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Pottery Barn Inspired Halloween Centerpiece

Pottery Barn Inspired Halloween Centerpiece

Pottery Barn Inspired Halloween Centerpiece

This skull centerpiece is so easy and has a big WOW factor! My Pottery Barn inspired Halloween centerpiece is a fun, festive, and an affordable way to decorate your table or entryway this holiday season. It can also be a hostess gift. My mom’s birthday is on Halloween and I love giving her flowers so something like this would be perfect for her! The concepts to create this festive centerpiece are easy, but I wanted to just take a moment to share them with you – and they can be applied in many ways.

Pottery Barn Inspired Halloween Centerpiece

The first creative concept is to take a festive piece and make it into a vessel or vase to display your floral arrangement. We’ve seen pumpkins and witch’s cauldrons used over and over, and I know I’m not the first to use a skull, but I like how the skull adds a spooky factor to the arrangement. My mom prefers scary Halloween versus cute Halloween – and she was the driving force in coming up with this particular design. The skull was easy to use because it was already hollow – that’s something to consider when you come across possible props to use to display a floral arrangement – think about the ease or difficulty in carving or cutting it out to fit your vase inside. I got a pack of three skulls from the Home Depot for just $10. They are the perfect size for holding a five inch tall Mason jar.

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The second concept is using fresh flowers that will last. I think almost every season has those hearty flowers that seem to last so much longer than some of the other more delicate flowers. Mums happen to be a fall favorite and even once they’re cut, they last forever. Pompas grass would be another fresh stem that could last a long time in your arrangement. These fresh mums were $7 from Sam’s Club, and I had a ton of extra ones that I could have used to make multiple centerpieces (instead, I created little mason jars of mums for around the house). According to HGTV, here’s a list of other cut flowers that will last longer than some of the other beautiful blooms.

  • Carnations
  • Ranunculus
  • Alliums
  • Calla Lilies
  • Cut Lilies
  • Gladiolus
  • Freesia ‘Pink’
  • Alstroemeria
  • Dahlias
  • Cherry Zinnias

The third and final concept for this centerpiece arrangement is to add faux florals and picks. I used four types of faux flowers for my Pottery Barn inspired Halloween centerpiece and they were from the Dollar Store. If most of my craft supplies weren’t in storage during this home build, I would have had some faux florals on-hand to add to this arrangement. I do love the faux feathers and glitter coral picks from the Dollar Store this season – they have such affordable seasonal faux floral to consider for this type of arrangement.

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This arrangement is very symmetrical, but it helps to know that I started with the mums because they were the real flowers and needed to be in the water – they are also at the lowest level in the entire arrangement, so be sure to start at the bottom. I created a video to show you the process, I hope it helps give you an idea about how to put together this arrangement yourself.

Depending on the flowers you choose will really influence the look of this Halloween skull centerpiece. I think the purple and lime green mums worked out great, but the white ones would have given me a more neutral look. The great thing about this skull is that it can also be used to hold candy the next year! This Halloween arrangement cost me less than $15 to make myself – isn’t that a killer deal?! You can subscribe to my blog for more home decor inspiration and DIY projects!

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