Easy Frame Update Using Gold Rub'n Buff

Easy Frame Update Using Gold Rub’n Buff

One of the easiest ways to update decorative items, mirrors, frames, and even furniture, is by applying Rub’n Buff wax paste. It adheres to almost any hard surface. Maybe you have thrifted frames, inherited frames, or even have custom frames that only need an update for you to love and enjoy them again. Look no further, Rub’n Buff could be the answer to rejuvenating something old into something new again. I used to think that Rub’n Buff only made a few colors, but they make so many different colors that you’re bound to find something to suit your style. After having some vintage art prints made, I started looking for frames, but the large size was really expensive. To save money and get the look I wanted, I used black poster frames and then did this easy frame update using gold Rub’n Buff.

Easy Frame Update Using Gold Rub'n Buff

The specific color I used was gold leaf because I love the texture and dimension in the gold leaf Rub’n Buff wax. The advantage of using Rub’n Buff is that it can be done indoors, unlike spray paint, and it’s easy to control the application because you can use your finger, a rag, or brush. The paste format is very easy to use and manipulate. I was surprised by how quickly it dried, but I suppose that depends on how thick you apply the Rub’n Buff and how good your ventilation is. The small tube of Rub’n Buff paste was about $6 and I worried that one tube wouldn’t cover all three of my poster frames, but it did and my tube is still at least half way full. Now, I’m looking around the house to find my next Rub’n Buff project because the frames turned out so well.

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With Rub’n Buff, you can brush on touches of accent color, or you can fully cover a piece. The options for transforming a piece are endless – you just need to decide what your style is and what look you want. I used a finger protector because Rub’n Buff is like a paint and I didn’t want it soaking into my skin, but you can use your finger or any brush applicator – whatever suits your needs. A brush may be easier if you have to work the paste into grooves or tight spots, and a rag may work well for larger flat areas. Any way you approach it, I recommend starting out with a small amount and getting a feel for how well it spreads across the surface and how much it takes to cover a certain amount of space. It’s best to work in a small area because it begins to dry quickly.

Easy Frame Update Using Gold Rub'n Buff

It was my experience that it spread quickly and if I started with too much it would begin to dry and get a texture that wasn’t as easy to smooth out. I worked in small areas at a time and fully covered the space before moving on. There were a few times that my fingernail scratched the drying paste and it left an impression, but all I had to do was add a little more Rub’n Buff paste to that spot and it smoothed right over the blemish. You could even wait until your piece is dry and then do all your touch-ups at once. This Rub’n Buff technique couldn’t be easier or more fool-proof. I love how affordable it is and how easily it transforms a piece giving it an entirely different look.

Easy Frame Update Using Gold Rub'n Buff

I absolutely love wall art galleries with mismatched frames. I love the eclectic look and how it adds so much interest and movement. However, I equally love all matching frames too – the consistency and the way it allows you to fully focus on the art or photos. If you have a bunch of mismatched frames and either don’t want to replace them to all match or maybe you love the frame style, but wish it was another color – Rub’n Buff could be your answer. A tube of Rub’n Buff is a lot cheaper than replacing frames to all match and even then you may not be able to find all the sizes you need in the matching color you want. Changing the color can also change the style of the frame. I love the sleek and simple style of my modern poster frames, but my art prints have a vintage vibe, so using the gold leaf Rub’n Buff paste allowed me to mix my two favorite styles, modern and vintage.

I created a short video to show you how I worked the Rub’n Buff paste onto my black wood frames. Please click the LIKE button if you give it a watch, I really appreciate the love!

Easy Frame Update Using Gold Rub’n Buff – Video:

Easy Frame Update Using Gold Rub’n Buff

Here is a shot of all three frames done and dry. You can’t see how pretty these prints are because of the widow light brightening them, but they look stunning in the gold frame compared to a modern black frame. These particular frames are 20×30″ and I’m not using the plexiglass cover because it causes a bad glare over the art prints. I’m so happy with the way these turned out and can’t believe how affordable it was and how quickly the frames transformed!

Easy Frame Update Using Gold Rub'n Buff

As you can see, Rub’n Buff is pretty awesome and I highly recommend using it to easily transform a picture frame, mirror, decorative element, and even furniture. I think this product would be a fun thing to use with a friend – gather some thrifted items or old decor around the house and see if you can make it something to enjoy again~

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How to style your modern farmhouse with pottery

How to style your modern farmhouse with pottery

If you want to see some beautiful examples of how to style your modern farmhouse with pottery, you’re in the right place! In high school, I took pottery class because I liked crafty projects and making things. Did you take pottery, or wish you would have? It’s not that easy, and don’t even get me started about glazing. To this day, I still love and appreciate pottery and I find that it elevates my modern farmhouse decor.

How to style your modern farmhouse with pottery

How to style your modern farmhouse with pottery

The best thing about pottery is that it works in every room and with every design style. The type of glaze or finish alone can determine if it works with your style and feel of the room. The size of pottery may determine its purpose in the room. And the shape may determine which room you use it in. I also love how pottery can be left empty, used to display stems or other items, or even to hide something (like money or a spare key). Pottery is so abundant and affordable these days. I have selected nine pots/vases, all neutral, and all under $60.

