10 Easy arrangements from your own backyard

One of the easiest ways to freshen up your decor is to look in your backyard for inspiration. This can be tricky if you don’t have mature plants, shrubs, and trees, but I hope this post provides inspiration for everyone. Check out these 10 easy arrangements from your own backyard. I just know this inspiration will have you wanting to bring springtime inside your home too.

10 Easy arrangements from your own backyard
Garden arrangement: Zinnias, carrot tops, beet leaves, and dill weed

One of the best things about our very first 80 year old home was the beautiful landscape done by the previous owners. I loved the lilac tree in the back corner because it was bursting with lilacs every summer. But then we moved into a new home with baby plants and trees. After a few years, the maple tree provided many lovely branches for my home and over the years we planted what we wanted and I was able to use clippings from my own backyard to create simple, lovely, and free arrangements in my home.

10 Easy arrangements from your own backyard

I have found 10 talented bloggers with the best inspiration for using nature to create simple and stunning arrangements. Check out these 10 easy arrangements from your own backyard:

I really appreciate and love the effortless look of freshly cut branches and clippings. You can make a bold statement with a large bushel of lilacs or a simple statement with three small clippings of greenery — you can use any container, clip any plant, and place it in any room to add a fresh and cozy feel.

Even winter branches and twigs will work!

Affordable vases and vessels

You can use any leak proof container to hold your arrangement, but if you’re looking for something new and affordable, check out these beauties from WalMart!

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for my trees to get more leaves so that I can clip just a few branches! I hope you found inspiration in these 10 easy arrangements from your own backyard. This is also a fun project to task the kids — encourage them to get a little creative and take some pride in decorating their room or bathroom.

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804 Sycamore

Garden floral arrangement

You guys, this arrangement was so much fun to create! I’m normally drawn to short and small arrangements – I like my blooms close together and not pointy and flared, does that even make sense?

The garden was showing signs of dying out and the wind had blown over all the zinnias – so I decided to do one last hurrah of an arrangement using our remaining garden bounty.

The one item not from the garden is dill weed – I wanted a light and airy filler for the arrangement and I love the smell of dill. To make this 100% free I could have cut some Queen Anne’s Lace from the field behind us, but I went with dill.

This garden arrangement has zinnias, beet leaves, carrots and their tops, and dill weed. I love the way the carrots look through the glass vase and how grand the entire arrangement turned out.

I was so inspired after creating this fun and unique arrangement that I created a guide with 10 inspirational ways to use produce in your arrangements. If you have already subscribed to my blog, you will get this nifty guide in your email soon. And if you subscribe now, you will also get the guide.

Floral arrangements are such an easy way to brighten someone’s day, or celebrate, and even to just enjoy around the house. I enjoyed showing my girls how to use our garden produce in a new way – they thought it was pretty cool and I really hope you’re also inspired to look at produce or your garden in a new way – to fully make the most of the all the parts (Unless you need them for compost! That’s important too.)

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