IKEA Billy Bookcase Boho Hack

IKEA Billy Bookcase Boho Hack

The original plan for Sawyer’s IKEA Billy Bookcase was very different than how it turned out. I would say that around half of my ideas change shape from the original idea – that’s a part of design and planning, sometimes plans change. In my mind, the bookcase would have no glass, and cane webbing in place of the glass. Then when I actually purchased the IKEA bookcase, I realized that the glass was incased in between the wood doors. And I wasn’t going to break out the glass so it was staying put. After unboxing the door, I realized I only had about 1/18 inch of wood to staple the cane webbing into the wood… um what?! The cane bookcase idea wasn’t going to work. As usual, I went to the Internet to brainstorm other possibilities for the IKEA Billy Bookcase boho hack. Jen of City Farmhouse actually paints right over the glass – her bookcase unit turned out beautifully, check it out here. I considered decoupaging paper and fabric, stapling fabric, contact paper, and peel and stick wall paper. I ordered some free contact paper samples and knew right away that paper wasn’t going to get us the boho look. We needed texture! Sawyer has had a burlap pin board for several years and she wanted to keep it with her new room design, so we decided to try out some burlap fabric in the bookcase.

IKEA Billy Bookcase Boho Hack

IKEA Billy Bookcase Boho Hack – Tutorial

The steps are easy and straight forward. In fact, there are probably many other ways to attach fabric to cabinet doors, but this is how I did it. You can also check out my short video to see how easy it is, but here are the steps:

  1. Measure the cabinet door and determine how much fabric or burlap you need to buy.
    (I only needed three yards for this 8′ bookcase because the burlap is 45″ wide.)
  2. Cut the burlap in half and iron out any creases.
  3. Apply double sided tape around the inside of the bookcase, right against the edge of the wood frame near the glass.
    (The tape is just to reinforce the edge of the burlap and help keep it in place. It may not be necessary at all.)
  4. Use a small nail and lightly hammer the nail into each corner of the wood to make a start for the thumbtack.
  5. Then carefully hammer a flat thumbtack into the shallow nail hole until it’s flush with the wood.
    (I evenly placed 10 thumbtacks around each cabinet door.)
  6. Add door hinges and attach doors and handles to the cabinet.

IKEA Billy Bookcase Boho Hack – Video

Be sure to watch the entire video from start to finish. It’s short and the end shows how I organized the inside of the bookcase, shelf by shelf! Also, please hit that Like button!

IKEA Billy Bookcase Boho Hack – Shop this space

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IKEA Billy Bookcase Boho Hack

IKEA Billy Bookcase Boho Hack

IKEA Billy Bookcase Boho Hack

IKEA Billy Bookcase Boho Hack

IKEA Billy Bookcase Boho Hack

Full disclaimer: It’s not perfect. There, I said it! I didn’t cut the burlap perfectly straight, I didn’t cut the burlap correctly (just google it), and I didn’t finish the burlap edge with a stitched edge or glue – nothing. But it still looks good, it works well, and it really does look cool in-person. This bookcase is a place for my daughter’s stuff and even though it’s organized stuff, it’s not stuff that she wants to look at all the time. So, covering the glass doors with inexpensive burlap was our fix. I love the idea of painting these doors, but that style wasn’t as good as a fit for this room. We could have found a different cabinet for her things, but we wanted a tall and slim bookcase to do the job – and the IKEA price couldn’t be beat. The point is, this worked for us and I hope it inspires ideas to help make your furniture or design work for you. Design plans don’t always pan out, so be encouraged that you’ll find a solution that works well and looks good too! And I’m always happy to help brainstorm possible ideas, so leave me a comment or shoot me an email!

If you don’t want clear glass doors on your cabinet or bookcase, there are lots of different techniques to consider. Using burlap is just one idea to consider and it was really easy to install and it’s not permanent. If we remove the burlap, tacks, and tape, there will be 10 tiny tack holes left, but we’re not worried about those. If you like this side of my teen daughter’s room, you gotta check out the other side with her bed. I created boho farmhouse shiplap with a plant shelf – it’s relaxing and soothing~

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Affordable DIY Cane Headboard
Affordable DIY Cane Headboard

Easy DIY faux succulent wall art

Easy DIY faux succulent wall art

My teenage daughter, Sawyer, loves the boho style and we’ve been planning her bedroom design for a while now. It’s fun to look through Pinterest together and brainstorm different ideas. We’re still working out the various ways that plants will decorate her space, but we quickly decided to incorporate this easy DIY faux succulent wall art design. The design was inspired by Pottery Barn’s faux succulent wall art – because it’s so gorgeous.

A one-minute video is at the end of this post – it includes a helpful tip for creating your own easy DIY faux succulent wall art!

