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Simple window treatment for a modern farmhouse

Simple window treatment for a modern farmhouse

Simple window treatment for a modern farmhouse

One of my favorite simple window treatments is easy and beautiful. I love the texture and warmth that window treatments can provide to a room. We have two very tall windows in the dining room and the ceilings are 12 feet tall so I had to figure out a way to do a simple window treatment for a modern farmhouse look that didn’t cost a small fortune.

Simple window treatment for a modern farmhouse
Here is the dining room without curtains.

This is our formal dining room and we love the view out the windows, but we needed blinds to occasionally block the sun. I didn’t want traditional curtains, but I wanted the classic look of fabric draping and framing the windows.

Simple window treatment for a modern farmhouse

Simple window treatment for a modern farmhouse

The method I used to hang fabric without installing a curtain rod is to attach curtain finials to the top of the trim. There are so many beautiful pull backs available to choose from. Here are the steps I took to create this simple window treatment for a modern farmhouse style:

Simple window treatment for a modern farmhouse

Easy DIY window treatments

  1. Measure window height to determine length of fabric needed. Add a few feet to sew the casing and hem, and to allow for fabric puddling if you like that style.
  2. Order a sample of fabric if you order it online. I ordered my white guaze fabric from Fabric Wholesale Direct. Purchase the fabric in-store or online.
  3. Cut your fabric at the appropriate lengths and prepare one end to sew a casement. Sew your casement and pull a two foot piece of twine or matching string through the casement.
  4. Select your curtain finials. I used these allen + roth ones from Lowes.
  5. Measure and install the finial by drilling a hole a little smaller than the finial screw. I used a 13/64 drill bit.
  6. Twist the finial in the hole until it tightens. Then tie your twine around the finial tightly. You can cut the excess twine or hide it behind the fabric.
  7. You can hem or cut the bottom of your fabric touching the floor if you want – or you can puddle the fabric on the floor like I did.

This window could have carried a center drape, but I like the large picturesque view that the two windows together create. I didn’t want to break them apart visually anymore than they naturally are. It’s all about preference and what look and feel you want to achieve.

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  1. Jessica Lowman February 11, 2020 at 2:35 am - Reply

    LOVE this post. I have a tiny house….adding curtains in front of my blinds makes the house look even smaller. This will look fantastic…and not be bulky…awesome!!!!!!

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