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Stunning Easter egg centerpiece

Stunning Easter egg centerpiece

There are so many gorgeous Easter centerpiece ideas out there. I love them all – Easter is my favorite holiday and I enjoy all the different decor styles to celebrate this day. I decided to go with a more natural look for my stunning Easter egg centerpiece.

Stunning Easter egg centerpiece

Stunning Easter egg centerpiece

Stunning Easter egg centerpiece

I used a real tree branch and three real egg shells. Here are some tips for assembling this Easter egg centerpiece:

  • Tape the base of your branch to something heavy enough to keep your branch upright. I used a container of playdoh to secure my branch and then I covered it with coffee beans.
  • Use a push pin and carefully twist it into the top of the egg shell until you make a hole. This is the hole to hang the eggshell by a string.
  • When you crack the shell on the side of the egg, be sure to pull off any of the remaining membrane from the egg shell to give the cracked edge a clean look.
  • After the shell is clean and dry, carefully paint the inside of the egg any color you want. Once the paint is dry, you can use a small needle to push the string down into the top hole. Then tie a knot and make the string whatever length you want to hang from your branch.
  • I used shredded raffia to make my mini nests inside the egg shells.
  • I found some cute fake speckled eggs to sit on the nests but they were a bit larger than I wanted, so I actually used chocolate cadbury eggs – they’re cute and delicious!

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I don’t know about you, but these gorgeous centerpieces are so inspiring to me! As always, thank you so much for reading. I love hearing your comments (scroll down and leave a note) as well as seeing your follows on Facebook and Instagram. And thank you for helping spread the word about my blog – sharing is caring!

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