DIY Anthropologie inspired craft

Anthropologie has the prettiest accessories… and clothing and furniture and displays! It’s safe to say I’m a huge fan of their designs and overall style. I just love the details, textures, and colors, they’re so inspiring in all they do with their designs – and they carry awesome brands! This DIY Anthropologie inspired craft can be customized and each creation is unique.

DIY Anthropologie inspired craft

This DIY craft can be imagined for all kinds of applications and designs. We have several planters around the house so I was drawn to creating a planter, but I also wanted to test out a tealight holder and this DIY did not disappoint. I think this craft could create a gorgeous photo frame, mini wreath, wall art, or an embellished trinket box. One of the things I like about this craft is that it lends itself perfectly for repurposing things around the house or from a thrift store or garage sale. If you can think of a great item to use this technique on, please leave your idea in the comments below to inspire us all!

DIY Anthropologie inspired craft

I love DIY crafts that don’t cost much, but also look high-end. It’s so satisfying to create something beautiful with my own two hands without breaking the bank. Most of the supplies can probably be found around the house, but even if not, they’re not expensive to purchase and they can be used for other projects. Here’s a list of the supplies I used to create my DIY Anthropologie inspired craft:

DIY Anthropologie inspired craft

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Supplies for the DIY Anthropologie inspired craft:

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  • Plaster of Paris (water, a wire whisk, and a container to mix it)
  • Planter (pot, container, vase, empty can or jar)
  • Faux flowers (any size and type – whatever fits your container best)
  • Foam or box (poke holes into either foam or a box for the flowers to dry)
  • Glue
  • Spray paint (I used Rustoleum blush chalk spray paint)
  • Other: scissors, workspace, area to spray paint
DIY Anthropologie inspired craft

Here are the steps to create your own DIY Anthropologie inspired craft:

  1. Select your planter/container
  2. Select your faux flowers and leave a little stem on each one for drying later
  3. Set up your drying area – poke holes in the foam or box
  4. Pick a container to mix your Plaster of Paris – make sure it’s the right size to submerge the faux flowers you selected. Add enough tap water to the container to submerge the flowers
  5. Slowly add scoops of Plaster of Paris to the water – mix it as you go – watch for a pancake batter consistency to determine when it’s ready
  6. Once the plaster is ready, dip each faux flower into the plaster – submerge the flower and coat all the petals
  7. Let the excess plaster drip off of the flower before placing it in the foam or box
  8. You may need to work fast because the plaster will become too thick and adding water is only a short and temporary fix – allow flowers to dry for 24 hours (maybe longer for large flowers)
  9. Once the plaster flowers are dry, check to see if a second coat is needed or not. You want a thick enough layer so that the petals can’t bend or break easily
  10. If the flower is done, cut the stem off the faux flower
  11. Glue the flower to the planter/container – you may need to use Scotch tape to hold the flower in place while it dries
  12. After the flowers are glued and set, double check each one to make sure additional glue doesn’t need to be added to stabilize the setting
  13. Once your flowers are glued and all dry – spray paint all over the flowers and planter to create a monochromatic look which will make the piece look cohesive and crafted as one piece.

Tip: Make extra flowers, just in case.

This DIY Anthropologie inspired craft is also perfect to create some one-of-a-kind vases that I can use in the future for birthday flowers, as a hostess gift, or a teacher gift. I hope this DIY craft got your creative juices flowing. You don’t have to just dip faux flowers, you can dip feathers, little plastic kids’ toys, pine cones, etc. If you want to experiment with any dispensable items you have around the house, just gather them up and dip them after you’ve completed dipping your flowers because you will have extra plaster leftover. And if you have any clever ideas of things to dip or items to embellish, share it below in the comments!

DIY Anthropologie inspired craft

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How to create an Anthropologie bedroom for less

One of my absolute favorite stores is Anthropologie – their displays are so inspiring, their clothing is original and unique, and their home goods provide the best details for any room. I challenged myself and found some great pieces to show you how to create an Anthropologie bedroom for less. While I love shopping at Anthro, it’s not always in my budget.

