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Little Girl Bedroom Makeover – wall unit

Little Girl Bedroom Makeover – wall unit

Our four-year old daughter, Quinn, has been ready to start school for a few years now, always wanting to work, write, and ‘read’, so it’s a good thing she starts Kindergarten in a month. She loves ‘working’ and getting on her ‘laptop’. Monkey see, monkey do, I guess. So, I decided it was time to design a work space of her own.

She inherited her older sister’s IKEA cubbies and they have been wonderful for storing toys and books. IKEA also sells table tops and legs, so I selected a small table top for $9 to match the cubbies. I also found 20” table legs to attach and make the table just the right height for Quinn.

The table fits so perfectly in between the cubbies! The three pieces create a multi-purpose wall unit – and this organized mama loves it. The white metal industrial chair is from Target, and Quinn calls it her office chair.

To complete the modern farmhouse style, I found a few vintage pieces to repurpose. The chicken feeder was in perfect condition, it just needed a little scrub. I cut up an egg carton and glue-gunned each egg cup directly under the chicken feeder hole. The egg carton cups keep the crayons and colored pencils from slipping through.

I found a small vintage bike rack at Aunt Bee’s House. It was quite rusty, so I had to sand it with sandpaper, a sanding sponge, an electric sander, a metal brush, and a sanding Dremel. Then I used Rustoleum gold spray paint to give it a new finish. I hung vertically on the wall to create a unique book and paper rack.

The white bins in the cubbies have some butterflies on the fronts. I used magnets so that Quinn could move them around, play with them, and when she no longer LOVES butterflies, I will remove them without harming the bins.

The pink wire rack is currently displaying People of the Bible Conversation Cards. These cards by Kids Read Truth are awesome – they break down a Bible story into an easy to understand bite for kids. There is also a question to ask your child as it relates to the story, as well as a short prayer. The fun illustrations on the front side are colorful and have just the right amount of detail to keep it simple and highlight important aspects of the story. Quinn looks forward to picking out a Bible card every night.

I spray painted the metal clips gold when I painted the book rack – I love these little details that help coordinate a look.

Quinn loves her new desk and we love watching her ‘work’. Her room is on the small side, but this desk and storage configuration saves space and it’s functional. The best part is that this set-up can grow with her by simply adjusting the table leg length as needed. I doubt it will follow her to college, but we’ll get as much out of it as possible.

I would love to hear your feedback and thoughts about this storage and desk wall unit or any of the projects from this makeover!

Check out the rest of Quinn’s bedroom makeover here.

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