We quickly determined that we could create our own faux succulent wall art and pick out a wood crate that worked for our vision. We searched some vintage shops and found several crates that were great, but they were a little deep for what we envisioned.

Finally, we stumbled upon this tall and shallow wooden shadow box – and it didn’t have a price tag. Sawyer took the crate up to the front for a price check and of course they had to contact the vendor to find out. We made it through the rest of the store before we got an answer. We were so excited to find out it was just $20. The price for this unique vintage piece was in our budget and we were thrilled. Our design was coming together piece by piece.

For me, patience always pays off when I’m searching for a vintage piece. If I just wait for it and keep searching, I usually find what I’m after for the right price!

The wooden shadow box was in perfect condition and sturdy for being so low profile and vintage. We measured it and were thrilled to find out that the depth of our foam would fit perfectly and we’d only have to make side cuts to fit the foam in each of the three spaces. If this were a live succulent wall garden, we’d use oasis floral foam, cactus dirt, chicken wire, and moss, but these are faux succulents so we only used heavy duty floral foam and glue to hold them up in our arrangement.

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Supplies to create this easy DIY faux succulent wall art:

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Rustic wood crate or this wood crate
Rustic wood crate
Hardware hangers
Floral foam
Wood glue
Roll of sheet moss
Steel chopsticks
Glue gun and sticks
Pack of 14 succulents
Pack of 16 succulents
Pack of 18 succulents

Easy DIY faux succulent wall art

Easy DIY faux succulent wall art

This DIY project is pretty easy to decipher just by looking at it, but here are the steps and a tip to save you time and frustration.

  1. Clean up and repair the wooden crate if necessary
  2. Attach picture hanging hardware to the back
  3. Cut floral foam to fit your crate
  4. Use wood glue to attach the foam inside the crate
    (Use books to keep the foam pressed down while the glue dries for about 24 hours)
  5. Fit and cut out the moss sheet to cover the foam
    (Do not glue down the moss sheet)
  6. Select a faux succulent and cut the stem shorter than the depth of the foam
  7. Poke a hole through the moss sheet and into the foam using a steel chopstick or screwdriver
    (Make sure the hole is the right size to fit each particular succulent stem)

    TIP: After you poke the hole, cut all four sides of the hole to make sure the thread backing on the sheet moss doesn’t get in your way when you install the succulent. See video below.
  8. Fill the hole with hot glue stick and immediately add the succulent stem (Continue steps 6-8 until you’re satisfied with your design)

    TIP: Start with the largest succulents first, then add the medium sized ones, and finally add the smallest ones to fill little spaces or tuck partially under the larger ones for a natural look.

That’s it, so easy and creative. If you make a mistake, this craft is very forgiving. You can pull out a glued-in faux succulent and fill the hole with some loose moss – no worries! Sawyer is thrilled with the final product and can’t wait to install it into her bedroom design. We are working on some additional DIY projects for her room and I can’t wait to share them with you! But until I get to those projects, check out these amazing boho-inspired DIY projects that are stunning in person!

Bohemian Plant Shelf

I have to start out with a confession – I’m horrible at keeping plants alive. I’m pretty good with people and animals, but not so much with plants. I’ve read blog tips, re-potted them, changed the lighting, less water, more water, plant food, and used correct soil to no avail.

Actually, the only luck I’ve had is with succulents. Not only have I kept my succulents alive, but they’re growing! However, aside from my recent succulent luck, I am often drawn to the aisle of faux plant life. Dusting them is another issue, but they don’t die on me.

Three generations of wedding photos. Such amazing heirlooms to display.

There are a few consistent elements in each bohemian inspired room I’ve seen, and one of those is plants. I can’t say I’ve seen a successful bohemian room pulled off without at least one plant. And plants are not only lovely, but they clean our air, and just make a room come to life.

One of the looks that I just adore is when a long shelf is used above a bed, desk, dresser, and is layered with plants and other doo-dads. All types of plants are used and I love them all. I also found this simple wall art that is inspirational, simple, and looks great with the entire room design.

This canvas is from Small Woods – beautiful and high quality printing.

Since I used a macramé wall hanging as our focal point over the bed, I decided to install this IKEA shelf above the vintage industrial desk. The shelf looks great anchored by the desk and the plants add life and color to this functional corner of the room. Faux plants were the only option because they don’t need sunlight.

The shelf fits perfectly above the desk.

We went with IKEA natural wood brackets and a white shelf. This shelf was perfect because of the extra-long length, it’s affordability, and the contrasting tones of white and natural wood. I found some more lovely shelves to inspire you!

Plant baskets – Amazon
Faux plants – Amazon
Shelving – IKEA

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