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Little Girl Bedroom Makeover – bed décor

Little Girl Bedroom Makeover – bed décor

Our sweet four-year old daughter, Quinn, LOVES so many things – like birds, butterflies, bees, bugs, books, jewelry, dresses, make-up, and clouds. Quinn was recently asking me about clouds, it was strange and completely adorable. She really wanted a cloud – to cuddle. She wanted me to get one from the sky and was convinced I could do it.

I told Quinn that I couldn’t grab a cloud from the sky and explained why – but the more I thought about it the more I wondered if there was actually a way that I could. I researched making a cloud with stuffing, but it looked too difficult with a good chance of looking horrible. Then I found these awesome clouds on Ebay. There are various sizes available and the prices were very reasonable. They arrived with clear kite string and hangers. Installation was so simple and they provided extra hanging supplies.

I fluffed them up a bit and voila – I managed to get Quinn some clouds! She keeps hugging them and sneaking pieces off of them to put in her pocket. I’m not sure how long they’ll hold up – she’s pretty obsessed with touching them. I have purchased a few more for aesthetic reasons – couldn’t stop myself.

I found this gold wire cubby and knew it would be perfect to select Quinn’s outfits for the week. She loves clothes and shoes, trying them on, changing outfits two, three, or five times a day! She loves dresses and piling on jewelry and lip gloss. So you can imagine mornings can sometimes get frustrating when she wants to wear clothes that just won’t work for school or daycare. With the cubby organizer, we’ll select the outfits for the week together – checking out the weekly forecast of coarse. I hope it will also help her learn the days of the week and use them as sight words for reading too.

Butterflies are another long-running obsession, I found this sheet of gift wrap paper to use as artwork in her IKEA frame. I love using IKEA frames in homes with children because so many of them don’t use glass and they’re light weight – it’s just a safe way to add framed art to kids’ rooms.

And because I took the hot pink metal industrial table from Quinn’s room to use as side tables in the family room, I replaced her nightstand with matching nightstands found at Home Goods. I love the industrial style and smaller size of these nightstands. The two cubbies add more places for her to hide and organize all her little trinkets. The light weight and rounded corners work great in case they get tipped over – they’re light enough to not hurt or cause damage.

Summer is a great time to redo bedrooms because a lot of stores carry back to school dorm décor. I also found her pink wire clip rack for her desk at Home Goods. Quinn’s bedroom makeover was so much fun to design and implement. It took time gathering all the elements and putting everything together, but it was so worth the wait – and Quinn is still thrilled and enjoying her ‘new’ room.

Pink wire clip rack with People of the Bible Conversation Cards by ‘Kids Read Truth.’

Well that’s it for Quinn’s little girl bedroom makeover. It’s no secret that I love decorating, but I love using what I already have to redecorate as well as adding some new pieces to really make a room special. I hope you’ve found inspiration reading this post! As always, please leave your comments and questions (I love helping with design/decor dilemmas.)

Here’s the other half of Quinn’s room – IKEA cubby storage and desk wall unit.

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