Enchanted Garden Birthday Party

Enchanted Garden Birthday Party

Our Quinn turned seven and this was her first birthday party inviting friends. Unfortunately we experienced a little monkey wrench, the school district’s policy didn’t allow her to pass out invitations to her classmates. I was able to use Facebook to invite as many kids as I could, and NONE could come. The party was right before fall break and we don’t know any of the parents. I think I was more disappointed than Quinn, but my friends and family saved the day. Quinn said that this was the best party ever. And that’s all that matters anyway. This enchanted garden birthday party was so easy to set up because I already had my tree branches up from the Emma garden tea party. The rest of the details are also easy and pretty cute too.

Enchanted Garden Birthday Party
This 36″ balloon was only $1.99 from Hobby Lobby!

Enchanted Garden Birthday Party – design

I wanted to add some color and whimsey for Quinn’s enchanted garden birthday party, so I used a glue gun to attach some purple flowers to the branches, and I added some battery-powered fairy lights. A fairy backdrop from Amazon added a fun wow-factor and really made the space feel enchanted. I gathered up my faux plants and situated them around the backdrop. I thought it would be fun to have the kids sit on the floor around a short table, so I used some scrap wood and made a sort of oval coffee table. There was also a drop cloth underneath to protect the rug from any spills during dinner and the DIY craft project. The party table also had a faux mushroom centerpiece which was so fun to make and I think it added to the whimsey as well.

Enchanted Garden Birthday Party
I used Canva.com to create this invitation.

Enchanted Garden Birthday Party
The faux mushroom centerpiece was inspired by Lia Griffiths.

Enchanted Garden Birthday Party
I always set up the DIY craft so they’re ready to go.

Enchanted Garden Birthday Party

Enchanted Garden Birthday Party

Enchanted Garden Birthday Party – food

Kids can either be really easy to cook for, or incredibly challenging. We decided to make mini cheese pizzas because who doesn’t like pizza. And everything is better mini sized! There are so many garden party food ideas on Pinterest, but most of them are sugar-filled. So to get our fruits and veggies on the menu, I just got a veggie tray and then made fruit bugs. I set up the leftover fruit for the adults and mixed up some delicious fruit dip (just mix marshmallow fluff and cream cheese). Jeremy made Mexican soup for the adults, and we all had some punch. Quinn likes chocolate cake, so I made chocolate cupcakes with some meringue mushrooms to decorate the top. These mushrooms are so easy to make, they have just a few ingredients, and look so realistic.

Enchanted Garden Birthday Party
To get the fruit to stick, just scoop the fruit dip into a sandwich bag, cut a corner off, and pip on the dip. So easy and the pink dip looks cute and tastes delicious.

Enchanted Garden Birthday Party
I used dark chocolate candy melts to connect the meringue tops to the stems. The dark color looks more realistic than the milk chocolate melts.

Enchanted Garden Birthday Party
The little candy eyes are attached using the chocolate melts and a toothpick. The eyes are from Walmart.

Enchanted Garden Birthday Party – DIY craft

An October birthday can mean rainy and windy weather, or a breezy and sunny day – not sure which way it would go, I just decided to keep the DIY activity inside. I searched online for the most affordable wooden bird houses and ended up finding the best deal at Hobby Lobby. I have a lot of acrylic paint and brushes already on-hand, so I just got some mini fake birds and paper flowers for them to embellish the houses after painting. The girls did a great job getting crafty and all four kids were so quiet in concentration – it was so neat to see them all into the craft. I also got some kid-sized aprons and plastic palettes from Amazon and that’s it. Super simple and it was a fun take-away for the guests.

Enchanted Garden Birthday Party
I primed the wooden bird houses ahead of time so they’d be easier to paint.

Enchanted Garden Birthday Party
These are Quinn and Sawyer’s creations, but I wish I would have gotten photos of the other two darling bird houses! Each girl created such a sweet little house.

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Enchanted Garden Birthday Party – Meringue Mushrooms


Meringue mushrooms are easy and create such a cute edible decoration! #partyplanning #cupcake #diybirthday #easyrecipe #recipetutorial #mushroom

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Enchanted Garden Birthday Party

Whenever I plan parties or host dinners I try to use as much decor and stuff I already have, but I also enjoy making things and adding fun details to my events. I sincerely hope this enchanted garden birthday party inspires you to add a few handmade touches to your next party. Simple touches and attention to detail can make a basic party better and more memorable. Thanks so much for checking out this post. You can pin any of the photos for future inspiration! Be sure to subscribe, I have some great projects coming up that you’re not going to want to miss.