Handmade pottery

And I can’t do a post about pottery without mentioning my talented sister-in-law, Stephanie. Their family are missionaries, and she sells her hand-thrown creations to help fund their journey (overseas missions, state-side missions, kids missions, service projects, etc.). I also know that Stephanie is very close to becoming a state certified midwife, but she will need expensive tools for her birthing bag. Did you know a quality Doppler is like $500?! So, if you love one-of-a-kind handmade coffee mugs and more, check her out on Instagram @wadsycreative.

Where to add pottery around the house

I think it’s important to give some thought to the space or spot you’re wanting to add pottery to. Consider the height of the space or shelf and make sure the pottery will fit. Also consider the bottom of the pottery, will it need some felt pads so that it doesn’t scratch surfaces. Also consider how it will be used; does it need to hold water, if it does, can it?

Pottery works so well in all home decor styles, but I love how versatile it is in modern farmhouse design. If you want to add a contemporary or modern look to an area, like an old vintage cabinet, then you’ll want to lean towards a smooth glaze finish, even glossy. A piece of pottery can also lean towards a modern feel if it has less curves and minimal external texture or grooves. Modern farmhouse pottery is also usually neutral and solid in color – it’s simple and sleek.

Conversely, if you have a modern cabinet that you want to add some rustic charm to, look for curvy pottery pieces, and pottery with rough texture, and natural or a natural mixing of colors. Pottery with an aged or vintage look can add the perfect touch of farmhouse to your modern farmhouse style. Handmade pottery also adds a story to your design, and the uniqueness of the piece will add a lovely detail to your styling.


Another strength of styling your modern farmhouse with pottery is that one piece can stand alone, as long as the size is right within the display, but it also looks good coupled or grouped with other pottery pieces. And if your pottery is waterproof, it can have multiple purposes.

To elevate your modern farmhouse decor, consider adding pottery; to any room, in any shape or size, for any purpose, modern or rustic – you will love the designer-look of having pottery around your home, inside or out. There are so many wonderful shops out there with various options for selecting pottery pieces at all price ranges. I know what my budget is, but I also know that when I really love a piece of decor that it might be worth getting it because I’ll use and love it forever.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my blog. I hope you found it helpful and encouraging. Please leave your comments, questions, and thoughts below – I read each one and love hearing from you! Feel free to share this post or PIN it for later~

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Stunning Easter egg centerpiece

There are so many gorgeous Easter centerpiece ideas out there. I love them all – Easter is my favorite holiday and I enjoy all the different decor styles to celebrate this day. I decided to go with a more natural look for my stunning Easter egg centerpiece.

Stunning Easter egg centerpiece

Stunning Easter egg centerpiece

Stunning Easter egg centerpiece

I used a real tree branch and three real egg shells. Here are some tips for assembling this Easter egg centerpiece:

  • Tape the base of your branch to something heavy enough to keep your branch upright. I used a container of playdoh to secure my branch and then I covered it with coffee beans.
  • Use a push pin and carefully twist it into the top of the egg shell until you make a hole. This is the hole to hang the eggshell by a string.
  • When you crack the shell on the side of the egg, be sure to pull off any of the remaining membrane from the egg shell to give the cracked edge a clean look.
  • After the shell is clean and dry, carefully paint the inside of the egg any color you want. Once the paint is dry, you can use a small needle to push the string down into the top hole. Then tie a knot and make the string whatever length you want to hang from your branch.
  • I used shredded raffia to make my mini nests inside the egg shells.
  • I found some cute fake speckled eggs to sit on the nests but they were a bit larger than I wanted, so I actually used chocolate cadbury eggs – they’re cute and delicious!

More Easter centerpiece inspiration:

Here are some more Easter centerpiece designs by some very talented bloggers:

I don’t know about you, but these gorgeous centerpieces are so inspiring to me! As always, thank you so much for reading. I love hearing your comments (scroll down and leave a note) as well as seeing your follows on Facebook and Instagram. And thank you for helping spread the word about my blog – sharing is caring!

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paint the inside of your front door

Paint the inside of your front door

The inside of your front door is often an overlooked area to update or use to draw attention to. I think it’s almost more important to paint the inside of your front door before updating the outside, especially since the inside view is the side we see most often.

The inside of the front door is a great place to add an accent color, to bring focus to, or to just freshen up with a new coat of paint. Our home interior is monochromatic, so the inside of our front door is the same color as the trim and walls, Sherwin Williams Alabaster. I’ve considered painting it black or my favorite grey, but I like how clean the white looks next to our built-in foyer bench.

Paint the inside of your front door
The Design Files

In another house I would be very tempted to strip the paint and sand it down to bare wood. I love the warmth and simplicity of natural wood. If you’re considering this option, check out Vintage Society Co. steps to reclaiming wood to its original look – these steps focus on furniture, but apply to reclaiming any wood products.

The color you choose should be selected with consideration to your wall color, floor color, trim color, and furnishings. Depending on your particular style or the feeling you want to impart will depend how subtle or bold you go with color.

Bosh Designs

Paint the inside of your front door

I have found some beautiful front doors with fun interior paint colors. I hope these examples inspire you and help you consider painting the interior of your front door – if it’s an update you want to take on.

And if you want a great tutorial on how to paint the inside of your stained wood front door, check out this post from A Blissful Nest.

Life on Virginia Street

Design Loves Detail

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More inspiration – easy paint makeovers

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