How to create an Anthropologie bedroom for less

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My Domaine shows off this gorgeous bedroom with Anthropologie clearance items!

How to create an Anthropologie bedroom for less

Anthro is known for their unique designs and detail. Finding comparable pieces that are unique and have that detail was my biggest challenge. But it’s also possible to add detail to basic pieces through a DIY project or by simply changing the hardware to something more unique. Basically, you can buy the details or you can create them yourself.

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Gathered Living created this cozy Anthro-inspired guest bedroom design for less!

Walmart bedroom design

I think that my Anthro bedroom challenge shows that you can create a very similar look for less money. Walmart online has many home decor options in many styles and at literally half the price. And the challenge would have been easier if I would have sourced pieces from several stores, but I stuck with Walmart and I think I didn’t pretty good.

Shop my Walmart finds:

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More Anthropologie inspiration for less!

Davina Donkor wrote an awesome blog post showing how the Opalhouse collection by Target can give you that Anthropologie look for less as well. I just love Opalhouse, it’s so colorful, nature-inspired, and affordable! I love her side by side comparisons of the products and their prices – it’s very encouraging if you want the Anthro look on a Target-budge!

Dwell Beautiful also did an Anthro bedroom challenge. The style is a little glam with a nod to mid-century modern. I love the brass accents! I think she was quite successful!

Thanks for checking out this post! If you have any room challenges for me, leave me a comment below – I’m always up for a decor challenge~ If you enjoyed this post, please share it or PIN it – I really appreciate your help.

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Book wall art

I have been so excited and nervous about this wall-art project. Could I pull it off? Would I get tired of it shortly after? Do I use books I love or just repurpose some damaged ones? The answers ended up being; yes I pulled it off, I don’t think I’ll tire of it anytime soon, and I used damaged ones.

For several years now, I knew I wanted to create wall art using old books. I love reading, I love old books, and I’m constantly inspired by Anthropology displays – so creating my own book wall art was inevitable. But, I had no idea of how to attach the books (without putting a million holes in my wall) or how to arrange them so that there was some movement and direction. I was nervous I wouldn’t like it and then all I would be left with was a wall to repair. Lucky for me – I love the final result (only 2 nails per book) and I hope you do too!

Brad nail gun and brad nails (I used 1.25” nails)
Glue Dots
Loose book pages
Step stool
Old books (I had some and found the rest from Aunt Bees House – they were less expensive than the local used-book stores. However, garage sales, Craigslist, and estate sales are also good places to search.)

Steps for attaching book wall art:
1. You’ll need to gather loose book pages of varying sizes and color. Gather or buy old books of varying sizes (aim for an odd number of books – I used seven). Organize the pages by size so that you can easily grab the size you want.

2. Use Glue Dots or tape to attach book pages to the wall. I started in the middle of my area and then worked out. Be sure to angle pages, overlap pages, turn some upside down, and be aware of the text on the page – make sure you’re OK with it.

3. Once you have a good foundation of book pages for the background – start with a book towards the center of your design and nail one side of the book cover with a pinch of pages too – then nail the other side. To help hold back more pages than the nail would hold, I used thumbtacks and then taped one page back to cover the tack. You can decide if you want the book fully opened or if you want the pages flared. For most, I let the book lay however it did. Angle the books differently to help give movement to the design.

4. Step back often and add more pages or books when needed. I added several pages and one more book over a week of looking at it and noticing gaps. Who knows if it’s completely done yet…

Here are some of the items I used to style my floating shelves:
Set of clear bottles
Brass boxes
Votive candle holders
Faux eucalyptus plants
Faux string of pearls faux plant

Even though I repurposed old damaged books, I lucked out with my shipment of book pages from Etsy! I recieved a page from my favorite book, Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen.

Let me know what you think about book wall art! Thanks so much for stopping by. For more inspiration, follow me on Instagram and Facebook.