $2 to make and about an hour of my time. Each flower was created using about seven coffee filters. To reshape coffee filters, just get them wet and then allow them to dry. I put 100 wet coffee filters in the dryer with a few towels on the lowest heat. Then I had to flatten each filter, but it was fine because at this point I created my stacks of seven filters. Then I stapled the stack near the center, glue gunned the middle filters together around a string I pre-measured, and then stapled on the other side of the glue.

coffee filter flower garland
Thanksgiving mantel decor

The framed word art is from House of Belonging, and the laser carved word is from Feather and Birch on Etsy.

coffee filter flower garland

This Thanksgiving mantel was so much fun to create. I hope you’re inspired to give your mantel a little makeover – maybe with some texture from nature or even a DIY craft. There is something calming and peaceful about neutral tones, texture, and bringing in nature – there’s so much to be thankful for. For brighter colors and inspiration, check out my fall home tour.

Marbled pumpkins

This DIY craft is so easy and fun! I love how this craft can be customized to fit your decor and style. You can use any color of nail polish and you can use real or faux pumpkins.

For the most part, I usually pick out color combinations prior to designing, but this time the color of nail polish I had on hand dictated my decor. My first attempt involved kids polish – it didn’t work at all. There must be an additive or something in kids polish that makes it less like paint and less toxic. Great for my girls, not so great for this craft.

So, lesson learned, the smelliest most toxic polish seems to work the best for this project. I used navy and sky blue polish and in hindsight I wish I would have added a bit of gold as well. The beauty of this DIY craft is that you can use one color or many – it’s up to you. And at this point I could actually add a layer of gold if I wanted.

I gathered up all the white pumpkins around the house and set them out on wax paper. This is the same wax paper you’ll dry the pumpkins on after marbling them.

Pro tip: I originally used warm water, but the polish sank to the bottom. The key is using hot tap water.

When you pour drops of polish into the water, you can see it spread and swirl across the surface tension of the water. I didn’t even need to swirl the colors with a toothpick because each drop cause motion and the colors swirled on their own. I dropped about five drops of each color – give or take.

You can dip one half of the pumpkin – allow to dry – then dip the other half. Or you can dip only the top, only the bottom, or one side at an angle. Have fun with it. Consider how you will be displaying the pumpkins to help decide how to dip them.

* I used a disposable cool whip container so that I could throw it away afterwards.

The best part about this project is that you can re-purpose your Halloween pumpkins and give them a little makeover for Thanksgiving!

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How to prepare for your succulent arranging party

It’s not in my nature to brag, but I married into a wonderful family. I truly enjoy spending time with all of my in-laws. It had been a while since the adult ladies hung out so I decided we were due for a girl’s night. When I saw a gorgeous succulent display at Bauman Farms, my plan quickly formed.

Putting together succulent arrangements (follow my 5 easy steps) couldn’t be easier, it requires no experience or skills and it doesn’t take forever.

To plan my party, I busted out a pad of paper and started creating lists, as I typically do. A succulent arranging party can be the theme for so many ocassions – baby showers, bridal showers, birthday parties, retirement parties, women’s retreats, ladies night, or just because.

I have created a simple list of things you’ll need to host a fabulous succulent arranging party.

  • Large succulent plants, different varieties, in assorted shapes and colors.

    Large plants allow guests to trim off small parts for their arrangement, and the large plant will regrow so it’s a win-win.

    You can also buy individually potted succulents in bulk. These make great focal points and already have roots making it easy to transplant.
  • Succulent/cactus soil. Place soil into a large container and have a large spoon or small shovel to scoop the soil into the pots.

    Potting mix that is specifically for succulents and cacti has sand, pumice, or pearlite to help with drainage. Succulents require good drainage.
  • Tools: pots/containers, scissors, chopsticks, Popsicle or wood skewer, and a watering can.

    The chopstick helps to fit the succulent cuttings tightly into the soil.

    The Popsicle stick is used to show you when to water your arrangement. There are so many options for pots, but they must have a drainage hole and a dish or something to catch excess water.
  • A vinyl tablecloth or plastic place mats.
    To make clean-up easier, do this activity outside. You can get really creative with an outdoor garden party, or keep it simple. To stay on-theme, I found these succulent napkins and created a lovely succulent centerpiece. For centerpiece inspiration, click here.

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  • Food!
    Technically, you don’t have to have food, but is it really a party without it? I kept it simple with dessert, and this recipe did not disappoint: No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Delight by The Farmwife Cooks.

  • Invites.
    While a text message to family is fine, you may want to add a little something extra. Download this image and attach it to your email or text.

Because succulents are so easy to plant, you don’t need to print specific instructions. However, as the host, you’ll want to know the steps so you can guide your guests through creating their succulent arrangement!

Where to buy succulents:
Amazon (Shipping succulents is easy because they can easily go without water for around a week.)
Etsy (Be sure to check shipping costs and shipping time.)
Local farms (My favorite is in Gervais, Oregon – Bauman Farms has a large and healthy selection.)

I hope these ideas are helpful and if you have any additional tips or ideas, please leave a comment here or on Facebook~

For more succulent inspiration:
How to make easy succulent arrangements
How to make a succulent centerpiece your guests won’t forget