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fall porch decorating ideas and inspiration

Fall porch decorating ideas and inspiration

There is something so welcoming and charming when a front porch is decorated, even just a little. To me, it’s like the first chapter of a book, the porch either builds anticipation to see inside the home, or not so much. I love seeing how others decorate, inside and outside of their home even if their style isn’t my style. This is only the second year that I really decorated our front porch. I know, I know, how can someone who loves decorating so much fail on the front porch scene? Well, better late than never is my answer~ This post is all about fall porch decorating ideas and inspiration. I have some very talented Instagram friends that have created lovely front porches, so I’ll be sharing those, as well as my second-ever front porch design.

I knew that I wanted some dried cornstalks. At this point, there weren’t any at Lowe’s, Walmart, or the local nurseries, but I lucked out when I checked Facebook Marketplace. I got six stalks for $2, I seriously couldn’t believe it, and we only had to drive twelve minutes away to get them! The farmer was incredibly nice and we discovered a little antique shop right down the road.

My next layer is tree stumps or risers. We had to cut down an old dead tree this summer. It had been dead a while and was precariously leaning toward Quinn’s bedroom window so it was time to go. The company did a great job cutting it down and they even cut several stumps for me at no extra charge. I have many ideas for these stumps, but the first is on the front porch. I don’t expect anyone to go get stumps, but the bigger idea to this layer of porch decorating is to have something to give height to some items as well as adding texture and interest. You can use anything you have that will withstand the outdoors, like crates, a wagon, a crock, planters, risers, stools, etc. Find something, anything, that will allow you to add items at varying heights. We also have three very tall oak trees in our front yard. We love the old growth trees, but when the wind blows we will find chunks of downed branches piercing our yard. I have been stacking and saving them up and love how they add some natural texture and interest to the porch design.

My next layer was adding pumpkins. I got all of these (except for three fake ones closest to the door) from Walmart. They had the best prices and I couldn’t believe the selection of heirloom colored pumpkins. After giving them a little bleach bath, I set them up on the porch making sure to spread out the various colors and sizes of pumpkins. I found I needed a few more to balance the design and then that layer was complete. I also extended some smaller ones into the flowerbeds to continue the look – my girls noticed right away and loved it.

With the pumpkins stacked and set up, I could easily see where there were natural places to add some mums and fall foliage. I got my mums from Walmart for $4.94 and didn’t expect too much from them, but I’m following Ari’s advice from True Style with Ari on mum care. You can check out her tips here! I have been taking off the dead flower heads and making sure not to over or under water them. For $5 a mum, they’re doing pretty well. I also found some very inexpensive plants from Lowe’s. I love the look of cabbage plants, I even considered putting in faux ones, but the real ones were too affordable and cute to pass up. Using real plants has always felt like such a big deal to me because I’m worried that they’ll die after I spend all this money and time on them. Well, I found the plastic planters at the Dollar store, and a large bag of soil was under $8. So, my overall investment wasn’t too much and I’m learning more about caring for plants in the process.

I wanted to add some lanterns or lighting of some kind, but I had to consider our irrigation system and the rain that will be coming this time of year. So, I picked up some 5/8 inch dowels from The Home Depot and some votive holders from the dollar store and crafted my own little lights. All I did was glue thumbtacks to the bottom of the votive holders and once dry they could be easily pushed into the top of the dowel. I cut the bottom end of the dowels at a 45 degree angle and hammered them into the flowerbed. I could have painted or stained the dowels, but the natural color was find to me. Then I placed LED tealights inside the votives and that’s it! Super simple and if it rains, I just pull the votive holder out, dump the water and put it back into the dowel. These aren’t permanent lighting fixtures for my porch, but they’re fun for this season and didn’t cost much at all to make. My youngest says that the lights are huge marshmallows – so there’s that.

I have already added a few fake spiders as we get closer to Halloween. That’s one of things I love about this fall porch design, I can add or remove layers to create different looks throughout the fall season.

The dried oak leaves blow in naturally – so I just go with it!

Fall porch decorating ideas and inspiration

Without further ado, here are some of my favorite fall porch decorating ideas and inspiration. You can click on the photo for more information about the designer. Be sure to follow them on Instagram for so much more decor and design inspiration.

Fall porch decorating ideas and inspiration – shop the space:

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Thank you so much for checking out my fall porch decorating ideas and inspiration! No matter the size of your porch or budget, there are some simple ways to decorate your porch and create a welcoming entry to your home. I hope you’re inspired and thinking about your porch decor. Be sure to subscribe to the blog for just one email a week of DIY and decorating inspo!

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