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Simple and stylish storage solution

Custom home storage solution for blanket storage in the modern farmhouse living room

Simple and stylish storage solution

Over winter break, our family spent time playing games and watching movies, quarantining, and bringing every single blanket out into the living room. Everyday, I found myself gathering up the blankets and putting them all back. Everyday. After two weeks of doing this I was inspired to create a simple and stylish storage solution for our blanket situation.

We already use wall hooks in our drop zone, entryway nook, and bathrooms. So, adding some wall hooks to the doorway nook off of the living room made perfect sense to me. This storage solution will provide easily accessible blankets, they’re close by without being seen, and there’s no folding necessary! The brass hooks also match the hooks in the entryway nook.

There are dozens of stylish wall hooks that you could purchase and hang, but this easy DIY project will allow you to customize the exact size, use whatever wall hooks you like, and it can look built-in to your home’s original structure. I love how the blanket storage turned out and I’m thrilled to have found a purpose for the unique doorway nook between our living room and bedroom.

The steps are simple, and you can probably figure it out without my help, but I want to list them out for you and I created a simple YouTube video to show just how easy it was to create.

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1. Cut a 1×4 board to fit in the space. You can use any size board you want, just make sure that your hooks will fit properly.

2. Mark the board for hook locations, evenly spaced. Two of the hook spots will also be used for the wall screws to attach the board to the wall – make sure the wall hook has a large enough base to cover the wall screw (2.5″ drywall screws).

3. Drill pilot holes in the board and wall for the wall screws. Then attach a countersink bit and drill into each pilot hole deep enough that the screws will be flush with the board.

4. Determine if the wall screw holes line up with any wall studs – if not, you’ll need to use wall anchors.

5. Now is the time to stain or paint the board. Allow to fully cure.

6. Attach board to the wall.
7. Evenly mark the hook locations, drill pilot holes, and attach wall hooks.

When you use a countersink drill bit, you can easily drill the wall screws to be flush with the board and then cover the screws with the pretty hooks. When you select your wall hooks, set them on the board to make sure they fit correctly and that you know where you’ll need to mark the wall screw spots so that they can be hidden.

I cannot express how simple and easy this project was, but that it solved such an irritation for me~ Every day the living room looked like a blanket explosion and it was wearing me down. Now we have two designated living room blankets that are super soft and they hang in a fun hidey spot. There is still some blanket hanging training to be done, but at least blankets from all around the home are no longer congregating to the living room. And if this blanket storage solution is no longer needed one day, we can hang hoodies, purses, or hats on these hooks since we sort of have a hoodie situation in this house too!

Thanks so much for checking out this post. I hope it sparks some creative ideas for you to solve your home organization dilemmas. And it can be so great to create purpose for those odd spots in your home too. I rounded up some pretty wall hooks on Amazon to help you get started. I hope today is great!

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