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Paint the inside of your front door

paint the inside of your front door

Paint the inside of your front door

The inside of your front door is often an overlooked area to update or use to draw attention to. I think it’s almost more important to paint the inside of your front door before updating the outside, especially since the inside view is the side we see most often.

The inside of the front door is a great place to add an accent color, to bring focus to, or to just freshen up with a new coat of paint. Our home interior is monochromatic, so the inside of our front door is the same color as the trim and walls, Sherwin Williams Alabaster. I’ve considered painting it black or my favorite grey, but I like how clean the white looks next to our built-in foyer bench.

Paint the inside of your front door
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In another house I would be very tempted to strip the paint and sand it down to bare wood. I love the warmth and simplicity of natural wood. If you’re considering this option, check out Vintage Society Co. steps to reclaiming wood to its original look – these steps focus on furniture, but apply to reclaiming any wood products.

The color you choose should be selected with consideration to your wall color, floor color, trim color, and furnishings. Depending on your particular style or the feeling you want to impart will depend how subtle or bold you go with color.

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Paint the inside of your front door

I have found some beautiful front doors with fun interior paint colors. I hope these examples inspire you and help you consider painting the interior of your front door – if it’s an update you want to take on.

And if you want a great tutorial on how to paint the inside of your stained wood front door, check out this post from A Blissful Nest.

Life on Virginia Street

Design Loves Detail

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More inspiration – easy paint makeovers

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